Chapter 4:
Jean just settled into her seat in the plane. Her few days on the ranch with her parents had unfortunately come to an end. She hated flying; she couldn't bear the thought of being over a 1000 feet in the air. A young man intruded her mid-thought. "Excuse me miss," he smiled, "can I please get to my seat? It's next to yours." His sweet British accent made her heart flutter. She didn't make a sound and stood, paling even more. She felt dizzy and sat down immediately after the young man. She closed her eyes and exhaled. "You afraid of flying?" the sweet accent sang. Jean didn't even look at him; she just nodded. He grinned at her, despite her eyes being squeezed shut. "My name is Alex, by the way," he gave a friendly smile and stuck his hand out for a shake. Jean forced her eyes open, and grabbed his hand quite hard and gave it a firm shake. "Jean," she locked onto his hand and he gave a little chuckle. The sound for the seat belt went off and she immediately let go of his hand and grabbed the arm rests, having already tightened hers the second she sat down again. Her hands and knuckles turned white. "I know we just met, but my girlfriend is terrified of flying as well and I have these pills that will help you relax," said Alex. When Jean looked at him sceptically, he quickly added: "I know you may find it difficult to trust me since you just met me." He took a little blue pill out and held out his hand. Jean attributed it to fear, as she grabbed that little blue pill and swallowed it without any water or any thought whatsoever. The plane started to move and Jean grabbed the arm rests again and closed her eyes.

She was engulfed in the blackness again, this time not feeling scared but at home…. The black figure slowly came towards her with those burning yellow eyes. It stopped in front of her. It stared at her. It cocked its head. It was the strangest thing Jean ever saw, and might have been funny; somehow she knew laughing wasn't such a good idea. The figure was like a black fog. It did not have a certain shape, but it seemed as though it was trying to recreate a humanoid of sorts. Its mouth was wide, almost wrapping around its head. Then Jean felt a rush of panic and a painful, high pitched sound shot through her ears. She screamed. The thing moved closer, opening its big mouth and breathed in all her innocence.

Jean shot right up. "Wow! You startled me," said Alex. Jean blinked, and barely listened as Alex continued. "It was a good thing you slept: we went through a really bad storm." Jean looked at Alex. She wanted to kiss him, she want to pull him to the floor on top of her and make-out with him; but something held her back and forced her to say, "It was all thanks to your handy pill." She winked and gave a little playful smirk.
"It's my pleasure," replied Alex. "Here's my number." Jean didn't quite register that he said it in an almost robotic tone, as if he was being told what to say. She took the neatly folded piece of paper he held out. She smiled and put the paper down her shirt, into her bra. What the hell am I doing?! I'm engaged, her conscience screamed at her. Alex's eyes wandered to her bosom, and sneaked stares at her breasts until the plane finally came to halt, and the passengers could finally disembark. Jean couldn't wait to see Paul again. She jumped up, grabbed her little back pack and almost ran to the front of the plane. Alex still sat there, not entirely sure of what just happened. Whatever it was, he thought he might like it….

Paul could not wait to see Jean again! He missed her so much: her beautiful blue eyes, her lush lips, her soft skin and her tender touch. He thought about losing her and what it would do to him. His blood turned a little cold as he realised he couldn't – wouldn't – live without her; she was everything to him; and there she was… her blonde hair flowing behind her, her eyes searching urgently for him. He walked up to her and picked her up, kissing her so passionately that he even shocked himself. She started getting playful and started rolling her tongue. Did that turn him on? He wanted her here and now, and he hugged her even tighter. The kiss stretched for an eternity, but ended too soon. They stopped and looked into each other's eyes. Her eyes were completely violet now. He put her down gently stilling holding onto her. He saw the concern in her face. He smiled a little tightly, and said, "I think I can live with the violet eyes as long as you don't lose the blonde hair." Jean laughed, the musical sound all Paul wanted to hear. He couldn't help but smile and laugh with her, holding her close.
"You know, I will never dye this hair of mine," she replied. Paul couldn't help but touch her soft, smooth skin and smell her sweet aroma. They stood there for a while longer soaking each other in as though they haven't seen each other for years. They finally pulled their bodies apart but still held each other's hands and looked at each other. "Come, I want to go home, I am exhausted," said Jean, she knew she had slept through the entire flight, but she still felt very tired. Probably jet lag, her mind reasoned. As they were walking to their car Jean saw someone in the corner of her eye, she turned to look at this being and there was Alex. She smiled at him and winked. Then, she felt like she had energy again.

Jean sat next to Paul on the bed. He was fast asleep. She looked over his perfection: his muscled body, his beautiful features. He was just perfect. She slowly crawled out bed and went downstairs. She looked out at the large window in their tiny lounge and the moon was shining as bright as ever. Yet, she didn't feel peace; she felt horror, pain and guilt. A shiver went down her spine and somehow she knew everything she loved would be taken away from her, and nothing she could do would stop it from happening.