100 Theme Challenge

By: Krissie

Chapter 6: Realistic

I sit quietly. I feel like a prisoner in my own how. Typing on my laptop. The memory is almost full on it. Random songs play through my headphones. Watching a cartoon in French had bored me. Now I'm in Japanese songs. I just want to drown out the world outside.

He brought trouble over. A lot of trouble. It was agreed that the trouble making person wouldn't even know where we were at. I want him gone. Why are you doing this? I question to myself. Every time he's around, you start to stray off on the wrong path. You're just nice. You're just not caring anymore.

The other one is on drugs. What else changes one so much? I know nothing that makes someone change personalities so quickly. My conclusions can only be thus.

I'm afraid. I sleep with a pair of scissors close by. I don't like this feeling. I feel as though I'm wasting away. No other explanations have been given to me other than the one. The crying tells me that it's true.

I hate these strangers before me. But what can I do? I sit in front of the screen as a means to escape this hellish reality.

One more week. One more week. I'll be having exams all this week. I've already done 2 of the finals and the speaking and writing of another. I have 5 more finals to do. All in this week. All in this week. I wonder if I'll be returning next year? Should I just disconnect on Friday? Or should I wait until next year? I just don't know.

This house is a prison. And there is no one here who can help me. I place headphones on my head to block out the noise. I stare at the screen as I try to escape. Keep my mind away. Keep in another place. A place safe from my reality.