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Chapter One: Corruption of Fate

Twilight had hit the great city of Egypt, it's beautiful colors shone all throughout the land, but no one knew- that on this most beautiful of days- that something bad would happen. The fabric of space and fate would be totally destroyed, and three people's lives would be changed forever.

Ryoua Mubarak was one of these people- no one knew this yet. This young thirteen year old girl was tan with shoulder length white hair- an uncommon color of hair for an Egyptian woman or man. Her eyes were a bright, but deep green that were almost always filled with happiness= which gave her an innocent look. She wore a cape like grey shirt, the sleeves cut off, and a white dress under it that went down to her knees. Gold bands hugged her triceps, as well as her ankles.

Jono broke the comfortable silence that had stayed on Ryoua's friends- Prince Khai, Prince Alim, and Azizi- by saying, "Man... I sure am bored outta my mind." Jono had the strangest accent for an Egyptian, as well as hair, for it was a dirty blonde; his skin was tan like every other, and his eyes were similar to the golden color of honey.

Ryoua had to resist the urge to roll her eyes, making a fool out of Jono had been her specialty for years now- Ryoua smirked slightly. "Jono, you cannot be bored out of your mind if you do not have a mind to be bored out of." Ryoua explained cockily.

Every one of the two's friend's burst into a rage of laughter- minus Jono, of course. Jono moped hopelessly in the corner of a part of the palace.

Ryoua giggled. "Aw! Come on, Jono! You know I was just kidding!"

Jono rolled his eyes, bringing Ryoua into a friendly hug. "I know." he whispered.

Someone cleared their throat, and Ryoua knew exactly who it was. Khai, Ryoua thought as she pulled out of Jono's hug, muttering a bitter sorry to the oldest son of the Pharaoh- though his brother Alim was his twin.

Khai was rather tall for a thirteen year old- ranging maybe about 5'1. His hair was black, not long at all, that lay down flat with blonde and crimson streaks running through it. His skin is bronze and his eyes are a blood red crimson. Khai wore a white shirt with the sleeves cut off and an equal white kilt that was held up by a gold belt around his waist- other gold bands held onto his triceps and ankles, too.

Azizi had cute and playful look going for her, her height about 5'0. Her skin was dark like every other Egyptian, but not too much gold was on her, for she was part of no family; she was a priestess-in-training. Azizi had long, chocolate brown hair and bright, purple eyes. She wore a long priestess robe that was obviously too long for her. It was pure white with a small, brown belt that lay on her waist softly.

Alim was the shortest of their friends, going about 4'11. He looked almost exactly like his twin brother, only that his eyes were wide, purple ones that shown with innocence and his hair had purple streaks instead of crimson. He wore the same thing as his brother o that people would know that they were the crown princes.

Khai had been like this for a while now- for the young prince Khai had a crush on Ryoua...


Six years earlier...

"Hello, children." a woman greeted as she approached the seven year old prince and noble daughter.

Ryoua gasped in surprise, not realizing that someone had approached her and Khai.

The young woman with raven black hair smiled apologetically. "Hi! Forgive me if I have scared you..."

Khai wiped his hand in the air, as if excusing her apology. "It's all right, Auset! Now tell me, what have you come here for?"

"HI!" Ryoua yelled, giggling happily, only to be somewhat ignored.

Auset's eyes widened, remembering what she had come there for. "Oh, yes, right! Your father has sent me here to gather you and Miss Mubarak! The Pharaoh has exciting news to give you." Auset explained a bright smile on her face.

Ryoua stopped giggling and looked at Isis curiously. "What for, Auset?" Ryoua asked.

Khai had to resist the urge to groan. Oh Ra... Khai didn't hate seeing his father... It was just so boring when he did.

"Excuse me for getting off topic, but-" Auset began freaking out, looking around in the area, "WHERE ARE MANA, PRINCE ALIM AND JONO?"

Khai chuckled, wrapping an arm around Ryoua- who immediately became extremely uncomfortable. "Calm down, Auset. It's just me and Rye today." Khai explained a cheerful smile on his face.

No... Ryoua thought, staying tense with Khai's hands still on her. She didn't like when he did this... It just didn't feel right to her.

Auset stopped her panicking. "Oh." Auset then glanced down at the scene before her, a frown crossing her tan features. I take back what I said about this being any good news, for it is obvious that Ryoua will not like this news. She does not love Khai like the way he does her... I'm sorry for what will happen to this poor girl, and pray to Ra that she will be happy. Isis thought as she put on a fake smile, waving to the two friends. "Well, I better be off! Don't forget to go see your father, Prince Khai!" Isis said before walking off. I hope Amam and Akefia are taking good care of mother and father and Aanekhtou... I hope the out village is okay in general. The small village of Aions- my home.

Khai sighed, finally taking his hands off of Ryoua, making her relax immensely. "Well," he sighed again, "Let's go see my father."

When the two friends got there the doors to the throne room opened for them immediately, letting them into the huge, gold decorated room. Pharaoh Altakhsas sat in his throne at the other in, a huge smiling adoring his face as Khai and Ryoua approached him, bowing in respect to the older man. "Please raise my son and his dear friend Ryoua. I have good news, and I hope you will be excited to learn of it."

Khai and Ryoua nodded- though Ryoua was scared, so very scared. She just kept her eyes plastered on the huge alabaster columns that surrounded them. Trapped, Ryoua thought. I feel trapped.

Pharaoh smiled brighter. "You, my son, will be married at the age of twenty to the youngest child and the only daughter of the great noble Mubarak family, Ryoua Mubarak." The older man declared in a deep throaty voice.

Khai suppressed the urge to smile, keeping a straight face. "Thank you, father, for the information. May we go now?"

Pharaoh frowned slightly at not getting a better reaction, but nodded. "You may."

As Khai and Ryoua left, Ryoua wanted to cry. She wanted to cry into her mother's arms and ask her why she did such a thing to her. Ryoua wanted love, not this. This would never be love, and she would never have it... or, so she thought...

*Flashback End*

Khai suddenly pulled Ryoua into a crushing hug, burying his head in the crook of the young girl's neck, making her tense. "Don't be sorry, my friend, I... I should say sorry." he whispered, closing his deep, crimson eyes.

Ryoua was silent, only peeping out an, "Okay, you are forgiven."

The rest of the day was spent doing almost nothing; the teenagers just sat around the palace doing nothing but talking, occasionally eating.

Ryoua sighed in relief as she left the palace. Damn, how glad she was to be out of there. Night had set upon Egypt- small, bright stars littered the huge sky where Amen usually shown high above.

"Priest Abasi..." a voice came- not too far away, either.

Ryoua tensed, hiding behind a building. The young girl began listening to the group of men's conversation.

"When will we head out to Aions and destroy it, Priest Abasi?" One man asked, his voice sounding almost giddy.

Another man, probably Abasi, said, "We will leave when most are asleep, for the Pharaoh, or even our people, are not supposed to know of this slaughtering. Is that understood? Make sure no one survives those thieves all must be killed- even children."

All the men agreed in unison.

Ryoua gasped, her eyes welling up with tears; she got up from the ground and burst into a run, going all the way home, grabbing a horse. Everything was a blur from about then and there on.

Somehow she had made it to Aions... How? She would never know. Ryoua clenched her fists in anger and hatred as she looked upon Aions... In flames. The young teenager let her tears fall from her eyes, and she continued to ride into Aions, thinking that there may be survivors...

Ryoua rode through the village for what seemed like hours, not finding one person.

"Amam...! Come- come on! W-we... Have to get out of here..." a voice called. It was very weak and almost not hear able, but Ryoua heard it anyways.

Ryoua whipped the rains on the horse, going towards the direction of the voice she had heard. Ryoua hopped off when she saw two boys, probably no older than herself, laying on the ground. The one with white shoulder length spiky hair was trying to get his friend to wake up, from what Ryoua could tell.

"Do you need any help?" Ryoua asked, slowly and hesitantly approached the two.

The white haired boy gasped in surprise, recovering himself and glared in Ryoua's direction. He let himself relax when he could tell that Ryoua was no threat. "No... We're fine." he muttered bitterly, almost sarcastic.

A hurt look crossed Ryoua's face. "I'm sorry if I have offended you..."

The boy turned around quickly to face the girl, he had cold grey eyes, and his skin tan, and a scowl took over his face. "Stop acting so damn scared!" he yelled, walking up fully to the girl, obviously taller than her by a lot. "I should be scared! My whole family is dead! I only have him left, and if doesn't wake up anytime soon he's dead, too!"

Ryoua felt hurt, but she could not get angry at him... She liked him, he seemed special to her. That doesn't seem very good, does it? Ryoua did end up losing her temper, though... "Dammit! I'm sorry, okay? I can't help the fact that your family was killed because they're thieves!" Ryoua yelled angrily.

The white haired boy smirked slightly, crossing his arms over his chest. "I like you." he stated, making Ryoua blink in his sudden change of mood. "What's your name?"

Ryoua blinked a few more times in surprise. "Eh... Ryoua... Ryoua Mubarak." she told him. "What's yours, may I ask?"

"Names Akefia Touzouko, but you can call me Akefia like everyone else." he said, walking back over to the blonde haired boy. "This is Amam, he's just my friend."

Ryoua nodded. "Okay..."

Voices came from one of the buildings and Ryoua and Akefia both tensed.

Akefia grabbed Ryoua's hands, dragging both her and Amam behind another building.


"Shh!" Akefia hissed.

Ryoua mouthed a sorry to him, making him roll his eyes. The voices soon faded away into the distance, making the two relax.

"You should go." Akefia said, picking Amam up off the ground.

Ryoua squeaked in surprise. "Oh... Uh... right! Yes, I should be going. Um..."

"Goodbye?" Akefia asked- his eyes full of amusement.

"Ah! Yes! That's the word I'm looking for!" Ryoua's face flushed in embarrassment.

Akefia chuckled. "Well, goodbye, then." Akefia began walking off.

"Wait!" Ryoua called.

Akefia sighed, turning around. "Miss me already?"

Ryoua stuck her tongue out at him as a light blush came onto her cheeks, muttering, "No! But," Ryoua shuffled on her feet awkwardly, "Will I ever see you again...Akefia?"

Akefia was silent for a moment, before he nodded slightly. "Maybe." he said simply, finally living the Ra forsaken death village.

I hope we meet again...

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