Life sucks, and when you die, you'll be grateful. Yeah, that's me all right.

I woke up from that dream to the sound of Case and Kayla, the people who adopted me after Taylor and Jason died in a car wreck, with Case and Kayla, calling my name. Case and Kayla claim that they are regular humans. But I know better. They are my exact opposites.

I remember my childhood but I don't know anything about it because it was all dark back then. I am guessing that it seems so dark because my parents were creatures of the dark. Or maybe it was because I didn't wake up when I was born and that I woke up when I was 2 years old.

I know what I am supposed to be, human. But I do not know what I truly am, or if I am something not human at all. I might never know but I have decided to be prepared. I learned every kind of magic I could in the past from fire to killing to simple animation spells. Even though my free time was spent towards the magic, I had a feeling that if the spells were real, all of them would have worked.

"Jacob! Jacob, wake up! Wake up or you'll be late to school!" called Kayla. I believe that she is a harpy, but I can't be sure.

I also heard: "Boy, if you don't get up right this minute I will hit you so hard that you will bleed!" from Case. I think that he is a daedra.

As they called for me, I reached over to my bedside table and grabbed my journal. It had a weird emblem on it. It had this symbol: §. I have no idea what it means but it seems important since it matches my birthmark.

I opened it up just like every morning, expecting it to be bare just like yesterday. Instead I got a nice surprise. Inside, on the only page that had something on it normally, was a new entry. It was a section on creature lore, and next to the entry was a small, golden indention. I pressed the indent and the page acted like it wanted to move. Startled, I pulled my hand away immediately and the pages turned by themselves.

Though it only turned two pages I was scared to death. There was just one entry… Terecans. Once again I saw the molten devils from my dreams. Next to the large picture was a short description:

Terecans are a purely demonic breed. Though they were born of light, they shrouded themselves with darkness and embraced pain and fear. They have the speed of a cheetah, the strength of a tiger, and the hearing of an elephant. They harness the power of fire and the earth. They also are still considered to hold the circle of life together. Terecans in your life include: Case and Kayla.

When I read that Case and Kayla were Terecans, I wanted to make a run for it. Then I realized that if I did, I would just be caught and tortured, if this was even real.

Cautiously, I walked downstairs and made some breakfast. While I ate, the two demons stared at me with their horrible black-red eyes. When I was done they waved me off to school.

Boy, was I glad to be out of there and going to school. Huh, who would think that I would want to go to school willingly? Oh, that's right: me!

As soon as I walk on the bus, I hear a loud booming sound. Then I realized my best friend was shouting happy birthday through a megaphone.

Yeah, happy birthday to me…