I was sitting at my lunch table, having a normal day. We were talking about words in our school that were improperly used.

Gabby started off on 'swagg'. She looked pointedly at me as she said it and I rolled my eyes, having discussed the proper and improper uses of that word earlier today with her.

Amelia jumped in with 'rape', which is an extremely improperly used word in our school. If someone grabs you from behind, you might be startled, but don't scream, "RAPE!"

I thought hard; what's a word that people say all the time that annoys the shit out of me? Immediately I had my answer.

"I have one," I said, trying to stretch my face into a smile so I wouldn't seem so serious, "Gay." And with that, I let Gabby take over ranting, which she took to with gusto. But I was watching Ellen, feeling anger smoldering in my stomach like a hot coal. She was quiet, watching Gabby and laughing, but she knew this one was directed at her. People (Ellen) used the word 'gay' to describe everything. "This book is gay." "That's so gay." "Your brother's gay." (I tried not to punch her at that one, but if she thinks I hate my brother like she hates her's, that's her problem.) The list goes on. I don't want to get into it though.

I glared at her, hoping maybe she'd notice and then I'd have an excuse to yell at her. She may think I'm her friend but you can bet as sure as hell that if she wasn't depressed half the time and had me worried about her mental health, I'd dump her in the streets and sleep better at night.

I forced my anger down, which for me is like swallowing an egg. I wouldn't start anything with the end of the year so close and my clean record intact. So I wiped my face blank of all emotion, all my anger. Even as inside, I smoldered on.

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