This is a short poem about the mixed feeling we have when someone we care about leaves. It's my first shot at "publishing". I hope you guys like it! :)

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Can't We Begin Again?

By: C.W. Mary

I can't feel you anymore,

My bed's empty from ten to four.

You are gone for the last time.

Haven't I heard that before?

I put on your shirt to remember,

But I can't smell your scent.

It just came and went.

I'd thought it was forever.

I try to listen to our song,

But I'm not that strong.

Will it always be like this?

Falling into an abyss?

I've seen you walk out the door


But this time, I'm afraid,

It's going to be the last time.

Can't we go back again?

My heart is burning with pain.

Call the firemen.

Please, can't we begin again?