You're just starting in life
Joy and dreams are rife

But you feel like it's the end
Sometimes it's slow or sudden

But it's each time the same
Whether they or you are to blame

You've spun yourself a web of lies
Holding onto breaking ties

Whether you're hiding or crying
Or just smiling and lying
Or maybe just empty dreaming

The silver whispers keep going
Always on, never stopping

You feel like you're crazy
Not the kind your friends try to be

You're not cool, just weird
They don't know you, you follow their lead

It's not a perfect story
Where you find out who to be

Just whispers to keep going
You don't mean to, but you keep lying

If you told them everything
You'd hear them laughing
Or leaving

They don't look closely
They don't see you're hurting

It's not their fault

You told everything to no one
And now you've got no one

Hoping that someone will see you for you
Know all the things to say and do

Free you from the manacles
You'll run from the cycle

But they always follow
There's nowhere to go

You're stuck and the whispers stick
In your mind of words and music

They're your dreams but they're killing
Tears and emptiness and lies are filling

The silver lies

Are broken