How can you look at me,

This filthy skin of mine.

If only I could make you see

That everything's not fine.

As the disease slowly takes over

I find that I can't speak out,

Because now that you're not sober

I can only pout.

Each drink you take erases me,

Along with everything else.

So easily you throw away the key

To cruel memories. I'd rather be somewhere else.

I've tried so long to put back together

A heart and soul that has suffered for far too long.

Oh, how I wished that I believed in happily-ever-afters,

Maybe prince charming could take me where I belong.

But maybe it's just my broken heart speaking.

Yes, that must be it. Fairy tales don't exist.

There was a time when I still felt like singing,

Before fairytale dreams were crushed in your fist.

But that was before I was broken.

Oh god, please take me back to snow-white innocence.

I banish the thought before it can be spoken,

So no one will see me hiding behind this fence.

How can you touch me

With this filthy soul of mine.

But you've never seen the beauty of the sea,

Or the evils of the benign.

I give you no reason to stay,

But yet you say that you can't stand it,

And even the cleansing showers of May

Could not wash away the sin of it.

The cruel, cruel memories

That torment me night and day.

I have given much thought to their theories

That those memories sing of like jays.

And so, every step I take erases you,

Taking me to the edge of a sheer white cliff.

My bodies broken- pieces left by you,

And I




L into sheer- white bliss.

As the waves crash over me,

I think I hear your voice.

But I can't be sure over the sounds of the sea.

Not fanciful wishes, I hear again your voice.

Could it be true?

It's magic to my ears.

Evoking feelings I thought I'd locked away from you.

I no longer hear hateful sneers.

Then it must be true,

Though I can't admit

Just how much I still love you

Even if you just said it.