I sighed, glaring at my front door. My mother had kicked me out once again. All because I failed the most complicated exam in the world doesn't mean she's allowed to rant and rave the whole time and slap me, right? I don't know anymore. I grabbed my bus pass and my swimming trunks. I normally hated swimming, but it was my last resort when I couldn't get rid of my thoughts. Swimming in water made me fight the water, forgetting my troubles. I flagged a bus, which sent me to the beach.

The trip wasn't an eventful one, and I soon found myself strolling over the sand, the occasional stone stroking the bottom of my sole. Once I found a certain spot, I dropped my bag, and took of my shirt, placing it over the bag. Like this, I felt exposed, weak. I hated the feeling, for I felt so naked. Sure, I don't have that much muscle to show off, but the other two options were not much better either. I also hated the wind against my bare skin, reminding me how vulnerable I was to a gunshot. I dealt with them, allowing me to take my mind off the issues with my mother, and dove into the water. Saltwater stung my eyes, giving me the perfect distraction from my mother. I dealt with the water's current, always opposing me, always trying to drag me down to a watery grave. But time and again I proved to be slightly stronger, always making it back to the shore. This time, I forgot I wasn't alone. A kick connected with my ribs, sending me into the waters as I doubled over in pain. I gasped in shock, and made my way to the surface, water flowing into my lungs. Life-giving air flowed into my throat as I gasped the oxygen into my lungs. "Ah!" I heard a female voice cry. She must have accidentally kicked me. "I'm sorry, sir!" I turned to face her, and I instantly recognized her face, and so did she. "Shard?" Iris asked me. "What are you doing here?"

I shook my head, saltwater droplets flying here and there. I had swum back to the shore with Iris, dressed in a baby blue bikini. By now, I didn't care about her swimsuits, I had gotten used to them. Most of the time, anyways. "So, would you like to explain to me why you're swimming?" Iris asked. "My mom kicked me out of the house because I failed the Add Math test. I couldn't go to my dad's so I had no choice but to come here and swim." I said, a note of scorn in my voice. "Can you believe her?" I said again, slowly delving into a rant. "She said that she loves me, so she scolds me. I don't understand. I want to know, if she loves me, why does she slap me?" Iris looked at my cheek, a red handprint on it. "What?" Iris gasped. "She slapped you but still says she loves you?" I nodded. "You poor thing." Iris said, kissing the cheek. I smiled, and said, "Thanks. I needed that." Iris smiled back at me, and we both turned to watch the sunset. After we gazed at the orange sky for a while, Iris asked me, "Hey Shard, what is love to you?"

"What is love?" I repeated. "Yeah," Iris said. "And can it be made?" I looked at her with disbelief, and asked, "Can love be made? I don't understand." "You know…" Iris blushed, "Having… sex…?" I shook my head again, and asked, "Why bring that up?" "I just wanted to see if we could… you know…" Iris blushed again, covering herself. "Iris, no." I said again. "We can't do this yet. Anyways, to me, love is an emotion. Something natural." Iris gazed at me as I continued, "You know, I think love is a big waste of time. Because life is so short, right? I mean, why do I have to waste my time on somebody else? I have so many things to do, and school is finally picking up for me. To tell the truth, I think people who waste their time with love are losers, no serious, I'm not jealous. But ever since the day I met you, I've been like a doll that has not been wound, unable to concentrate on anything, those nights that seemed so short are now an eternity. I guess love really does have strange effects on you, huh?" Iris nodded, and said, "I think love is far more complicated than anything we've ever known. I mean, it can make people do all sorts of things! Like overcome fears, for example. I mean, look at you! You're afraid of water, but today you went swimming due to love, right?" I hesitated. Did I really come to court death from love? After all, if my mother truly loved me, and still kicked me out of the house, I just cheated death because of her. "I see your point." I conceded. "I loved you when you came to save me from everything that happened. The pregnancy, the bullies, the injury, you were there for me, and that's why I love you, Shard." Iris said.

Gazing at the sun once again, I smiled at Iris as she snuggled into my chest. She was right after all, love was complicated.

A/N: Again, like Water, the characters express my thoughts on something, in this case, love. Born from a bad dream.