I sit on my branch, watching the two travelers below me argue.

"No, it's this way!" shouts one, obviously angered.

"No, it's the other! I'm sure of it!" cries the calmer of the two.

"I tell you, Morgan's Treasure is this way!" shouts the first.

'Morgan's Treasure?' I wonder. 'That useless pile of gold and rubies the color of my plumage?'

"Fine." says the second. "I will go my way, you can go yours. In an hour, we meet back here and decide."

"Fine." grunts the first, and he stalks off to the north. The second slips off to the south, passing right under me. What strange creatures these humans were, not noticing what was above them and caring even less that they did.

The sun had moved slightly across the sky before the two men returned. "Well?" asked the first man, apparently annoyed. "Did you find anything?"

"Yes," answered the second, "though it was not Morgan's Treasure. It was a sight few have ever seen."

"Well? What was it?" demanded the first. The second man pointed, to my surprise, at me.

"A phoenix." he said. "I saw it while it slept, and painted it. A beautiful painting it will make, I believe."

"A phoenix." said the first, awed. "I never even hoped to see one. The most rare bird."

Curiously I peered at them, and they peered back. I then raised my head, spread my wings, and sung.

The melody rippled through the forest, and the two men stood there, transfixed by my music. Soon other creatures came and listened to my song. The clearing in which my tree stood was covered in creatures, surrounding the two men.

My song ended, and the creatures left; all but the two men, who continued to look at me hopefully, as if they were asking for another song.

But my time was up, and I had to leave this place. However, as I left, I made sure two feathers fell from my wings and landed in the open hands of the men. I saw them walking home, each holding the feather like it was worth as much as the pile of gold and gems they had sought not two hours ago.