Made: Friday, May 25, 2012

Time: 2:33am

I can be strong
I can be a soldier
I can be who I want without waiting for when I'm older

I can be brave
I can be a leader
I can put to shame all those liars and the cheaters

I can stand a little taller
I can breathe a little better
I can write anything I want to because this is just my letter

I can shut my mouth
I can close my eyes
I can cover my ears and pretend to block out all those cries

I can be great
I can be a hero
I can stop believing everyone who says I'm a zero

I can be a better person
I can learn a better lesson
I can tell myself over and over that I am less than


I can close my eyes
I can stop my breathing
I can force myself to just stop the make-believing

I can look around me
I can see nothing at all
I can take a step off the cliff and let myself fall

I can make believe
I can make a lie
I can fake a smile at every stranger that walks by

I can always lose
I can be weak
I can start believing that I'm really a freak

I can be gone
I can be a clown
I can feel my face being shoved into the ground

I can pull the trigger
I can drop the gun
I can choose if I stay or if I want to run