October, 1945

Madison, Wisconsin

Jeff Chadwick looked from the scrap of paper on which his fiancée, Lauren Grey, had written her address, to the yellow Victorian in front of him. This was the place.

He smiled as he got out of the car. This was the first time he would see his fiancée since the recent end of WW2.

Jeff took the steps two at a time and rapped on the darkly stained door. Lauren Grey herself flung open the door with a gleeful scream.


She wrapped her arms around his neck while they were in full view of numerous neighbors, all of whom stopped to stare at the duo.

"Take it inside!" a neighbor lady hollered.

Lauren let go of him with a gasp and then a giggle. She took him by the hand and pulled him behind her into the house.

She gestured around the sunny interior of the Victorian. "So what do you think of our house?"

Jeff blinked incredulously. "Our house?"

"Once we're married of course, silly."

"It's great."

"A real fairytale beginning, don't you think?"

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