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Curse of the Alien Wormies

Amanda Newton was madder than ever! Today was supposingly All About Apples dayat her Connors Clementine's High School. This day could very well be noted as a day that is similar to a Johnny Appleseed day at most American schools. Amanda was so not looking forward to All About Apples Day. How could she when she had a ridiculously crazy fear of… apples and computers- specifically Apple Dell computers?

Amanda Newton slowly slunk into her room 49 Web Design class room with Mr. Welson. Mr. Welson was there as always with his overly shiny bald head, mean demeanor, and ugly attire. Today instead of doing class projects and lessons, not involving apples, Mr. Welson was *shudders* bringing the forbidden fruit deemed apples into his class for an apple eating party. Most schools had normal mundane Pizza parties, but not at Amanda's school for apparently apple parties were in instead. Eeesh thought Amanda for she was aggravated beyond belief that her school just couldn't be normal already.

Visions danced about into Amanda' s head on random horrifying apple related things like for instance- alien worms coming alive out of 'ze apple and eating her whole, of aliens unleashing apple or Apple Dell computer shaped atomic bombs onto Earth, or apple aliens turning unsuspecting people into apple crazed zombies.

She could take it no longer for as soon as she entered the classroom she nearly ran. To her absolute revulsion her bald, grey-beady eyed teacher had brought in a rare vintage apple shaped radio along with the apples he had brought in for the class to eat. Amanda freaked out even more, her sea green eyes opened wide, darting back and forth, back and forth searching for a hasty exit.

"Hey, freak, what you afraid of that the apple worms are gonna come out an' eat ya'? Freak, mouthed a teenaged tomboyish girl with naturally curly reddish- orange hair and deep brown eyes.

Amanda ignored the girl, and promptly prepared to skedaddle out of the class room. However, when she tried the voices began to start up again. As the voices continued to whisper thing inside her mind, Amanda darted as fast as she could out of the room yowling higher than a drowning kitty Kat.

"I'm possessed by an apple alien it's in my head; it's planted an apple radio chip inside of my head! Run, run, run! No… they've…," and her words were promptly severed off when an apple alien grew out of one of the apples someone had thrown away in one of the hallway trashcans. The apple alien worm grew swiftly to the size of the entire hallway, scaring a lot of people in the school, and ate Amanda with a big gulp. Now no one dares call Amanda crazy, not even the principal, lest they get eaten by the same aliens that had eradicated Amanda Newton as well.

-The End-

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