"Each day just repeats its self,

as your melody refuses to change."

-Haile Gebrselassie


Light seeps in from under the door.
A melody plays, one she's heard before.
Tears fall softly, but who will care?
As a lonely writer leaves her soul bare.
Unseen and unheard, hidden from light.
Remaining at the bottom while others gain height.
Footsteps patter in the halls of her mind.
Breaking down barriers the demons hide behind.
Silence so loud you can hear her heart break.
Dreams set afloat in the oceans' deep wake.
Breathing in deep but no air coming in.
Fighting against others who think love is a sin.
Visions unnoticed, fill up distant eyes.
She grabs a blade and severs all ties.
Heartache and pain and pleasure combine.
As dreams and reality slowly intertwine.
Shadows cloud the happiness she wants to feel.
Scars run deep and none of them heal.
Blood racing fast and pounding in her ears.
It finds an escape as she cries crimson tears.
The light slowly fades from under the door.
But the melody plays just like before.

Thanks for reading. :)