We are not made of darkness, atleast, thats what everyone tells us.
They say the world is full of wonder.
Then they turn around and tell you not to venture far.
They teach us to stay away from the bad things, but the things they say want us to try the bad things.
They say to find something you love, someone you love.
They say if you have no one, to come to them and talk.
But when you do come to talk, they show you out the door.

I dress diffrently they say.
That i am stupid and gay.
But then the true gay gy they favorite, they say he is perfect.
I walked through the doors today.
And three boys stood there, as they were commanded to do.
The tallest of the three looked down to me and whispered loud enough for all to hear:
"Here she is, as freaky as ever."
then he bid me a good day, cause the teacher came to watch.
I wanted to look back to him, to tell him what I had to say
But I never did, cause I knew my place.
He was the king, and i was the freak.

Today I went to class, a normal day i guess.
I didnt tell my friends that i had been called out at the doors
they wouldnt have cared.
I sat in the corner, near the door.
The boy behind me laughed as I sat down.
he laughed as I sneezed.
he laughed as I accidently dropped my paper
he pointed to me when i awnserd a question wrong
I heard him say:
"Little freak, what is she doing here?"

I tried to do my homework, i can seriously say I tried.
But then my head went dizzy as something hit my head.
It tangled itself in my hair, and I tried to dig it out.
but it didnt really help that the boy behind me was laughing.
I found it finally, with a few strands of my hair.
It was a paperclip, I looked to the other side of the room
three boys sat there laughing at me
when they saw that I was mad.

I begged to go to another class that day
cause it was early in the year
but the teacher wanted to know why
but I couldn't say.
I was humilated cause I stood there crying
while the next class filed in
no one cared about why I was crying
Just the fact that I was crying
becuase of some stupid paperclip.

I went to another class today
my second favorite of the day
the same boy was there, but here he was worse
He kept on saying "the airforce is gay"
then he leaned in real close to me
and whispered horrible things.
I went to work on my project across the room
not caring that his friends started to crowd around.
but when I came back
my binder was on the ground, my papers and hard work scattered over the desk , the chair, and the floor.
one of his friends saw the mess and sat down on it
not caring for my work
when I stood up for myself, cause they were mean
he snorted, got up, and went to sit somewhere else
He sat behind me with his other friends
and they talked about how i was a bitch

I wrote a paper today
it was dark , but told the truth
they didnt know who it was by
when they read it outloud
everyone was scared
the girls cringing at the truth
the boy behind me laughed at my work
as I claimed it as my own
he leaned in close to me and whiserped loud enough for all to hear:
"Are you depressed?"
Everyone laughed.
My best friend heard, but she didnt say a word.
I stood up for her when she was picked on.
And what they said about me was worse.
But she ignored their comments and turned away.
He then leaned back into his chair, and screamed again," The airforce is gay."
But this time I dont think he was talking about the airforce
cause he was staring straight at me.

I got my ear double peirced
something I absolutley loved
but then my friend came up to me and said:
"My mom thinks it looks slutty."
she turned away.
So does that make me a slut?

My boyfriend dumped me
because of one of my best friends
I was mad at her for one day
we made up easily, cause I didnt know what to say

My friend and I were walking
her mother not far behind
we were talking about my old boyfriend
and how he got a new girlfriend
She turned to me as we walked
looking around as she talked:
"My mother thinks your sort of a whore."
I changed the subject.
I thought to myself, So now i am a slut and a whore?

i was walking today
to get to my next class
some girl came along, all dressed up so nice
I knew they were rich, the queens of the school
they rammed me into my locker
and one pulled on my shirt
the other leaned in real close and whispered in my ear: