((A/N: As usual, here's another political rant. It's a surprisingly good way to get some frustration out, by the way. You should try it sometime, lol. Anyway, thank you for reading, and reviews mean a lot- so please drop a quick comment! ))

America- the beautiful lie

In a land of the free

And a home for the brave

It is a place rife with

Poverty and oppression,

Lies and cowardice,

Theft and murder;

A place where everyday

Citizens hide behind facades

Too easily kept up,

Obtaining exactly what they want

When they want, at a discount no less.

Entertainment is instant and easy

As wars across the sea are fought

Out of sight and out of mind

As we let go and allow our dear

Government to lead us by the hand.

We are falling at a rate too fast to see

And yet too slowly to detect.