By StreetsOfGold

"Ms. Haley!"

I quickly spun on my heel at the sound of the small squeaking voice. My eyes were met with the dazzled appearance of a disheveled looking seven-year-old sprinting in my direction. Molly had tears welling up in her eyes and a thick layer of dirt coated her bright purple shorts.

Honestly, how much trouble could seven year olds get into?

"Ms. Haley!" She cried again.

I bent down, my knees giving a loud crack in protest, and opened my arms. Molly immediately wrapped her short chubby arms around my neck and buried her head into my shoulder. I managed to straighten myself out, still holding a sobbing Molly in my arms.

"What happened, Molly?" I asked, running my fingers through her tangled red hair. "Why are you crying?"

Molly looked up at me, her big blue eyes brimming with tears. I quickly swiped them away and gave her my warmest smile. I rubbed soothing circles on her back and whispered reassuring words into her ear.

"He was being mean, Ms. Haley!" Molly hiccupped, rubbing her eyes. "I was just trying to build a sandcastle by the river and h—he jumped on it! I hate Ryan! He's—he's just a big fluffy bugger monster!"

I couldn't help but giggle at her chose of swear words. Molly was definitely one of the most creative children in my group of camp kids. She also had one of the biggest potty mouths I had heard in a while. She came up with new "child swears" everyday and was quickly becoming my biggest source of amusement.

"Well, you know what?" I whispered towards her.

"What?" Molly asked.

"We are going to march down to the river and force Ryan to apologize to you, okay?"

"We can't do that!"

"And why not?" I asked.

Molly looked at me like I was crazy. "Because he is a bully! I don't want him to bully you too, Ms. Haley!"

These were the times that I was glad I became a camp counselor. The job had some serious ups and downs. The relationships I formed with my campers were definitely some of the better outcomes and it definitely helped that most of them were adorable little troublemakers…like Molly.

"I'll be with you the whole time." I placed her back on the ground and took her tiny freckled hand in mine. "I'll even walk with you down there. You won't be alone."

Molly thought about it for a moment and then perked up. She wiped the dried mud off of her purple shorts and began tugging my hand as we made or way back down to the river. A smile broke out onto her face and I knew nothing good could possibly come out of it.

I kept walking with her anyways.

"I'm going to make Ryan wish he never jumped on my princess castle!" Molly shouted, triumphantly. "I am going to lock him in the dungeon! No! I am going to lock his fluffy bugger monster butt in the tower! The tower is so much worse than the dungeon!"

"Let's not go crazy, Molly." I laughed.

Molly smiled toothlessly at me and continued skipping down the pathway. Kids could be so bipolar sometimes. I didn't get how she could be bawling her eyes out one minute and be skipping the next.

They were always so carefree.

It didn't take us long to find Ryan when we finally made it to the river. He was obviously the little boy trying to fix up what looked like a destroyed princess castle. I watched as his small hands dug into the sand, building up the walls until they were as tall as his knees.

I felt Molly's hand slip from mine. Her red curls bounced in the wind as she sprinted over to the boy rebuilding her princess castle. "Ryan!" She yelled at him. "What are you doing?"

"Molly." I said, coming to stand in front of the two of them. Ryan stood still in his spot, his hands covered in sand, while Molly glared in his direction. It took all of my might not to break out into a full smile. "Did you bother to ask Ryan why he ruined your castle?"

"No, I was too upset!" She pouted.

"I think we should hear Ryan's side of the story before you decide to lock him in the dungeon." I decided.

Ryan's face visibly paled at my last comment. He frowned at Molly. "You were going to lock me in the dungeon?"

"No!" Molly squealed. "I was going to lock you in the tower! You stomped all over my castle!"

"I didn't mean to." Ryan said, his gaze locking with the ground. "I tripped running back from the water and landed in your castle. It was an accident! I saw you run away crying so I tried to fix it for you. See?"

Molly finally decided to look at the mounds of sand that Ryan recreated for her. Her features lit up as she took in the large castle-like structure he had managed to build in the ten minutes she was gone. All thoughts of the dungeon must have disappeared from her seven-year-old mind because she grabbed Ryan's hand in hers and sprinted towards the water.

I watched the two of them splash around in the safe zone—the shallow area for children under the age of ten—and a smile made its way onto my face. It was just too cute for words. I wouldn't be surprised if the two of them decided to start dating the minute they hit puberty.

"Remember when I used to stomp on all of your princess sandcastles?" A deep voice whispered in my ear.

I didn't bother replying.

"I probably should have rebuilt them." A laugh escaped his mouth. I tried not to drool. "I have to hand it to Ryan, though. He really knows how to wiggle his way into a girl's heart."

I turned around and was surprised to see how close his face was to mine. His dark green eyes were so close that I could see the flecks of gold in them. This was dangerous. I didn't like being this close to him. It made me feel all kinds of funny inside. It made feel things that I didn't want to feel. It made me want to like him.

He really needed to back up a few steps…or feet.

"What do you want Fletcher?"

"That's not a very nice way to greet your husband."

I couldn't believe he was bringing this up again. Why couldn't he just forget about it and move on? I had. It wasn't even a real marriage. I was seven and he offered me a grape Ringpop. How on earth was I supposed to know he was proposing? I just wanted the candy!

"We are not married, Fletch." I tried to clarify the situation. "We were seven years old. It didn't count."

"I proposed to you!"

"With a Ringpop."

"What can I say?" Fletch smirked, running a hand through his disheveled black hair. "I was your everyday Romeo."

"Yeah, okay." I snorted. "There are two problems with your reasoning, Romeo."

"And they are?"

"One: Romeo and Juliet were fourteen. Not seven. Two: I'm pretty sure Romeo would have proposed to Juliet with an expensive diamond. Not of a piece of grape flavored candy that's worth less than a dollar.

Fletch nodded his head but I knew he didn't agree with me. I could see the wheels turning inside of his idiotic head as he thought of an appropriate response. A small crease formed in between his eyebrows as he thought. It was kind of cute. A smirk graced his handsome features when he noticed I was staring at him. I wanted to slap that smirk right off of his pretty little—

"Just keep telling yourself that, Haley Dearest." He finally said. "That marriage was real and you know it."

Fletcher reached forward and ran his cold fingers against my cheek. I couldn't help but shutter slightly at the touch. He quickly pushed a stray piece of blonde hair behind my ear and let his hand drop by his side. I rubbed my temples. He was really starting to give me a headache. Fletcher had a tendency to have this affect on me. He made me happy and confused and frustrated—all at the same time.


Whatever pathetic response I was about to give him was saved by the sound of the lunch bell ringing. The noise echoed down the beach and Molly immediately ran out of the water. She wobbled towards me and I tried convincing myself that she was running so fast because she was a good camper and wanted to be on time to lunch.

It was more likely that she was just hungry.

I grabbed Molly's hand and looked Fletcher in the eyes. I couldn't figure out what he must have been thinking. He was staring at me like he didn't want me to leave but at the same time like he wanted me far away.

I couldn't stay.

It was too confusing.

"I guess I'll be seeing you."

I was already walking away with Molly in tow when I heard his voice say softly, "Bye, Hales."


"I just don't understand why you won't jump his bones already!"

"His eyes. They are so green!"

"Have you seen his arm muscles?"

"And those lips!"

I rolled my eyes at my fellow camp counselors and looked around the room to make sure all of my campers were still snoring softly in their beds. Every night after the kids went to sleep, most of the counselors met up and had our own equivalent of a sleep over. It was my night to host so were all lounging around in my cabin and the last thing I needed was for one of the munchkins to wake up.

"Will you all quiet down?" I asked. "You are going to wake up the kids and it took forever to get them to fall asleep."

"Okay, Mrs. Fun Killer." Hannah Kendrick said, nudging my tanned arm with her bony elbow.

It reminded me of the day I first met Hannah during our freshman year. She tried to cut me in the lunch line on one of my bad days and I screamed at her "for being the cherry on top of my super shitastic day." She called me a Fun Killer and proceeded to buy me three chocolate brownies to cheer me up.

We had been best friends ever since.

"I am not a fun killer." I rolled my eyes at Hannah. "I just don't get along with Fletch. You know we can barely stand next to each other for more than five minutes without trying to rip one another's heads off."

Hannah disagreed, flipping a strand of black hair behind her shoulder. "I know that he tries to undress you with those gorgeous green eyes of his whenever you are in a five foot radius of him. Your like his own personal porn show. Just with, you know, clothes on."

All of the other counselors nodded their heads in agreement. I knew they would side with Hannah. It was like they had nothing better to do with their summers than to meddle with my non-existent love life. There was no way I could hear about his "gorgeous green eyes" one more time without bursting into full on hysterics.

"Please, Hannah." I pleaded. "Just let it go—"


My head snapped towards the front door of the cabin where an out of breathe brunette stood. Her breathing came out in pants as she ran a pale hand through her curly tresses. Kelsey had her cell-phone in her hand and was waving it around like it was on fire.

"I'm serious!" She yelled. "This is a Code Purple Unicorn. It's like an eleven on the one-through-ten scale! An eleven!"

"Be quiet, Crazy!" I whisper yelled at Kelsey. "You are going to wake up my campers!"

Hannah laughed softly and walked over to our frantic friend. She placed her hand on Kelsey's shoulder and guided her farther into the already crowded room until they were standing next to me.

"Calm down, Kels." Hannah spoke, shooting a what-the-hell- is-going-on look at me.

I shot back an I-have-no-idea look. "Yeah, take deep breath."

Kelsey took our advice and steadied her breathing. She quickly took the seat to my right and closed her eyes, breathing through her nose. Hannah sat down on my left and a small giggle escaped her mouth. I couldn't really blame her. Kelsey looked like she was about to have a panic attack any second.

The whole room was dead quiet as we waited for Kelsey to situate herself.

"Kelsey?" I asked, rubbing her back. "Do you want to tell us about the Code Purple Unicorn? It must be pretty serious for you to come over here screaming and panting like a wild animal. I mean, we haven't even used Code Purple Unicorn since the fourth grade."

Kelsey glared at me and I immediately closed my mouth.

"It's about Jeremy." She spoke.

Hannah and I shared a knowing look. Of course. No boy could cause a Code Purple Unicorn other than Jeremy Yates. We looked at her, urging her to continue telling us the story.

Kelsey took another deep breath. "You know how we have been talking a lot lately? Like a lot, a lot." We nodded. "Well, today I ran into him while I was teaching my campers how to play soccer. He was teaching his kids too and challenged me to play a game. It was fun and going really well. He was being flirty and letting me win. But then…"

"Then, what?" Hannah screeched.

"The campers, Hannah!" I scolded.

Hannah shrugged her shoulders in apology.

"But then I tripped right in front of him. Jeremy didn't see and then he stumbled over me. I was on the grass and he was on top of me. I mean, like on top of me. He was so close! His face was an inch away from my face! I was freaking out. I mean this is Jeremy we are talking about!"

"Just tell us already!"

"Jeremy kissed me!"

"He what?" I asked.

"He kissed me!" She repeated. "And now he wants to meet up with him on their side of the river at ten o'clock."

We all looked at each other. Jeremy wanted Kelsey to cross the river to the boy's side of camp in the dark. It was like a scene out of an old 50's romance film. I looked at my watch it was nine forty-five.

"Why the hell are you here and not there?" Hannah raised her voice. She pushed Kelsey towards the front door. "Get going! Go! Don't make him wait!"

"I can't." Kelsey stopped walking and looked at the ground. "I don't want to go alone."

"That's all you are worried about?" Hannah asked. "Don't worry. Haley and I will go with you. Okay?"

"We can't." I spoke, realizing the big problem with that plan.

"Kelsey needs us, Haley. We can't skip out on her now."

"I can't leave my campers alone, Hannah." I looked around at their small sleeping faces. "I'm sorry, Kels."

"It's okay, Haley."

"No!" Someone shouted from the floor. Hannah, Kelsey, and I looked towards the smaller girl who spoke up. She was one of the newer counselors who started this summer. "We can stay with your campers, Haley. All of our kids are already being watched and it's the least we can do."

I smiled at the new girl. She was definitely getting points for this when it came time to vote for the best counselors at the end of the week.

"Then, I'm in." I smiled at Kelsey.


"Yes." Hannah spoke, reassuring Kelsey. "We are best friends and that's what best friends are for. They are for sneaking across lakes and helping you make out with the boy you've been in love with since the sixth grade."


I probably should have brought a jacket.

That was the only thought floating through my mind when we finally made it to the riverbank. The wind had picked up and my blonde hair was blowing everywhere. I raised my hand to wipe the hair off of my face and noticed the faint light flashing on the opposite side of the river.

"There they are!" Kelsey pointed to the source of light. "I didn't think they'd get here so fast."

In the distance I could vaguely see the outline of three figures waiting by the riverbank. They were all standing next to each other and I couldn't but notice they stood in height order, from shortest to tallest. I wondered which one was Jeremy. He always seemed to be on the taller side. At least, he was a bit taller than Fletcher.


There were three boys.

Not one.


"Kelsey?" I asked. "What do you mean by 'they?' I thought it was just Jeremy."

"Yeah, about that. I called Jeremy before we left and told him to bring friends." Kelsey said sheepishly. I widen my eyes when I realized what she was implying. Jeremy brought Fletcher. Fletcher was here. "What? I didn't want you guys to be left by yourselves!"

"We wouldn't be by ourselves. Hannah and I could have kept each other company. Right, Hannah?"

"Speak for yourself." Hannah laughed. "I plan on hanging out with Max Wright tonight which is why I told Kelsey to call Jeremy. You get Fletch all to yourself tonight, Hales. Don't waste this opportunity."

"I hate you guys."

"You love us."

We had reached the edge of the bank and I slipped the flip-flops off of my feet. The water rushed up and fell over my toes, sending a chill up my body. I really should have taken a jacket with me.

We walked further into the water until we reached the wooden blocks that spread across the river in a line. There was an old bridge that crossed over the river but it was further down the bank, so all of the teenagers often found themselves using the wooden blocks to cross over the water. They were sturdy enough…most of the time.

Kelsey smiled and walked out to the wooden blocks first. She no doubt wanted to get across as fast as possible so she could jump into the arms of dreamy Jeremy. I swung my arms out and gestured for Hannah to follow Kelsey's lead. I planned on taking my sweet time crossing the blocks. The less time spent with Fletcher, the better.

Hannah and Kelsey flung their arms about as they skipped from one wooden block to the other. I swallowed a big gulp of air and stuck one foot out in front of the other, trying to make it across the river in one piece. Each block shook under my weight as I made my to the other side. It didn't matter how many times I made this trek before, I always got butterflies in the pit of my stomach.

Not to mention, the river looked five times scarier in the dark.

"Hurry up, Slow Poke!" Hannah yelled, standing next to Kelsey and the boys on the other side of the river. I was too busy focusing on not falling in the water that I didn't realize my two friends had already made it across.


I took another deep breath and kept placing my right foot in front of the left. The step-by-step method never failed me in the past and I smiled in victory when I got to the last wooden block. I looked up, expecting to see Hannah and Kelsey waiting for me on the riverbank.

I didn't expect to see both of my friends missing in action and I certainly didn't expect to see a certain Fletcher Adams holding his right hand towards me. I took his hand without thinking and tried not to gasp when his other hand wrapped around my waist to help me off of the wooden block.

This was not how my night was supposed to happen.

"Whoa, there." Fletcher spoke as the block wobbled. "You okay?"

His hand grasped my waist a little bit tighter as he placed my feet against the cool sand beneath us. He immediately released his hold when I balanced my self and I couldn't help but feel a sense of emptiness where his hands had been.

"Yeah, thanks." I said, looking around the beach. "Kelsey and Hannah ditched us, didn't they?"

Fletcher laughed, a deep rumbling that started in his chest. The sound was like music to my ears. "They said you were taking too long. It also didn't help that Jeremy and Kelsey were about to jump each other's bones. No one wanted to see that happen."

A blush tinted my cheeks at his words. "So it's just us."

"Just us."

The water washed back up the shore and splashed over my feet. The coldness seemed to shock me out of whatever trance Fletch managed to cast over me once again and I began walking to the dry part of the beach. I needed to distance myself from him before I did something stupid—like jump his bones.

I sat down on a patch of sand that was still warm from the day's sun and closed my eyes. It was only a couple of seconds before the sand shifted and I felt Fletcher sit down next to me. I knew I should probably talk to him—about last month—about anything at this point.

I just couldn't bring myself to say anything.

"Haley," Fletcher whispered, his breath right against my cheek. "Haley, please look at me."

I opened my eyes and turned my head to the right. His green eyes seemed even darker in the night's lighting. I couldn't look way, not even if I wanted to. I felt like one of those cliché girls who talked about the depth of some guy's eyes because that's how looking at him made me feel. Looking at him made me forget about everything else for just a moment.

"Let's go in the water."

I looked at Fletch like he was crazy. "What?"

Fletcher ignored my question and walked back down to the riverbank until his feet were submerged in water. He quickly lifted his arms and took his shirt off, flinging it into the sand behind him. His fingers started fumbling with his belt and he started to slide his shorts down his legs.

"Fletch!" I looked away. "What are you doing?"

He laughed. "I can't go swimming in my clothes now can I?"

And with that he kicked his shorts to the side and ran into the water, diving in headfirst. He came up a few seconds later spurting water from his mouth and trying to catch his breath. His black hair looked even darker when it was wet and I found myself wanting to run my fingers through it. Fletcher smiled and splashed the area in front of me.

"Come on, Haley! Live a little!"

"I don't think so!"

There was no way I was jumping into the river at ten o'clock at night. The water had to be freezing and there was nothing to dry myself off with. Fletcher was crazy if he thought I was going to jump in the water just because he asked me to.

"Somebody's a chicken!" Fletcher yelled, moving his arm in a chicken-like fashion. "Bac. Bac bac. Bac."

"I am not a chicken!" I yelled back.

I stood up from my warm seat on the ground and stomped down to the water. I tried not to look Fletcher in the eyes as I stripped off all of my clothing and threw my dress in the sand.

If only my mother could see me now.

Before I had a chance to back out, I quickly sprinted into the water and dove in. The water was beyond freezing but it actually felt nice against my skin. I let the coolness seep into my body before rising up for air. Fletcher was standing right in front of me when I opened my eyes. I blinked slowly and wiped the water off of my face.

He was so close that I could probably kiss him if…

"Why didn't you ever call me?"

I didn't even realize the words came out of my mouth until I noticed Fletcher's face was etched with confusion.

"What?" He asked.

And then it all came spilling out.

"Why didn't you call me this past month? When you kissed me, I—I hadn't felt like that in a long time. It was one of the most amazing nights of my life and then you just ignored me. You acted like none of it happened. You acted like the kiss didn't exist. I felt used and dirty."

"Haley…" Fletch started saying but I couldn't look at him anymore. I shifted my position so I could stare at the grains of sand below me. Maybe I could try and count all of them? "I didn't think you wanted me to call you."

It was my turn to act confused. "What? Why would you think that?"

"We haven't exactly had the perfect friendship, Hales." He moved closer to me and his hand softly traced my cheek. "You practically bite my head off whenever we are in the same room."

"Yeah, but—"

He cut me off. "And you had just broken up with Jake Walters. I thought you were just using me as a rebound or to get back at him or something. You don't know how many times I just wanted to walk to your house and kiss you again."


"God, I am so stupid. You don't even know how much I like you, Haley. I have liked you since we were seven! And I just had to go and ruin it—"

I couldn't take it anymore.

So, I did the only thing that came to mind.

I kissed Fletcher Adams. In the river. In my underwear.

Every feeling that he made me feel when we were together was magnified as his lips moved against mine. Fletcher's hands wrapped around my waist and I shivered as his cool fingers ran against the skin of my waist. A moan escaped my mouth involuntarily and Fletcher used this chance to slip his tongue in my mouth. I was feeling so many things at once, like I was about to combust at any minute.


Fletcher pulled away from me, his cheeks tinted a deep red color, and we both turned to look at the riverbank. Kelsey, Jeremy, Hannah, and Max were all standing on the sand—their eyes sparkling with mischief. Fletcher immediately stepped in front of me, blocking the sight of my partially naked body from everyone.

"I knew it would happen!" Hannah yelled again. "Just put a boy and a girl near water and BAM! Clothes come off and kissing commences."

"Oh my God." I groaned against Fletcher's back. "This is so embarrassing."

Fletcher turned back to me, "We'll get our clothes and go okay? You guys need to get back anyway. It's getting late."

I nodded and started walking with him back to the sand. Our real problem emerged when we saw Hannah and Max running down the beach with our clothes in their hands.

"Hannah!" I yelled. "Give us our clothes!"

"Come and get them!"


"Ms. Haley!" Molly shouted at me the next morning after breakfast. "Ryan said he was going to help me build another princess castle today! It's going to be so much better than my old one from yesterday!"

I laughed and followed the small redhead down to the beach. It seemed Molly had found a best friend in the little boy who stomped on her princess castle. The riverbank came into view and my heart started pounding harder in my chest. I don't think I could forget my night yesterday if I tried.

After Fletcher and I chased down Hannah and Max to retrieve our clothes, he walked me back to the wooden blocks and kissed my forehead. He said he would meet me tomorrow during beach time.

Which just happened to be right now.

"Did he now?" I asked. "You'll have to be sure to thank him."

Molly smiled a toothless smiled, "I will. I might even let him play prince today and rescue me!"

Molly let go of my hand and sprinted to the sand when we finally made it down to the river. I watched as she ran towards a tall structure made of sand down by the riverbank. The sandcastle was much larger than anything a seven-year-old could build and I couldn't help but walk closer to it out of curiosity.

"Ms. Haley, look!" Molly yelled, pointing to the monstrous palace of sand. "It's a castle for a princess and queen!"

Once I was close enough, I saw a head of disheveled black hair. Fletcher was sitting next to Ryan and they were digging for sand. I smiled as Fletcher helped the little boy place the sand on top of the large sand castle.

"Ryan!" Molly squealed at the young boy. "This is the biggest sandcastle I have ever seen!"

Ryan looked at Fletcher nervously and Fletcher nodded his head. Ryan walked over to Molly with a heart shaped lollipop and a gapped tooth smile.

"I made it for you." He said softly, handing her the lollipop. "I wanted to make up for ruining your castle yesterday. Fletcher woke up early and helped me build it this morning during breakfast."

Molly smiled, grabbing the lollipop and kissing Ryan on the cheek. The younger boy blushed and grabbed her hand, dragging Molly to the water. Their laughter faded into soft chuckle as they jumped around in the shallow end.

I kept walking towards the huge sandcastle while simultaneously keeping an eye on the kids. Fletcher jumped up, wiping his hands of on his shorts and smiling broadly at me when I finally stood in front of him. I reached my hand out and shook some of the sand out of his hair.

"Hey, you." He said, softly wrapping my hand in his.

"Hey." I couldn't help but love the feeling of my small hand in his. It just felt so…right.

"Damn." Fletcher laughed. "I spend half the morning building this sandcastle and finding the perfect lollipop for his future soul mate. Then she finally shows up and they both just head straight for the water."

I cracked a smile. "Some people just can't resist a good swim."

"I hope you like it, though." Fletcher gestured to the big sandcastle behind him. "Don't tell Ryan. But, I only helped him build it because of you. I figured I could make up for destroying all of your princess castles when we were younger."

"It's wonderful." I responded, telling the truth. "The heart shaped lollipop was a nice touch, too."

Fletcher smirked, pulling something out of his pocket. "I couldn't let him steal all of my ideas. I am your everyday Romeo, you know."

"That you are."

He ripped open the package and placed the Ringpop on my ring finger. "I hope grape is still your favorite flavor."

I nodded and stood on my tiptoes. I looked around the beach to make sure no one was paying too much attention to us and then placed a small chaste kiss on his lips. I don't think I would ever get sick of his kisses. They were something I could definitely get used to.

"This one counts." Fletcher said when we pulled away.


"This proposal." He explained, pointing to the Ringpop on my finger. "Don't even try to tell me this one doesn't count."

"I wouldn't dream of it."

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