Let me introduce myself first. I am Suna Kurai and I will become one of the best yet unknown writers in the world. I can't do that without people reading my stories. My best friend also has the same dream. Please help us with it. Anyway, let's begin with the story, shall we?


"Andrew!" yelled Ms. Lee, "Wake up! It's time for school!" "Yes, please pass the cheese…" he murmured half awake. Ms. Lee hit his head.

"You're sixteen years old now kid! Try to grow up for a change!"

"What time is it anyway, Ms. Lee?"

"7 AM"


He jumped out of bed and ran straight to the bathroom. He brushed his teeth, took a shower and took what seems to be a burned piece of bread. "Ok! I'm off now!" He slammed the door behind him. "Good morning Andrew…" smiled his cousin, "Late for school again?" "You should know! You wait for me at that exact same spot everyday!" "Yeah, I know, anyway, let's just ride mom's new model to school!" "A motorbike, seriously…" "And it's a prototype! Come on let's go!" "A prototype, I don't know… Maybe we shouldn't…" "Just ride the bike!" "Fine, I'll drive!" "Who said you'll drive?" "WHAT?"

Riz drove the motorbike uncontrollably. Andrew thought his time was up. Even though they had many close calls, they still managed to get to school safely. "Wasn't that awesome?" "Just barely, I thought I was going to die!" "Anyway, let's go!"Andrew never said anything but he sort of liked Riz. He liked her smile on her rosy white complexion with sparkling brown eyes and light brown hair that glowed golden in the sunlight, she was nearly as tall as him and even if she was pretty much crazy, she was always this smart girl that was always there for him and ready to get him out of trouble. Meanwhile, he was a wimp; he had to wait for Riz to save him most of the time. His arms weren't really a wall of meat if you know what I mean. He was pale white; he had slightly curly brown hair- that he uses gel on most of the time to make it stiff; he was taller than Riz, yes but like I said his arms weren't really a wall of meat. He was actually handsome setting aside all those facts but Riz kept that fact to herself. She thinks he's really talented, especially with the guitar that she knew how to play first but now he's better than her at it. Every day they come across Matt, he comes for Andrew's daily beating and his daily beating as well. (Don't get me started with his daily beating, he always sets aside the fact that Riz always comes to school with Andrew)

Anyway, Matt then approached them and said, "Hey Drew! Are you ready?" "Could you leave me alone, this once Matt? I thought I was going to die this morning!" He shouted he started to walk away when Matt caught him by his collar. "Don't you think that's a rather course use of language?" He said clutching fists where it was located. "That was your biggest mistake ever, Drewberry!" "Drewberry, Really?" said Riz with her eyebrow up. "You have got to get a life, let go of Andrew…" "Why should I?" he reached for Andrew's pocket and felt something like—"AHA! A wallet! Good luck with your lunch weakling!" This time Riz was furious and at the same time thought she could make better insults. She grabbed his wallet and kicked Matt at his weak point. Matt scowled in pain forcing him to let go of Andrew. "Quick! Make a run for it!" She screamed and they ran to class.

When Matt finally recovered he screamed, "I'll kill her!" and tried to run to their direction but Mark and Mike got a hold of him. "Let go of me guys!" he shouted, "I'll get her someday!" "When will you learn your lesson?" screamed Mike. "Do we have to go through this every day, Matt?" said Mark who was obviously superior to them all. Mark was the student body president and he had to control them especially his crazy cousin, Matt. Mike was a year younger than them but he obviously knew logic and he had to stop Matt besides the fact that he was virtually weaker. "They're gone now…" said Mike. "Great, so let's get back to business… Would you let go of me?" he shouted. Mark let go. "If you don't want some girl to kick you, stop this non-sense especially to Andrew!" He shouted "You've caused me enough trouble already!" Matt's beady eyes pleaded that he won't be reported to the principal. As always, Mike took pity on him whom forced Mark to do so but not today. "This has gone on too far Matt!" he screamed "Not this time, you're not!"

He finally did it. He sent Matt to the principal's office after all those years ever since elementary. "Three summer schools?" he exclaimed. "Three summer schools alright!" he smiled "You finally got what you deserve!" "Just shut up!" He walked out of the classroom to find Riz outside. "Hey!" He said "Sorry for what my cousin did to Andrew…" "No it's alright; I enjoyed kicking his butt anyway." She replied "I DID NOT SAY THAT OUT LOUD DID I?" "No! It's alright, he deserved it, and you were just trying to defend Andrew." He smiled. Andrew then came panting. "Didn't I tell you not to run too fast?" he said. "Hey, Andrew I'm sorry for what Matt did to you earlier…" he said. "No, I'm used to it…" he replied "No harm done." "Oh, well if he ever does that again, just give tell me. I'll give him the punishment he deserves." "Uh, thanks?" he said. Mark smiled at Riz again and walked away.

"What was that about?" he asked.

"He was just saying sorry for Matt…"

"It seemed more than that…"

"Oh come on, he's student body president and I'm this troublemaker!"

"You're smart, you've beat everyone including him at chess multiple times."

"And I care why?"

"You've been valedictorian ever since elementary."

"Should I care?"

"You're tough! You kicked Matt's butt more than anyone else around here did! Trust me, that ain't much."

"And if I did?"

"You're very talented at playing the guitar and singing!"

"And you're not?"

"What? That's not the point! There are many things a guy can like about you!"

"I don't like anyone, what are you talking about?"

"Nothing!" he blushed

Dismissal came and Riz was getting ready with her motorbike. "Come on Drew!" she yelled. "I'm coming!" She sat on the motorbike. "No! This time, I'm driving!" "FINE!" she got off the bike. Andrew got on. "Ok, you can hop on now!" she did as she was told. They put their helmets on and Andrew started the bike. Finally, the moment Riz had been waiting for, they started to move! It was slower than she expected. "Oh come on Andrew! Spice your life up a little!" she grabbed the controls. "Hey! What are you doing? Let go!" "Why should I?"



"Let go of the controls!"

"Not until you speed this puppy up a little!"



"I won't speed it up!"

"Don't worry, it's already going faster!"

"Hey! I said let go of it!"

They fought over the controls without noticing that they wandered into a construction site.

"Let go!"

"Why don't you make me?"

"I can't let go of it!"

"I won't let go!"

"Let go of the controls would you?"

"Oh come on! Don't you want any action?"

"Of course I do but—"

Then Riz noticed the giant ramp they were heading to. She hugged Andrew and closed her eyes. Andrew noticed it and did what he could do. He accelerated the motorbike and they went flying twenty feet above the ground. Riz was astonished. There in front of her, her scared cousin doing a motorbike stunt, it seemed too good to be true. "Hold on tight and get ready for impact!" Riz closed her eyes and held on tight. They crashed without a scratch on them or the machine and continued moving back home.

On the way this conversation was made:

"You were amazing!"


"I thought you were this shallow scared guy, it turns out you weren't!"

"Well I have my own microcosm…"

"Dude seriously, your microcosm doesn't have anything to do with that!"

"How can you tell?"

"Like you said earlier, I know more than you do."

"Yeah I know! You're this cool super mechanic, I get it!"

"I didn't mean it that way…"

"What then?"

"Why do you act like some poltroon all the time?"

"My mother doesn't allow me to do stunts on a motorbike or even ride one that's why I can't let her know what I'm doing, promise not to tell?"

"Promises are meant to be broken, Drew…"

"So I can't trust you?"

"Of course you can!"

"But you just said—"

"Forget about what I said!"

"But you—"


"Fine, I'll shut up…"

That night, Riz had been thinking. Her mom was fast asleep in her room and she was still wide awake. She went to her mother's room and looked at the blue prints for new motorbike designs. A twisted grin broke out on her face. "Well, I'd better get to work!" she said.