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Alice was sitting on her bed, blood red quilt pulled up around her shoulders as Eri flipped through the channels on the TV. Ash walked back into the room with a tray, and a steaming mug of tea.

"I thought this might help you sleep. It should be just how you like it, honey and cream." She hands Alice the mug, and sits down at the foot of the bed.

Eri turns around, and sighs. "Tea won't help. She needs something better, something harder." She pulls a silver flask from her bag, and pressed it into Alice's hand, taking the mug from her.

"Vanilla vodka." Eri explains. Alice nods and takes a quick sip, gasping as it burns down her throat. She trades the flask for the mug of tea, and takes a few sips.

"Thanks, both of you. You don't have to stay, I know I'm not great company." She looks down at her hands and sighs.

Her voice drifts out softly, "The silence isn't so bad, Till I look at my hands and feel sad, Cause the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly."

She can feel the tears start to flow again, and she curls up into herself. Her arms wrap around her tightly, as though they where holding her together.

Eri and Ash look at each other over her, and both lay down, one on each side of her.

Her body shudders with her sobs, and they stay like that, friends protecting the heartbroken girl, who continued to cry until she dozed off, physically and mentally exhausted. Eri and Ash soon followed her into unconsciousness.

As next day dawned, dark and dreary, they had remained in much the same position. Alice, however was starting to stir.

She sat up, and extricated herself carefully from her friends grasp. She stretched and stumbled into her bathroom. She leaned against the marble counter, and stared at her reflection in the mirror.

A pale face, red and deeply shadowed emerald eyes, and chapped lips stared back at her from the depths. Her black hair, stringy and lip, hung over her eyes, and cast shadows onto her cheekbones, lending a deathly paleness to her skin.

"How could wonderful Kat ever bring herself to love such a horribly pitiful creature?" A spiteful voice echoed out from behind her.

A tall girl stepped out of the shadows, and looked down at Alice. Hateful blue eyes stared out at her from behind perfectly curled blonde hair. She laughed and placed a perfectly manicured hand on her hip.

"You could never be worth her time. You don't deserve to be happy. You are a murderer, Alice. You killed me, Alice." Alice could feel her knees weakening, and she tightens her hold on the counter.

"How do you live with yourself? After you butchered the only girl who could ever love you."

Alice looked back at her with wide eyes. "L...Lexie? Is it really you? But... but you're dead..."

Lexie's face turned murderously angry. "You Killed ME! You should Die, Alice. You don't deserve to live. You can't make anyone happy! All you do is hurt people, and destroy their lives. All you do is kill."

She holds out her hand, and a glinting knife was sitting on her palm.

"So, why don't you do the whole world a favor, and kill yourself? Make the world a better place. It's not like anyone would miss you. No one cares about a broken, ugly, useless girl."

The knife falls into Alice's hand, and Lexie starts to fade away. Alice collapses onto the floor, and the knife drops from her shaking hand. It spins there, glinting, seemingly screaming the hateful truth of Lexie's words.

Alice pulls her knees up to her chest, and wraps her arms around her legs. "But, I didn't mean to, Lexie. I could help it. I tried to stop, I really did. I didn't want you to die. I still miss you, Lexie. I'm so sorry, so sorry."

She starts to rock back and forth, repeating her apology, and that's where she stayed until Eri found her, hours later.

"Fuck, girl. What happened?" Alice just stared down at her empty hands with tear-filled eyes. Eri kneels down, and tries to help her stand up. Alice's legs can't hold her, and Alice crashes back to the floor.

"ASH! GET IN HERE!" Eri starts to freak out, looking over Alice for wounds. Ash bursts through the door, her eyes snapping to Alice's distraught form. She immediately dropped down, and helped Eri carry Alice back into her room. They tucked her into bed, and began to try to calm her down. Alice looks up at them, and starts to murmur, "Lexie, I saw Lexie. I didn't mean to kill her. I'm sorry Lex. I'm so worthless. You're right, you're always right." she continues her mumbling, her eyes searching the room for Lexie.

"I'm so sorry Lex. Come Back! I'm sorry, so sorry!"

Eri and Ash stare at each other in shock. 'Lexie?', Eri mouths. At Ash's stiff nod, they both stare down at the distraught Alice.

"Ash, Can you go get... get her sleeping pills from the bathroom? She needs to sleep, all she needs is a little sleep. Right?" Eri can feel her nerves fraying with each word that tumbles from Alice's mouth. Ash just nods, stumbles back into the bathroom, and exits with a prescription bottle and a glass of water.

Eri takes them from her, and nods her thanks at Ash.

"Ali. Alice ... why don't you take a sleeping pill? You need sometime to rest, okay? All you need is some rest, and you'll feel so much better." Alice nods, and takes the offered glass. She swallows down the little pill, and curls up under her quilt, her words stopping as her eyes drift shut..

As she dozes off, Eri and Ash stare at each other.

"I thought she stopped blaming herself for Lexie... for Lexie's death? Why did it come back now? It's all Kat's fault! I knew we couldn't trust her, not with Alice like... like this." Eri resorts to her only safe emotion, anger, and Ash just stays silent, lost in thought.

The unspoken question hung in the air, and echoed in both of their minds.

What was going to happen to Alice?

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