Chapter One - First Impressions

Busting my butt in a diner all day is not something I wish to do for the rest of my life. Being 19, fresh out of High School, waitressing is pretty much the only thing paying for my college, not to mention my life.

Most people my age have their parents paying for their expenses. Sadly enough, my life isn't that luxerious. Growing up in and out of foster homes, I didn't have a steady home or family. Heck, I don't have a family at all. But what I do have, however, is two best-friends. Jackie and Adrienne. Thankfully, they also work at the diner with me so I'm not completely miserable.

Come to think of it, there the ones that got me the job. Obviously I needed the money. Waitressing, attending college, and living in California, you'd expect me to be an inspiring actress, right? As if, I actually have realistic career goals. For example, I'm majoring in education. As in, I want to be a teacher. Not a college professor, or even a High School Teacher. No, those jobs are too stressful. I want to be an Elementray School Teacher. Let me rephrase that, I am going to be an Elementary School Teacher.

As for my love life... Let's just say I'm unlucky. As in, I've never had a boyfriend and the closest thing I've come to a kiss is the cheek. Its not that I'm ugly, no, I wouldn't stoop that low. I'm average height, around 5'5, jet black hair, on the slim side, skin the color of coffee with too much cream in it. My favorite feature our my hazal green eyes in the shape of almonds that I've gotten plenty of compliments on... Mostly from old people.

Either way, I still don't consider myself bad looking, although I don't get any male attention whatsoever. Can't say I'm happy about that, but I'll live. I do have a cat after all. Actually, I don't, but it makes me sound less lonely if I say I do.

"Wow, he's... Different." Jackie's voice pierced my ears as I followed her gaze. Sitting in the back of the resturaunt, a brief case perched on top of the table, was possibly the most beautiful man I'd ever seen. Since he was sitting down, I obviously didn't get a good look at his body. But his face... He had a long, narrow nose that seemed to be the perfect size. He had shapely, nice eyebrows, long sideburns, very high cheekbones which made him resemble a model, and a strong jaw that I just found so, manly. His hair was dark and long, but complimented his face perfectly. His skin was quite pale, which almost made him look like a vampire, but beautiful non-the-less. Even from a distance, I could make out the emerald green color of his beautiful eyes.

"Aaliyah!" Coming out of my trance adruptedly, I turned my head to see Jackie giving me a strange look. "Get to work, he's at your table."

Oh boy. The most gorgeous man I've ever laid eyes on is at my table?

Squealing quietly, I quickly collected myself and slowly but surely, I was walking towards my customer, who happened to be extremely attractive. Finally reaching his table, I took note that he looked even better up close. Starring straight at him, his eyes seemed to be focused on the briefcase in front of him.

Obviously he didn't notice my presence, I cleared my throat to get his attention. I wasn't prepared for him to aim those beautiful green eyes on me. My heart was going at some crazy paces at this moment. "Uh, hi. I'd like a coffee please." His deep, husky voice just added to my heart attack.

Trying not to make my infatuation obvious, I averted my gaze to the table. "Will that be all, sir?" I made sure to use my sweet-but-I'm-not-a-stalker voice.

Hearing him make an audible swallow was sorta strange, and I could practically feel his eyes on me. "That'll be all." He assured me.

Ah, crap. It's time of me to walk away. Sticking my hand out on the table, I reached for his menu. The last thing I expected was to feel a rather large hand grab my wrist. Averting my eyes to his, I saw him starring at me hard. Emberassed at the skin on skin contact, I blushed furiously. Shooting him a confused expression, I tried to make it seem like I found his actions weird... Puh-lease! His rich voice pierced my ears the next second, "Just to be blunt, I think you're extremely beautiful."

Okay, is it just me or am I hearing things? "Thank you." The moment he dropped my hand, I resisted the urge to grab it back. Finally grabbing his menu, I sent him one last smile before disappearing to retrive his coffee.

When I got back to the kitchen, Jackie had a huge grin plastered on her face. She seemed excited about something. "Did he say anything?"

Rolling my eyes playfully, I wish he had. "He didn't flirt with me, if that's what you mean. He just grabbed my hand and told me I was beautiful." Am I listening to myself?

Shooting me a bewildered expression, I could tell Jackie was thinking the same thing. "And you don't call that flirting?"

Shrugging my shoulders, I got to work and started pouring fresh coffee into a clean mug. "He didn't do it in a flirty way, heck he didn't even do it in a friendly way, not that he was rude or anything." Finished making the coffee, I started out of the kitchen doors.

"What does that even mean?" I heard Jackie's voice yell after me. Of course I ignored her, I have a rather gorgeous man to serve at the moment.

Reaching his table, I sat the mug down in front of him, careful not to spill it. As my eyes traveled to his face, he was smiling at me. Not just a small smile, a toothy smile that made me admire just how perfectly straight and white his teeth were.

Absentmindedly, I smiled right back at him. "Thanks." He said quietly. Nodding at him, I just couldn't find it in me to walk away yet. He must have noticed because a beat later he spoke up, "I'm Alexander, by the way." Stretching his arm out towards me, I knew the gesture meant he wanted to shake my hand.

Gladly accepting his large hand in my rather small one, I shook it briefly before letting it go. His palms were soft, his fingers were rough, overall nice hands. "I'm Aaliyah."

"You're name is beautiful. It suites you, Aaliyah." I absolutely loved the sound of my name coming from his shapely pink lips. I knew my cheeks were turning an even deeper red. "I hope I'm not being to forward by saying this, but I'd love to take you out sometime." All I could do was blink and stare at him blankly. "What do you say? Tomorrow night?" Am I dreaming?

Snapping back into reality, I realized he was waiting on me to answer. "I'd love to." I tried my hardest not to sound too enthusiastic.

Half-smiling, his look was extremely adorable. "That's great. Do you have a pen?"

Sliding my hand into my apron, I took a hold of a black pen and handed it to him. When he grabbed it, his fingers brushed mine briefly. Talk about goosebumps...

As he got a napkin from the side of the table, I watched as he gripped the pen and wrote seven numbers on it. Is he really giving me his number? "Here's my phone number." He passed it to me, which I gladly accepted. "Call me and we can exchange details."

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