Classroom Lecture

*Josie leans over her desk*

Josie: *Groans* Good morning class.

Student #1: You look terrible.

*Josie groans*

Josie: I'm hung-over, so sue me! Now let us begin.

*She pulls out her notes, but drops them on the floor*

Josie: Opps.

*Bends down to pick them up*

Student #2: You sure you're okay?

Josie: Yeah, yeah.

*Puts the notes on the desk*

Josie: Right, where we're we?

*Looks at the students*

Josie: What?

Students: Nothing!

Josie: Right…

*Leans over the desk again*

Josie: Okay, pass up the homework.

*The students do so uneasily*

*She watches them do so with squinted eyes*

Josie: Are you doing it? I can't tell.

Students: Yes!

Josie: Right…

*One of the students hands her the homework*

Josie: Good. I'll check it later.

*She sets it next to her notes*

Josie: Now! Write me a short essay.

Students: What?!

*Josie rubs her head*

Josie: Don't shout. My damn head still hurts. Gah! This is just to keep you quiet for the rest of class. Now get to it! Come on, start writing!

*The class reluctantly pulls out pencils and paper and gets to work*

*Josie groans*

Josie: God damn it. Why the hell am I here? I should be in bed, asleep. But no! I had to come in and work today! Damn you, Noiz. Damn it!