A story of heartbreak...

No Emotion

He's torn...torn because of you.

What did he do to you? Nothing. And yet, you start by ignoring him.

He asks what he did wrong and you ignore him.

You're hurting him.

You've changed him.

He sits next to you and you look st him...you know something's wrong.

In his eyes, you no longer see the deep blue that, secretly, brightened your day.

Instead, you see no emotion. Just darkness, he's a completely different person.

You take his hand and try to talk to him, he pulls away.

You hug him, he pushes you saying "Get off!"

His tone shocks you, he was never like this before.

You remember when he saw you, kissing the other boy. The one you kissed to make him jealous, to hurt him, to break his heart.

You remember seeing his face, your smirk as he ran, tears cascading down his face.

You've broken him.

He cared for you...and you hurt him.

He cared for you...and you broke him.

He cared for you...and you destroyed him.

His heart is shattered and it's your fault.

He hates you...despises you.

His heart is filled with hate, darkness and he feels alone.

You destroyed him...you're nothing to him.

You killed him!