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Prologue: The Girl I Knew


She was a tomboy. Almost everyone's friend. I had a starting crush on her in fifth grade. She had dark brown eyes, the color of dark chocolate, and brown hair with natural copper highlights. I spoke to her twice. Altogether, I spoke three or four sentences to her that year. about one while being introduced, and the other three talking about a book series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians. She was in the other class.

The boy that was like her cousin that year was the one who used to hate me because I sat next to his crush, Alyssa, in class. Steve. This same person was the one who took me under his wing and made me more outgoing. Introduced me to everyone. Me, Matt, the short nerd who always wore his jacket, no matter the weather, and almost never spoke.

I was four foot five or six that year, tops. Tiny and scrawny. Probably no more than sixty-five to seventy pounds tops. Maybe less. No one payed attention to me. I didn't expect her to. She was caught up in her own life. She was the artist, the writer, the musician, the smart kid. These talents I hid from everyone. These talents she openly allowed people to see. Almost flaunted it. I didn't care.

Everyone loved the small girl: teachers, students, parents. She was Philipino, like me, and stood an inch or so shorter than I did. She was also part Japanese.

She stood up for what she believed in, and was actually sort of mean in fifth grade. But it wasn't like I was around her enough to notice. I hung around the almost jock-ish guys that consisted of Steve, Kenton(a blonde, White athelete amazing in basketball; their 'leader'), Donovan, Christian(a crazy Mexican guy who almost always got into trouble; no racism intended), and a few others I can't remember. Like I said, we really didn't talk much.

Her name was Emilee. Emilee Takahashi.

That was the girl I used to know. And then came sixth grade.

I wish I'd walked home with her like I planned to. I wish I asked her out like I wanted to.

I wish I saved her like I needed to.


Matt Macatangay. He was a really cute guy, when I noticed him. We were in the same sixth grade homeroom, and I intended on getting to be close with him, if only just friends. Our linking bridge was Steve. By now, we'd gotten so close we were more like brother and sister rather than our 'cousin' relationship.

But back to Matt. Dark brown, almost black eyes and short, wavy, near black hair. A pair of wireframed, thick lensed glasses sat on his face. Smooth, clear tan skin. Those full lips I wouldn't mind kissing all day. Those calloused, dry ice burned hands that seemed to perfectly meld with mine. That light tenor that made my heart flutter with each word he said. His chuckle that warmed my soul. I loved him.

Our first time spent even remotely alone was in the elementary climbing apparatus. He was trying to finish his Literature Unit vocabulary sheet. I had nothing to do but sit with him and try to come up with writing material. So I helped him. I didn't think that he liked me in any romantic way. We talked about stuff. I don't remember what he said, or what I said. I just remember my lingering touches and his usual quiet behavior.

I should've remembered it all. Not just Matt. No, I'd memorized almost everything he'd done after that day. But everyone else. Because in less than two months, I would forget so many things.


It's late. Almost midnight. My uncle's sleeping over in my room, even though his breathing machine is really loud. I never expected to get a text from her.

My green cased phone buzzes on my nightstand, the sceen illuminating a small bit of the room. Pulling down my blanket, I get on my hands and knees and lean over to grab the device.

The time, 11:21 PM, and her mom's ID pop up on the screen, alerting me I have a text from her. She didn't have a phone yet, so she talked to me through her mom's phone. We emailed regularly, though, since she had her own laptop. I didn't have one, but I used my sister's hand-me-down iTouch to email her.

I press a button and her commonly sent, innocent message is presented in white text against a black backround.

You up? I'm bored... Wanna talk?

Another vibration and another text.

Driving home with bro and parents from San Diego. Long ride...

I chuckle and lean back against the headboard of my bed, fingers quietly tapping away at the keys.

haha I'm up. Can't sleep :P

Really? Why?

I glance at the dark hallway through the open door, checking if anyone's still awake. No one is but me and my crush.

Cuz my uncle's here and his breathing machine is loud... What you wanna talk about?

*shrug* Dunno. Would You Rather?

I almost laugh out loud. I knew what she meant when she said that. Her usual game of Would You Rather is centered around sex-related jokes and classmates not even the most desperate of hookers would bang. With a slight grin on my face, I reply.


It was fun. No different from any of our teasing, sex innuendo filled jokes and jabs that commonly traced in our conversations at school. We played Would You Rather for two hours, until 1 AM. Then she had to say goodbye and go to sleep herself. I decided I should, too.

Lying back down and snuggling in my sheets with a silly grin plastered to my face, I closed my eyes for some rest.

Little did I know that in two months time, she would never be the same.

She would cut. She would take drugs and drink. She would go do illegal things. She would kill. She wouldn't be the one I'd fallen in love with anymore.

She'd become a whole new person.

I wished I'd had kissed her when I didn't.

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