What are we once we're a teen?

Are we still a kid?

I mean they treat us like one

Are we an adult?

They expect us to act like one

What does it mean?

It must mean something

Maybe it means growing up and maturing

Maybe it means high school and fake friends

Maybe it means heartbreak and moving on

But the one thing I know it means is pain

They say that these are suppose to be the best years of our lives

But we all know that's not true

Being a teen comes with lies and secrets that weigh on the heart

And eventually it will get so heavy you will find yourself unable to move

It will crush whatever is left of your feelings and leave only apathy

It will create a never-ending circle of pain

Because really when does being a teen end?

When you hit 20?

I don't believe that

No I don't think the mindset of a teen never leaves

We will always look for acceptance and comfort

We will always find hurt and knives in our backs

We will always want love and friendship

We will always get heartbreak and loneliness

High school is life whether we want to believe it or not

There's a prom queen and a class loser

There's the quiet one in the corner and the one with the loudest laugh

And we, the broken, in a category of our own

We're definitely not prom queens

And you can't exactly call us losers either

Not all of us are quiet

And some of us never laugh

No word but one fits us

We are teens

A poem about depression and being a teen. Hope someone likes it.