On a busy street, no one notices.

People turn a blind eye to the problems in our society.

In their world, everything is perfect.

But this is not a utopia.

A child sits, homeless, waiting for a mother who's never coming back.

No one sees. No one cares.

'Leave it to someone else. I've done my share.'

What share?

A single deed does not save the world.

Goodness is from a compilation of acts,

of people helping with no discrimination.

Helping with no hesitation.

Everyone is leaving it to someone else.

They are blinded into thinking that enough really care.

That enough help to save this world.

There aren't.

What if it were you?

What if someone else had already done their share?

'Oh, that's different,' you might say.

How? Is your life better than another's?

Our society today is corrupted.

Two blind eyes is all we have.

Two blind eyes and no purpose.

Will you be the first to change?