Masturbatory Mechanics In Montreal

OMG, he said masturbate!
How debatable in its debt to sex
Wait, he said OMG
Rather unlearn
For this kind of intercourse

Accordion woes of poetbuskers
Bask in the buff of pure words
And there is nothing more puritan
Than a piece of paper played upon
With things that shock you to thought

O city with your brake-broken civil driving
And your resto-bistro-maestro-meestros
The quebec-quoi? and hilled house
Where to wear a leaf is to
Bethief a border

And Of
With your experirock
Though not from there

Family of my family
Famiglia in a barber shop
Posh cucpakes/gelato
Elate me
Cathy and her fun

Let me trip over old bric-a-brac
Feelings at your toes
Left turn taken as rues bend
Signs rending French first
Human next to vanguard self

Actually I said Masturbatory
Which is like a tale
The tail end
Of an editorial
In the Gazette