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Chapter Three: Trusting or Hurting

Ryoua and Akefia's lips moved in a soft rhythm together, it had been like that for the past five minutes; they would occasionally pull apart to get air, but just stood there with their lips together like it was a daily routine.

Ryoua had to stand up on her tip toes to reach Akefia's face, even though he was already bent down to her, and had her hands running through Akefia's white locks. It felt right to both of them, it really did, but also both of them knew at the same time that it was wrong to do this so soon, of course they had known each other for four years, but they had only seen each other once in that time and it had only been for a few minutes before they parted ways, but they couldn't, with all their hearts and souls, couldn't deny that this felt right.

Akefia had a hard time coping with the new feelings. All he had felt since he was thirteen was rage blood lust, and now, to feel something much more... affectionate. It was... strange, and almost uncomfortable. He liked the warm feeling in his heart, though- he didn't know what it meant, but he liked it.

Akefia pulled his face away from Ryoua's and gasped for air, Ryoua doing the same. He laughed with the little air he managed to take in.

Ryoua looked at him strangely. "What are you laughed at?" She breathed with her little air.

Akefia shook his head softly. "I don't know what came over me there." He chuckled. "I just didn't want you to leave, Ryoua..." he confessed. "Not even I can stand to let another man hit a woman, especially someone I care about..."

Ryoua smiled sweetly. He actually cared about her. With that she tears up a bit, Ra! Ryoua why do have to be such an emotional girl like you are! She complained in her thoughts.

Akefia noticed the tears form in her forest eyes and hoped he hadn't upset her in anyway. He pulled Ryoua to his chest in a comforting hug. Akefia looked down at Ryoua, who had her face hugged into his chest; he could feel the tears seeping into his robe and bronze skin. "Ryoua, did I upset you?" He asked her, a little worry was found in the raspy voice when he had spoken.

Dammit. Why was he being so soft? It was actually starting to piss him off, in all honesty. He was a feared thief in this land- he stole things, he didn't have things stolen from him; even if it was something like his blackened heart.

Ryoua looked up at him and smiled a little. "No, of course not, Akefia!" Ryoua assured him; she wouldn't dare say that she was happy to hear that Akefia cared for her- she kind of knew that Akefia had let that slip out by accident, anyways; she knew he wasn't one to show emotion, too. He just seemed like that type. Ryoua kept snug in Akefia's arms for a while longer before squeezing him slightly and pulling away from him a bit. "I promised Khai I would see him." She told him and started to pull out of Akefia's grip, but he tightened it a little and made sure to not put any harm to her while doing so.

"Ryoua," He began. "I still don't like how Khai is to you."

Ryoua rolled her eyes slightly. "Akefia, his father died, he was there for me when my brother died and I sure am going to be there for him now." She said, purposely avoiding the subject with an excuse.

"Fine, do whatever the hell you like." He grumbled.

Ryoua smiled, but she still didn't want to go see Khai all that much, he had changed a lot since they were kids; he wasn't gentle as he used to be, a few times in the past he had gotten too rough with Ryoua….


Two years ago…..

"Ryoua! Stop!" Yami yelled as a frustrated Ryoua stomped away.

Ryoua spun around and put her arms in the air. "Why? So you can point out my flaws to the whole palace council some more!" She yelled at the top of her lungs at him.

Yami raised his hand and slapped Ryoua straight across the face with his hand of rings, he then grabbed a crying Ryoua by the chin and turned her face toward his and spoke though gritted teeth and acid dripping from the words he said. "Let me remind you, my dear, who you are speaking to! The prince of Egypt! I will never here you speak to me that way again, do you hear me?"

Ryoua nodded in a whimper.

Yami let go of her chin and smirked a smirk that made Ryoua's stomach churn multiple times. "Good." He said simply and walked away, leaving Ryoua standing there.

When Ryoua saw Yami go out of view, she dropped to her knees and held herself for needed comfort that no one was ever going to be able to give her at that moment, she just sat there and cried.

She couldn't believe that Yami had slapped her. Of course, she knew better than to talk to a royal that way, but he was still her friend, wasn't he? And as time had went on, it seemed to her that she didn't know Yami as well as she thought; he was becoming more angry and aggressive and just so mean, mostly to her and she couldn't figure out why... What had she done?

He once had tried to touch her in a way she didn't at all like and thankfully before Yami had gone too far, Yugi had stepped in. Yugi was furious with Yami for a while and wouldn't let him anywhere near Ryoua for weeks. Yami hadn't tried anything since, but it still scared Ryoua to be around him. Ryoua so desperately wished that someone would save her from the marriage that was supposed to come in the next several years and for some reason, she felt that the wish would come true. He just hoped it would be soon...


Akefia put a hand up before Ryoua could say anything. "I just think you should go home- I'll even go with you- and get some rest." He reasoned, being quite serious.

Ryoua sighed, but it was in relief, and walked over to her horse, jumping on and riding back to her home in Egypt. Akefia had made sure to stay well hidden under his spare black cloak before they entered the city so the guards wouldn't notice that he was the Thief King.

Ryoua sighed as she opened the door to her home.

"Where are your parents?" Akefia asked cautiously.

Ryoua giggled. "It's alright, Akefia. Relax. My parents are at a nearby city for royal business since Khai couldn't be there."

Akefia relaxed slightly. "Hey, you got something to eat here?"

Ryoua giggled again, nodding, pointing over to another doorway beside them. "That's the kitchen right there. Help yourself. I'll be right back, okay? I'm going to take a bath."

Akefia smirked cheekily at her because of the last statement.

Ryoua rolled her eyes, heading up the stairs and into the bathroom.

Akefia looked down at the sleeping form he held and smiled. She looks so peaceful and happy in her sleep. He sighed mentally.

Ryoua was nowhere near being peaceful, though...

The rocky walls were cold against Ryoua's tan skin; she couldn't help but shiver against it. Ryoua felt so alone in the cold, dark and too quiet room, all of those things made it so much scarier. Out of nowhere, dark and lust filled chuckles came from the darkness.

"W-who's there?" Ryoua asked, moving closer to the stone wall, it made her feel a little safer.

"Just your worse nightmare, my dear." The voice laughed darkly as he watched Ryoua whimper in fear and shiver in the darkness, and those things only made voice laugh more, he was very much enjoying the girls fear.

Ryoua whimpered, which only made the voice chuckle darker. "W-what do you want from me?" She asked.

The voice chuckled and walked out of the darkness that was covering him. "Oh, my dear Ryoua, you know exactly what I want, and that's you for me and me only." He told her while walking up to the poor fear filled girl.

"Khai!" She exclaimed when she saw the figure come closer to where she could see who the voice was.

He chuckled and, roughly, pulled Ryoua up by the arm, bringing their faces only an inch apart, "Mine." He possessively declared.

Ryoua shot up, sweating furiously as well as breathing rather roughly. What was that? She thought, looking at the sleeping white haired man that still held her rather tightly even if he was in a deep sleep; he moved a little since Ryoua had made movement, but otherwise was fast asleep.

Ryoua smiled at the sleeping form. He seems less stubborn in his sleep; he should really sleep more often if that gets rid of stubbornness for him. She thought and giggled mentally. She was able to loosen Akefia's grasp around her small waist and stand. Ryoua wondered if she should tell Akefia that she's going to go see Khai... He would probably worry to life's no end if I didn't... So, that thought decided it. Ryoua shook Akefia softly a few times before his eyes fluttered open and focused on the figure in front of him, he smiled softly.

"Hi." Akefia greeted in a sleepy voice.

Ryoua smiled sweetly at the voice. "I just figured I'd tell you that I'm going to see Khai now." She told him in a quite serious voice.

Akefia just nodded- way too tired to start an argument right then.

Ryoua smiled and, slowly, walked out the door.

Ryoua frowned when she saw the palace gates. She knew it wouldn't take too long to get to the palace, but she walked as slow as she could, hoping to take as long as she could to get there and somewhat prevent the confrontation with Khai; Like always the palace gates opened for Ryoua and she walked in, but Ryoua took as much time as possible to get to Khai's rooms.

Khai smiled deviously when he saw Ryoua walking down the halls of his rooms and ran over to her quickly. "Hello, my dear," He greeted. The lustful, sickening tone in his voice made a shiver curl down Ryoua's spine.

Khai kept a smirk on his face the whole time they stood there; it quickly began to make Ryoua feel very uneasy. Ryoua could tell that Khai has probably snapped; she could tell by the lust in the crimson eyes that Khai wasn't the small boy that she once knew. Ryoua began to back away slowly, never taking her eyes off of Khai.

Khai shook his head and raised his finger and wagged it at her in disapproval- his tongue clicking on the roof of his mouth. "Now, now, don't leave before the party has just started." He chuckled darkly.

Ryoua flinched, her heart beating through her chest. She knew that laugh; it was from her nightmare. She started to breathe heavier and started running away from Khai, who caught up just as easily as breathing- he jumped on her from behind, knocking her to the ground.

Damn. She had forgotten that Khai was the prince, and the prince was trained to be very athletic. Khai was tall, and built sturdy.

Ryoua let out a scream of pain when she hit the ground. Khai kept the lustful smirk on his face as he quickly got up and pulled out a piece of rope, tying Ryoua's hands quickly, grabbing her by her feet and dragged her into his room with Ryoua screaming in both pain and terror at the same time.

Khai picked Ryoua up, throwing her on the bed. The forest eyed woman felt like her ex-best friend was purposely trying to hurt her- maybe he was.

Khai felt his irritation grow and stopped the girl's screams by pressing their lips together in a forceful kiss. Ryoua groaned when Khai's tongue entered forcefully into her mouth, trying to pull her face away from Khai's, but Khai wasn't going to let that happen. He tore a piece of cloth from his clothing quickly before Ryoua could make a move and gagged her so she couldn't scream anymore while he got to business.

Khai started trailing ruff kisses down Ryoua's throat. Ryoua didn't believe anything that was happening- she wished it wasn't- but she knew it was and she couldn't do anything about it. Khai was finally going to get what he wanted, just like he always had- he was the prince, after all.

Ryoua burst into tear, sobs escaping from her bruising pink lips, but the sobs were muffled with the cloth that Khai had put in her mouth. Ryoua wanted to die when a moan escaped her gagged mouth; Khai looked up from Ryoua's tan throat with a smirk that widened as he had heard the moan, seeing the fear in the young girl's eyes.

Khai sat up and pulled a small knife out, Ryoua shook her head fiercely, begging him silently not to do it. Khai grew angry and grabbed Ryoua by the chin and stopped her shaking head. "Like I told you, my dear sweet Ryoua, don't disobey me!" Khai yelled venomously, tightening his grip on Ryoua's hip- a defiant bruise would be there later on… if Ryoua survived this night.

Ryoua burst into another set of tears as he brought the knife closer to her chest. She screamed, but it was again muffed out by the gag.


Oh, how lovely it seemed now. She wasn't going to die, though. The Gods were just that cruel.

Khai cut Ryoua's sleeves to her cream dress and started to carve "Khai" in her right shoulder with the knife.

Ryoua screamed in absolute agony. She had enough by this point and managed to get a leg free, secretly, and kneed Khai in the crotch. The tri-colored hair man yelped in pain and fell onto the floor holding his groin.

Ryoua quickly got up and used her foot to kick the knife up on the bed. She quickly got to work on cutting the rope tied around her wrist from behind while a still immobile prince stayed on the floor in pain. Ryoua didn't feel the least bit of sympathy for the soon-to -be -pharaoh of Egypt. She honestly didn't think he got enough pain, but she fought against the urge to kick the living Ra out of Khai and continue to cut the ropes.

After about a good thirty seconds, the rope became two pieces and released her hands that were being held prison. Ryoua got the gag out of her mouth and through it in Khai's face and ran out as fast as she could, bursting into tears yet again and started to sob loudly, not caring who heard her cries of grief, fear, and betrayal.

Ryoua quickly ran out of the prince's chambers, her vision blurry with tears that fell from her forest colored eyes and down her tan, smooth cheeks.

"Ryoua!" A familiar voice yelled.

Ryoua turned around saw Alim running after her, but Ryoua backed away in fear. Alim was Khai's twin brother, and the heir to the throne. He looked almost exactly like his brother, only having wider eyes and different colored tips on his mainly black hair- amethyst.

Alim walked out of some of the darkness of the night and into the dim light that was given off by the several torches aligned symmetrically on the alabaster walls, revealing his child like features. He stared at his friend with a worried look on his face when he saw the fear in Ryoua. Alim kept his distance; he could tell that's why she was backing away. "Ryoua," He spoke softly, making Ryoua calm a little by the sound of his melatonin voice, "what happen?" He took a few cautious steps toward Ryoua; she didn't notice at first, so Alim stepped a little closer and stepped up on his tip toes to out his hands on her shoulders with gentleness and caution.

Ryoua flinched and shuddered at the touch, harshly pulling away out of Alim's grasp. Her face turned to a hurt look with so much fear around her; she was still in pain from being tackled on the floor, her shoulder was killing her and bleeding very badly and the ropes had rubbed her wrist raw from struggling so much. "Please," She whimpered. "Don't touch me." She begged.

It was just now that Alim noticed the cut dress, bleeding shoulder and even though it was dark he could see the bruises forming on Ryoua's smooth skin. "Ryoua!" He gasped. "What happen to you?" he breathed, horrified.

Ryoua closed her eyes tightly; she really didn't want to talk about it, all she wanted to do was get as far away from the palace as possible. Ryoua started crying again, she couldn't help but cry with all the fear and pain she was in -it seemed nearly impossible to not cry. "I have to go, Alim." She whispered. "If you really want to find out what's wrong ask…ask Khai." She told him before running off, leaving an angered and shocked Alim standing there; he knew so much by just her last sentence- him and his brother were going to have a little "talk" in the morning.

Run, she told herself desperately inside her mind.

And that's what she did. She ran- she ran past her house, out of Egypt, and all the way to her favorite spot at the Nile. Ryoua collapsed onto the dry, dirt and rock ground, holding her throbbing shoulder. Blood dripped and seeped from her hand, onto her dress and onto the ground. She felt her eyes begin to shut. "Too much," she breathed tiredly. "I've lost too much… too much blood."


Ryoua slowly turned her head to look in the direction of the voice. She eyes widened slightly when she caught sight of Akefia- his cream colored coat was gone, and all her had on was his dark blue kilt. "A… Akefia?"

Akefia felt his heart crack a little at the sight of Ryoua, her eyes half lidded from exhaustion and blood loss, her dress covered in blood, along with her legs and arm. He quickly snapped out of his shock and ran to her, falling to his knees in front of her, and put his hands on her shoulder - but as soon as he did that, Ryoua screamed in pain and fear. Akefia quickly took his hands away from her shoulders. "W-what happened?" He asked, even though he had a pretty good guess.

Ryoua gulped-her throat completely dry as she silently took her hand off her bleeding shoulder. She very slowly met Akefia's gaze, her eyes widening slightly as she watched Akefia's shake with pure rage. "A-Akefia? Are you alright?"

Akefia was very much horrified with the sight he saw, he could see so much fear and pain in her eyes, and she was him if he was alright. He couldn't even guess how much pain she was in by all the bruises and cuts she had. "Did he?" He asked, hoping not to hear a whimpered 'yes'.

Ryoua shook her head. "No, I got away before he could." She told him in a hushed voice, letting a few more tears spills from her green orbs.

Akefia sighed in relief and admittedly snapped out of it and into his treatment specialties. "Dammit," he cursed. "I wish I or you hadn't come to the Nile. I have nothing here to treat you with." He explained. "If I at least don't get your shoulder wrapped…" he trailed off, gulping. "You're going to die."

"Akefia, I want you to hold me in your arms and take me into the water, okay?" she whispered. "Stay with me here for the rest of the night, and just hold me. Make me feel safe, Akefia." She shivered violently. "I'm so cold."

Akefia hesitated before gently or well as gently as he could, lifting her into his arms, holding her to him like she asked.

Ryoua flinched and hissed in pain, but she knew it was only Akefia and that he would never do something like that to her, even if they had just known each other for a short time, she knew that he wasn't that kind of person. She carefully snuggled herself into Akefia, taking in the extremely warmth he was giving off compared to her cold body.

Akefia continued to walk with her in his arms, lightly kissing her forehead as he walked into the freezing water. "Damn, Re, you picked one hell of a night to go into the Nile." He grunted, sitting down in the water, setting Ryoua in his lap carefully.

Ryoua gave him a weak smile. "I'm sorry, but thank you." She snuggled even closer to Akefia. "Will you kiss me, Akefia?"

Akefia felt his heart throb, saying softly, "Of course, Ryoua," he slowly lifted Ryoua's head, leaning down and pressing their lips together.

Ryoua smiled in content up at Akefia, her eyes sliding shut- her facial features relaxing and her breathing and heart rate evened out.

Akefia stroked Ryoua's cheek softly. "The bastard will never hurt you again, Ryoua, I promise." He assured her in a whisper. Making sure not to wake her up, he carried her bridal style out of the water, carefully setting her on his horse. "I guess it would be safer at the moment to take her Aions." He mumbled to himself.