Welcome, welcome, to my first official plot bunny post.

I've decided to go ahead and post the lemon first, since I used the fade out in Panic Room and you didn't et to read what it was they actually did together. IT was wild though, lol, probably illegal in, like, at least 5 states.


Explanation: This scene was written long before I really knew where I was going with the story. You might notice that Mira and Isaac are still in their I hate you, but you're kinda cool relationship. It was written when I still planned on killing off Isaac and making the story about revenge, but…you know how it grew from there.

So, the scene takes place in England, after meeting Cern on a night on the town. Josep and Sanura are not in, perhaps out feeding together one last time and Isaac has taken Mira out as well. This is what would have happened instead of the whole Dahlia thing. Unfortunately, the first few paragraphs have been lost, but the gist is that Mira found herself interested in a man and woman in a booth. She knew they weren't normal, but weren't vampires and had never seen or felt anything like them. Being the idiot she can be sometimes, she approached them and the man took interest. Isaac appeared shortly after, furious that she had done this and told her that the man, Kyrian, was a demon, and incubus and that they were leaving, and then this happened…

"You are an interesting thing, Mira." I wasn't quite sure how to take that, but decided to stay quiet. "You feel like something wholly human and yet..." he titled his head a bit as Isaac pulled me farther from the table. The demon's eyes narrowed slightly, as if trying to figure me out irritated him. "I would have liked to study you."

"There are plenty other things to study, half-breed." Isaac snarled, frightening me with his sudden hostility. Kyrian, however, was unaffected, and only gave the vampire a short glance.

"In any case," he said once Isaac had turned away from us to search for his coat. "It was a genuine pleasure to make your acquaintance, beautiful Mira." I was frozen in the beginning of a smile as he leaned toward me. His fingers brushed my skin, across the back of my hand and fell away just as quickly. "I wish you pleasant dreams."

Isaac pulled me away then, cursing under his breath. I stumbled along behind him, starring back at the Incubus. I could still feel the burn of his touch, and rubbed the back of my hand once we made it outside the club and Isaac released me.

"How is it that a demon managed to be more chivalrous than you?" I asked, smiling to myself and gazing down at my hand. The vampire laughed shortly and opened the passenger side door of his stolen car. (they stole an SS Impala right before this scene)

"That wasn't chivalry, Mira. He wanted to take you."

"Take me?" I asked, sliding across the leather bench seat. He was in the driver's seat before my door closed and started the car.

"Steal you away, possibly rape you, there were so many variations in what he showed me."

I frowned, turning to look at him. My hand was still warm, and it seemed to have spread, but I ignored it. "What the hell are you talking about?"

Isaac arched a brow at the way I rubbed my hand, then pulled the car out of the parking lot onto the main road. "While he was being chivalrous, his sister was sending me his real intentions. She is the more powerful of the two, though she's completely insane."

"What real intentions, I don't..." but my words broke away and I sucked in a deep breath. Isaac frowned, glancing between me and the road.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm...yeah." I turned back to face forward and crossed my legs tightly. Christ, my skin was warm. Like a steady pulse that began at my core and radiated outward. I tried to steady my breathing, to calm myself, but the feeling only increased. My fingers curled around the side of my seat, but the pain of my grip was not enough to distract me.

I felt horny. Holy shit, what was wrong with me?

"Isaac, something's wrong." My voice came out breathy and hitched, I was shifting in the seat, trying to stave off the growing arousal that seemed to have appeared from nowhere. But then Kyrian's face flashed in my head, and I turned to the vampire. His expression was completely aghast, his eyes moving from my face to my restless body. One brow arched slowly upward as I grabbed his shirt sleeve.

"I think he did something to me." I sounded frightened, even to myself, and the vampire turned back to the road, closing his eyes a moment and drawing a deep, unneeded breath.

"When did he touch you?" he asked, his tone an odd mix of irritation and amusement.

"Just before we left." I replied. My free hand was knotted in the material of my dress, working it back and forth across my thigh. He noticed this and shook his head, still not looking at my face.

"I could say it would serve as a good lesson, but now I'll have to go the night listening to you." he finally looked into my eyes, and his were black. "And smelling you."

"Am I going to die?" I asked suddenly, to his laughter. The vampire shook his head, parking us near our hotel building.

"No Mira. What you're going to do is go upstairs, lock yourself in your room, and work one out." he smirked," though it's not going to do much good."

When I looked horrified, he rolled his eyes. "It will fade eventually, but until then you're going to be...well concupiscent."

"What does that even..." but I couldn't finish. My eyes were suddenly on his hands. The slender curve of his ring-covered fingers. I'm sure he could do fantastic things with just those fingers. Hundreds of years of practice had to count for something, right?

Isaac smirked then, reaching out to lift my chin and search my eyes. "It means, you're going to feel like a bitch in heat for the next few hours, and unless you find yourself a man with an obscene amount of stamina you're going to spend the rest of the night intensely frustrated. And no amount of masturbation is going to fix it for long."

My jaw dropped as he pulled back and opened his door with a wide grin. "Good luck." he mocked and left me to follow him.

The bastard had been right.

I'd spent the last hour in my room, tangled in my sheets, one hand beneath them, but it wasn't helping. In fact, each time I'd gotten myself to the peek, the heat had rushed back, stronger than before, and I cursed it aloud, but my skin was burning. Which only sent me into a more fervent round of manual pleasure that wasn't fucking helping.

I'd never been one to touch myself. This stemmed from an overly religious mother who told me such things were for dirty girls, and at the time, I'd believed her, but now... god I just needed it. So strongly that it was frightening. I cursed Kyrian, the bastard responsible, and promised myself that if I ever saw him again, I would attack the demon and rip off his equipment.

Wearing a full-body suit, of course, because I never wanted to go through this again.

In my weakness, I had thought of calling to Cernunnos. Perhaps he could fix this, even if it was in a dream, but I dashed the thought quickly. Something told me he would agree, but the thought of sex with a god, it scared me. That didn't mean I wanted it any less though.

I promised to hate myself later after this night as I unlocked my door and moved into our living room. I was an idiot, and desperate and a thousand other horrible things that would make me despise myself in the morning, but I just couldn't stand it.

Isaac was sitting on the couch, an old leather book open in his lap. He was agitated, I could tell, his foot tapping an endless rhythm on the carpet. When he noticed me, however, he went very still, eyes narrowing slightly. Already, I was blushing as I moved into the room, wringing my hands. I'd worked over what I would say to him, feeling stupid, but it seemed I wouldn't have to.

"You're serious?" he laughed incredulously, snapping the book closed. I jumped, unable to meet his eyes. He already knew what I was going to ask, it seemed. Then again, if he'd been here the last hour, I'm sure he'd heard me.

"I can't..."my words trailed off and I looked at the carpet, "I can't take this."

He was in front of me before I could anticipate it, his hand going up to lift my chin. Just that light contact sent new chills of anticipation racing up my spine. I hated myself, even now, but this was too much. I wasn't a particularly strong person, and I couldn't do this anymore. Besides, at the very least, it might get him off my back about this whole subject in the future. If Sanura was any sort of example, he wasn't in the habit of sleeping with the same girls very long. Maybe this could be a good thing.

Or maybe you're just an idiot.

"This won't happen again," I began, the words rushing out before I could stop them and he raised his brows mockingly, dropping his hand to my shoulder. "Like, never and I don't want you to think that I'd ever even consider-"

His thumb stoked across the scar he'd given me and I choked on my rant. "Oh…god." I breathed the words, ignoring his heated expression. He was playing on my bite. Normally, this sent me running, unable to accept the fact that he could turn me on, but now, it was nearly unbearable. The vampire chuckled, walking me backwards until I was pressed against the wall. His thumb continued to tease my scar, his personally made erogenous zone, and I closed my eyes, biting my lower lip.

"I'm not going to make this easy for you." he said then, amusement clear in his voice. I glared, but didn't push him away.


He chuckled and leaned forward, his cool breath across my scar made my knees weak. "It shouldn't have taken you this long to ask."

I wasn't able to reply once he'd grazed his blunt human teeth across my throat. I'm not sure I was capable of anything even remotely English now. His hand skimmed down my side, the other dipping into my hair to gently pull my head to the side. My own hands had gone, of their own volition, to his shirt, stumbling over the buttons. He chuckled again, then suddenly pulled away.

"What are you doing?" I frowned. The vampire titled his head.

"I told you, I'm not going to make this easy," he replied. "You were hoping to come in here and let me have my way with you. It would make it easier in the morning if you could tell yourself it was all me and a bit of magic, but that's not going to happen. I want you to know that this was all your doing. You came to me." he grinned, "So, whatever happens now, you're in charge."

"I don't understand." I said, frustrated and getting angry. The vampire shrugged.

"It's simple; I'll do only what you ask me to, nothing more. If you want this to happen, you're going to have to be a big girl and take the lead."

I wanted to slap him, to curse him. Why couldn't he just be his normal lecherous self and jump me like he'd tried so many times before? But then, I knew. It was because I'd denied him so many times, and now that I wanted it, he wasn't going to let me pretend this was nothing. It was a punishment of sorts. Steeling myself against a new burning rush, I stepped forward and grabbed his shirt again.

"Fine," I grit out. "Kiss me."

He grinned in that far too appealing way, and leaned forward. When his lips brushed mine I thought I might collapse. My knees were still shaking, but I couldn't let him stop. The fire under my skin demanded he continue. His tongue brushed my lower lip and with a soft sound, I let him in, letting my eyes close again.

It wasn't enough.

"Damnit, Isaac, touch me too." I growled. He arched a brow.

"You're pillow talk needs work, love."

"Just do it." I said huskily. The vampire's lips brushed my scar again and I groaned.


"Anywhere." I breathed, but he only laughed.

"Be specific."

I grabbed his hand and cupped it around my breast, leaning against him. A low rumble began in his chest, the beginnings of a growl and he tightened his hold just enough to make me gasp, his thumb moving across my nipple. My hand went to the back of his neck, fingers dipping into the short black hair there. It was so soft, I thought, and then he bit down on my scar again. Harder than before, but not enough to break skin. Despite myself, I moaned, and slumped a bit.

"Trouble, love?" he asked against my throat. I shook my head slightly.

"We need to...couch."

With a soft laugh, he stepped back and led me to the dark couch, but didn't sit. Not in any mood to play this game, I shoved him down and climbed into his lap, straddling him.

"Look at you." he grinned, but I ignored it, bending down to kiss him again. I brought his hand back up to my breast but this time it wasn't enough.

Damn Kyrain back to the hell he'd crawled from.

"Clothes." I managed to say between kisses.

"What about them?" Isaac asked.

"They should be off."

The vampire's hands went to my thighs, and slowly glided upwards, dragging the material of my dress in tow. His eyes were intense as he gazed up at me. The heat in them alone made my gut flutter, eager to move on. When he'd gotten my dress up, I lifted my arms and let him pull it over my head. I'd lost my bra in my room, unable to bear the restriction of it, and now sat in only my panties and a tiny smile. Unable to wait, I snatched the dress from him and tossed it across the room, hands going to his shirt.

Again with these damn buttons. They'd obviously been designed to keep me out. After fumbling with the first two, I growled and grabbed his lapels, ripping it open. The buttons popped off and went flying around us while Isaac chuckled to himself. His skin was so smooth, as if he'd been carved from marble, the muscles rippling beneath his skin as he moved. He really was beautiful.

Feeling suddenly, bold, I traced the line of his abdomen with my tongue, up to his chest, then leaned in to kiss his shoulder, dragging my nails back down. He actually groaned then, and I felt him tense as if he would flip me over, but caught himself. Smiling, I bit down on his throat, hard, delighted when he growled.

He liked pain. Well, I could definitely enjoy hurting him.

"Kiss me." I murmured, leaning back. "Here," I pointed to my collar bone and he obliged. Biting my lower lip, I pointed lower. His arm slipped around my back to steady me, and he followed my instructions. Lower and lower, until his mouth closed around my breast. "Oh...shit"

He was definitely in the mood now, I could tell by the bulge in his dark jeans and couldn't help but rub myself down against it. He growled again, teasing my nipple with his tongue, while he worked the other breast with his long, nimble fingers. He'd lost his rings, I noticed, but then was too distracted to really care.

I wanted him, my previous hatred aside, and for once it didn't bother me. I needed this, needed him, and he was happy to help. Breathing heavily, my hands went down to his belt buckle, once again fumbling to unclasp it. I seemed to have lost some motor skills, but I could blame that on the vampire and his fantastic tongue. Idly, I mused the other uses for such a gift, and finally got his buckle open. With a jerk, yanked it from his belt loops and tossed it over with my discarded dress. He surprised me then by pulling away and I began to protest, but suddenly his arm was going around my back.

Isaac leaned us forward, his free arm sweeping across the coffee table and sending glass and porcelain crashing to the floor. I giggled despite myself as he laid me back onto the cool wood and braced himself above me.

"What happened to my lead?" I asked. He smiled wickedly and kissed a trail across my jaw.

"You were getting ahead of yourself." he replied, his voice rough and husky. It made me shiver in excitement, though I wondered what he would do next. My nails dug into his back when he kissed me again, but he didn't stay long. Instead, the vampire kissed a slow trail down my throat and between my breasts moving lower. His eyes locked with mine as he hooked his thumbs into my panties and dragged them down my legs. I kicked them off, watching as he continued his path to my hip, kneeling by the table. When I tried to sit up and pull him back, he flattened a hand on my stomach and pushed me back down, nipping my hip with another chill-inducing growl.

"Well?" he asked when I only gazed down at him. I was trembling, but for once it wasn't in fear. Isaac's fingers skimmed down my thigh, then back up and I sucked in a breath.

"Don't stop." I pleaded to his wicked grin. He didn't look away from my eyes, holding them as he nudged my legs open and nipped me again. Then I got an idea. I remembered the night in the jacuzzi, when he'd fed from me and it had left me breathless. What would it do now that I was already aroused? I wanted to find out.

"Isaac.." I managed to say.

"Hmm?" He was busy, the hand that had rested on my stomach slid lower, down between my legs and I jumped when his fingers dipped into me. For a long moment, I couldn't speak and my head fell back against the coffee table with a loud thunk. It didn't hurt, or perhaps I was just too distracted to really feel it.

"I...I want you to-oh my god." He titled his head, arching a brow and waiting for my reply, but didn't stop teasing me. I had to fight to slow my thoughts enough to form words again, and by then full sentences were out of the question.

"Bite me," I said, voice hitching, "Please."

He seemed surprised a moment, but quickly nodded. I shifted expecting him to crawl up to me and go for my neck as I'd planned, but he didn't move. His hand closed around the back of my knee and lifted my leg so that he could kiss my inner thigh, so close to where his fingers had just been that it made me breathless.

"What are you..." but I knew and a tiny slice of fear cut through my pleasure, though it didn't last long. The vampire met my eyes again, holding them for an endless moment, and I watched as the vivid colors bled away to an inky black that consumed his eyes. His fangs slid from their sheaths and he grazed them over the place he intended to bite, but did nothing further. My hand closed into a fist at my side and I nodded.

"Do it."

When his fangs slid into my thigh I was surprised by the pain of it. Like a stab of ice amidst all the fire. It melted away quickly though, replaced by a wave of electric pleasure that shot right to my core. With each draw of my blood I felt myself sinking, the world spinning out of control until I fell back again and arched into him, my moan long and loud. My hand shot down to tangle in his hair, urging him on, and just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore, he pulled away, licking his lips.

Isaac let his eyes close a moment as if he was savoring the taste of me and I released his hair. When they snapped back open I couldn't help my own smile and bent down to grasp his shoulder and pull him toward me. He followed without complaint, settling above me and I let my hands drift down between us to his jeans.

He shifted to allow me to get at his zipper, chuckling when I forced it down and frantically pushed his jeans down his hips. The vampire kissed me again and I could taste my blood on his tongue. Warm, with a tang of copper. My fingers closed around his cock, causing him to make a tiny little groan that made me laugh throatily.

"Now." I murmured against his lips. This time, he didn't pull away.

When Isaac pushed into me, the world flashed white and I cried out, burying my head in his neck to muffle the sound. He wasn't gentle, or slow, but I didn't want that. The heat from the demon demanded pain, and as he increased our rhythm, I found myself moaning from the pleasure of it.

The delicious heat between us grew, radiating outward and filling me to the tips of my toes. I sank my nails into his back, dragging them down, and raised myself to meet his thrusts. My eyes closed tight, my legs wrapping around his hips to urge him on and the heat only increased until I felt it would burn me alive. And then I went blind and my body exploded into a thousand tiny stars that danced behind my eyes. I screamed into him, unable to breathe once I finished and the vampire groaned above me, shuddering, then sagged a bit, breathing hard beside my ear from force of habit.

For a long time, neither of us moved, letting the echoes of orgasm pulse beneath our skin. After a moment, Isaac pushed up enough to look down at me, brushing the damp tendrils of hair from my face. He opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted.

"Holy shit!" The cry made us both look at the door where an open-mouthed Sanura stood frozen. Her grip on the doorknob made the metal groan then give beneath her fingers. Then, she laughed, shaking her head. "I knew it." She didn't sound upset, only shocked.

"Get out." Isaac growled and she was suddenly gone, her laughter drifting back to us from deep in the hotel room. He sighed in irritation while I pushed him back and wrapped an arm around myself, eyes wide. The embarrassment made my face burn and I gazed at the door. The vampire however chuckled, pulling me closer.

"She saw us." I said dumbly, still shocked. He nodded.

"She did."

When I moved to stand, however, he wrapped his arm around my back and pulled me against him.

"Where are you going?" he asked with a smile.

"But she-"

"She's gone." he replied, and his hand slid down between us, making me suck in a startled gasp, "And I'm not finished with you yet."


And now we have that wonderful morning after.

I woke back in my bed, lying sideways across the mattress. Glancing at the clock, I groaned and threw an arm over my eyes. I'd slept through the day. The entire day! Then again, I'd been exhausted.

Isaac hadn't been lying, and we'd continued our fun until the sun had begun rising, and not just in the living room. We'd effectively "christened" the entire hotel apartment, even got our neighbors to bang on the wall at one point which had only made us laugh and start again. After the marathon, we'd even taken a shower together. Which, in hindsight, wasn't the best idea, because it had only begun a new round of fun that had lasted until the water had turned freezing and we'd been forced out.

Long story short, we'd had lots and lots of sex, and honestly, I was surprised at how okay with that I was. I'd expected to hate myself, maybe even get physically ill, but there was nothing. A strange 'holy crap that really happened' was upon me, but other than that...nothing.

This didn't mean I was eager to jump him again. Not that he was bad, sweet Mary mother of fuck, he was so the opposite of bad, but that didn't mean I'd make this a regular thing. And then I paused.

What would he do now that he'd finally gotten me? Would living with him now be awkward? Would he add me to the notches on his bedpost and move on?

Would he treat me like Sanura?

Anger bubbled in my gut as I thought about it. If he did...oh I'd make him miserable, or at least do my best to try.

After this, their relationship was going to be a bit strained, Isaac being his prideful, manly self would tease her and they began to fight again leading to this little snippet

"I hate you because you're a disgusting monster." I grit out, clenching my fist around the neck of my bottle.

"Just monster enough for you, it seems." he shot back, cocking a brow, "Bite me, Isaac, please." he mocked my voice in an irritating falsetto and rolled his eyes. "How many rounds did we go? I lose count somewhere in the dozens."

"Never again." I promised, but he only laughed.

"You say it as if it will bother me. I wanted to sleep with you, and I did. I'm perfectly content to move on."

"God you're a cold son of a bitch!" I cried, incredulous, "How do you live with yourself?"

"Lots of self reflection, the occasional flogging." he shrugged, "Whatever works."

Originally, this had led to mira attacking him with a glass bottle and his retaliation. Cern showed up in the hotel then and that when he beat the ever loving shit out of the vampire and temporarily took his ability to heal.

And that is how the story would have gone. What do ya think?

More plot bunnies will come in the future, until then, happy reading!