Case 01: The Blue Coat (Part 3)

The story ended on a rather dark note. There was a moment of silence between all of us all. Then Eliza decided to speak.

"That…..that was scary….."

She was shaking in the wind a little. I myself was actually trembling a wee bit.

"So it resulted in death…"

I extended Eliza's statement. All of us wanted to have a moment of silence for the dead boy in the story which was interrupted by Janet.

"Nah! He isn't dead! Still very alive and kicking!"

In that moment we froze. Not knowing what to say, frankly, it sounded like death to both of us. Janet laughed her ass off while looking at us. I felt a relief but also a sense of anger took over me. The same case applied for Eliza as well.

"What do you mean he isn't dead! And how would you know!"

Me and Eliza both said it in unison. Resonating with each other.

"Jeremy Eizenhowart is my brother. I'm Janet Eizenhowart. Ring a bell anyone?"

We were both speechless. Dumbfounded. Why didn't both of us think of it. The sir name was too obvious to pass up and yet we both tripped on the fine lines.

"The story I told you isn't fake. It happened to my brother and he was admitted in the hospital for the next eight months of his life. In other words his whole school year was practically wiped clean off. And to tell the truth, no matter how much anybody pushes him pass the point of logical reasoning on this subject, he always stayed true on his story. That the event which happened was real."

Usually Janet likes to over exaggerate on issues such as this but this time you could say she sounded quite sure of what she was saying. Not that I don't buy her or anything like that.

"So, what is this ceremony for?"

I questioned of course.

"Recently there has been sightings of an unknown figure roaming in the corridors near Hell's Kitchen."

"And it wears a blue coat?"

"Bingo! An entity wearing a blue coat. And recently some studies has been done of our school which actually prove its existence to be real."

"You serious about it?"

"Yup, I'm sure. Back 12 years ago was another case of a murder in our school. A murder of a lawyer by a teacher. Apparently his case didn't go very well and the lawyer was to blame. Both of them had a stroll through the school when they finally reached the cooking lab. That's where the teacher stabbed the lawyer and broke his neck. His body was then disposed in the Yokohisa river flowing right next to our school. Or at least, that was the story written by our school's paper."

"So it was a lawyer huh?"

"You know what they say, first person to go to hell in a court case isn't the defendant, but the lawyer."

Janet ended her sentence with a small chuckle. I could tell she was really into the occult and things like that. Eliza on the other hand had been keeping quiet the whole time we were talking. Her face had a blank stare on it. It was uncommon. She hardly went into such a state.

"Scared stiff aren't we now?"

Janet teased some more, trying to get the most out of her reaction. But it wasn't fear that were in Eliza's eyes. It was something else. Something…

…Crimson Red


She called my name. I took note of this. She called me by my first name too.

"The reason why you don't use the main gate to go home is because it passes through that corridor. Am I right?"

There it was again. A cold breath, a chill which went down my spine. A clear sense of fear strike me. Eliza had brought up something very odd in such an odd state of mind too. I felt my body going limp. My white uniform looked as if it were stained with something yellow now. The walls around me started to ooze a strange liquid which smelled of salt. I turned to my watch and looked at it. The time was nine twenty in the morning.

"No! Why is it now? Why bring it up now!"

Eliza had broken a chain I tried to put on so very tightly. She had completely let loose the chain.

The school building started to shake and rattle. Almost like an earthquake was coming. I felt the once evident trembles come back. A sharp pain on my wrists came back. And all of it came back at once.

"You and I are the same."

The feeling disappeared all at once. I was once again in class.

"We can see things we aren't supposed to." Eliza muttered to me.

"On the second floor corridor connecting wings. There is a spirit of a man in a blue coat roaming. He wants revenge. Tell me if you know of this."

Her voice was monotone and dull. Almost like a strict teacher educating her student. I contemplated on the fact for a moment.

"Yes. I do know of this."

I clenched my teeth, hoping whatever that was happening was just by coincidence. But it wasn't.

"In this class now, there is a spirit of a Komodo Dragon roaming around too. A really huge spirit. Am I right?"

She questioned once again. I clenched my teeth even harder, to the point I thought my jaw would break.

"She passed away four months ago. Her name was Betty. Time she passed away was nine twenty in the morning. The reason was unknown."

And with that. Eliza reached a conclusion. A conclusion I've heard once in my life before and a conclusion I did not want to hear. Not after so long.

"We can see the undead."