An Anecdote of My Life as a Male Rock Star

Prologue: Here I Come.

A haunting tune resounded throughout my apartment as I moved my bow across the strings of my beloved cello. Although there weren't any symphony gigs coming up in the near future to practice for, the past day had been uneventful and boring so I needed a little Mozart to fill up my time. I mean, just a week ago I was walking up a stage at Chapman University accepting my Bachelor of Arts degree for music, and now where was I? Stuck at home with nothing to do but play my musical instruments waiting for my agent to give me a call about a big money gig. This is what I get for choosing to major in music instead of something prosperous like aerospace engineering or something smart like that.

I guess my parents were right again, I thought as I scoffed at the idea of my parent's faces sneering at my musical choice. The thought was offensive to my calming routine, so I quickly shook it out of my mind and continued to revel in the beautiful sound I was creating.

I smiled while listening to the soothing music nearly getting lost in a fulfilling trance, but the graceful expression upon my lips and the relaxing sound resonating from the wooden instrument was soon disrupted at the sound of pounding footsteps running up the hallway from outside my apartment door.

"Whoever it is that's out there needs to shut up before I stick this bow down their throat," I cursed lowly, putting my cello aside for the moment and walking over to view who the perpetrator was through the peephole in my door. Just before I reached my intended destination I heard a key jiggling to get the lock on my door open and faint mumblings of profane words as if the person was in a rush. There was a click, and much like Kraemer from Seinfeld in stepped my agent, Charlie.

"Aaren," he gasped as if he just ran a 5k before he decided to come to my place.

"Geez Charlie, what the hell has you looking like you're about to faint?" I exclaimed as I stepped back from the door and crossed my arms across my flat chest, making sure to stay out of the way of my gasping agent.

It took him a while for him to catch his breath before he responded, "I have... really good news... Aaren. Great actually… well besides... maybe one part."

"Well what is it?" To tell you the truth, I was getting a little impatient with this intruder seeing how it took him nearly five minutes before he could get a breath into his lungs to speak, and even then it was difficult to put together his broken sentence.

"H-Have you heard of the band Stella?" Charlie breathlessly questioned, looking up at me from where he was bent over in exhaustion. I pondered the name for a moment and found the identification. Stella. A rock band. A very popular rock band at that. Instantly the smile I held previously was back upon my full lips for Charlie would only mention a rock band to me for one reason.

"What about them Charlie?" I eagerly questioned, finding it hard to keep my hopes down.

He finally straightened out and returned a smile my way before stating; "I just got news that they're holding auditions for a bass player tomorrow! Their previous one couldn't handle the publicity and just up and left."

My heartbeat quickened a pace as my smile turned into a full-toothed grin while I asked with excitement, "Well did you sign me up for the audition? I swear to god if you didn't you're going to be very close to losing your job!" At this statement his smile faltered and I noticed he backed up a couple of paces with a fearful gleam in his eyes. "Charlie!" I exclaimed in desperation, understanding his movements instantly.

"It's not my fault! That's why I came running over here. I mean, this isn't a matter to speak to you over the phone with, and I don't know if you're up for it but I know that you really want to join a rock band and I just don't know what will happen if you end up joining this one because there…."

"Charlie!" My mind was boggled trying to put together all of his excuses into one cohesive sentence. "Please, just let me know why you didn't sign me up instantly like you should have."

His nervous eyes connected with my dark brown ones for a moment before turning his head down towards the floor. I thought for a moment of a dog with its tail between its legs, but Charlie spoke up shortly and interrupted my image. "Well… here's the thing. The band clearly specified that they wanted male bassist tryouts only."

I was taken aback for a moment. I wasn't aware that there were still severe sexist males out there and that they would end up being the only obstacle blocking my way to a dream that I've had since I was little. Charlie observed my furrowed eyebrows and wide eyes, hurriedly correcting my thoughts that I had about the band.

"No, it's not like that Aaren! They're totally fine with women and everything. They'd probably love to have a girl around and especially as a band member. It's just that their manager said having an all male rock band would keep the image that they've established with their fan base, and they're not in the right position as of this moment to make any major changes," he informed as he took a step closer and ran a hand through his short and messy hair.

This statement made its way through my erratic mind as I ran it over and over again that so I could fully process it. What could possibly be the event that's holding them back from major changes? I thought, the mere mystery creating a web of confusion behind my eyes. Stella is honestly the best option for me right now. For one thing, they're getting increasingly popular and secondly they have a great taste for music. This position is practically calling my name! This was one of those so close yet so far moments, and it certainly left a bitter taste in my mouth.

I felt Charlie's eyes on me as I processed this information and moved to connect his gaze with mine, watching his eyes watch mine as they continued to move slightly in thought. What could have possibly possessed him to tell me this if he knew that I didn't have a shot? It was fairly obvious that I was a girl even though I didn't possess normal sized breasts like every other woman out there. As I looked at Charlie, I mused over my womanly features when suddenly I remembered a crucial point. When I first met Charlie, he was surprised to find that after talking to me for almost an hour that I was, in fact, a girl. It wasn't that I was manly, but my boyish fashion, shoulder length hair, square jaw line, and straight brow usually caused people to do a double take. This epiphany must have been apparent in my gaze, for this was when Charlie began to smile like he struck oil.

"Are you finally thinking what I'm thinking?" he nearly sang, happy that I wasn't as opposed to the idea as he thought I would be.

I smirked in return while responding, "Joining a rock band is my dream, Charlie, and you know that I'll do anything I possibly can do in order to accomplish it. I certainly didn't let my parents get in the way of my dreams, so there's no way in hell I'm going to let gender get in my way either!"

So this is where I begun my journey into the unknown and exciting world of Rock. Here I come Stella. I hope you're ready for me because I will definitely be a handful.

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