100 Theme Challenge Written

By: Krissie

Chapter 1: Introduction

A nervous wreck, I twisted the pamphlet until it slowly came to pieces in my hands. I was almost there. I was almost on that stage. The bright, burning lights were almost on my red face. I desperately hoped it didn't show.

I desperately take a deep breath to calm my shaking body. It was almost my turn. I would soon stride across the stage with everyone else. I would be there with them. I would finally be able to jump up and down in a joyous fit.

My name was called and I jolted up some. I drew back a little as I took a deep breath. I slowly stood up once more and walked up to the stage. I walked as carefully as I could to my designated area.

I would give this my all. I had already placed everything I had into this. I would do my very best to support my team. At last, the play was on and the lights burned so much. Blinding me to my surroundings and the audience.


Krissie: I got bored and decided to start one of these things. Enjoy.