The Spy

Right after reporting back to Colette for Josep, Mira is attacked at bar while Isaac is feeding. He saves her of course, and drags her into a nearby empty house with the attacking shadow she is bold and pretends to be unafraid, even flirting with Isaac. The shadow seems to be trying to kill her, pretending to have no allegiance with any vampires at first.

This is the original Shadow attack that was later replaced by the shorter bathroom attack. I wrote this a long time ago, when I still planned on Mira and Isaac's relationship evolving into a homicide on someone's part. As you know, things changed. I had wanted this scene in for a long while, even rewrote it a bit to match up with the new turn of events, but ultimately it was too much and wasted time, so regretfully I cut it.

Here is the original version, so you can see how far away the two are. It begins after the shadow attacked Mira and Isaac dragged her off into a ready-to-sell house.

"Big abandaned house, huh?" She chuckled as he hauled her into the empty bedroom motioning for me to follow. "This where you're gunna punish me for being such a naughty girl?"

"Aren't you a saucy thing?" he asked pushing her up against the wall. I hung back by the closed door, still a bit shaky from the whole experience. The shadow smiled, her lashes batting coyly.

"Is she really worth the trouble?" She asked, her voice was a soft purr and it had Isaac's eyes flashing. He couldn't possibly be falling for this. He was a guy, but he wasn't stupid. I knew that much.

"Why would that matter?" he asked tilting his head, "She is mine to do with as I please, and she will die when I decide she no longer amuses me."

"Just a good spanking then, since I never really hurt her?" The shadow smiled, pressing her body against his. Isaac glanced down, arching a brow, but didn't stop her. "Now that we're all acquainted, I could stand to stick around a little more."

"You know what?" he chuckled, "So could I."

She made a soft noise of pleasure when he grabbed her upper arms and shoved her back against the wall. His grin was wicked, as it was when he flirted for his diner. I felt a deep scowl sliding over my face, but couldn't move. It was like looking on at a train wreck. Isaac leaned in grazing her throat with his fangs still extended. She took a sharp breath and grabbed the front of his coat, jerking them together again. He grinned against her shoulder, one hand flattening across her stomach and holding her in place. While he trailed back up her throat, her dark eyes flicked to me and she smiled triumphantly, as if stealing my "master" would hurt me. Normally, I might have been irritated at this, not because it did, but because she (like so many others) believed I was completely enamored of Isaac. As it stood I only smiled back.

Because she didn't see the knife.

The girl had the sense to look confused at me before Isaac had buried his long, thin blade just under her clavicle and into the wall behind her. He left it there with a smile, buried to the hilt, his hand slapping down to muffle her scream so that he could speak over her.

"Now, before we get nasty, why don't you tell me exactly who sent such a brazen little thing after my property."

Her eyes were wide and full of tears, but he let her speak. When she did, her voice was rough, hitching here and there. "Why would you th-think I was sent by someone? I w-wanted to approach you." she drew a deep breath, gaining strength back in her voice as she went. "I could tell what you are, that you were hunting. I thought I'd offer a free meal, but then I saw her." she jerked her chin at me, though Isaac's eyes remained on her. That alone would have put me on edge. He had such powerful eyes, whatever their color.

"So you decided to kill my plaything?" he asked slowly, "What did you think that would accomplish?"

She smiled as if it should be obvious. "I wanted to impress you. Aren't you sick of little girls who complain about everything?" Her free hand slid down his chest to hook the hem of his pants. "I never complain, and you could do anything to me."

He paused a moment, and I could hear the low rumble of his indulgent growl. He liked what she was promising, but would that be enough? Why was it that these shadows believed throwing themselves at the vampire would save them?

"You've put me in an awkward position, love. On the one hand, I'm quickly growing an urge to take you six ways from Sunday against this wall." His alluring smile never faltered, "On the other, I know you're lying."

I flinched as he twisted the blade and the shadow screamed. How no one heard us I have no idea, but I'll admit I was thankful. The girl shook her head, but Isaac only sighed and rolled his eyes, giving her a light slap across the cheek to get her attention.

"You're oftly strong for a 90 pound girl," he spoke clearly, his tone going colder by the second. "And because I can hear your heart beating like a bloody irregular hummingbird, I can only assume you were fed recently. Now I'll ask again. Who sent you?"

The girl hiccupped through her tears and tried to keep her head up. "I don't belong to anyone." she said firmly, "I hit all the known hunting grounds and offer a bit of company, no strings. You won't believe how thrilled I was to meet a prestigious vampire like you."

The room was quiet a moment as we all took in her slip, then Isaac's smile turned malicious and predatory. "So you know who I am now, do you?"

"Wait…" she knew she'd screwed herself and had resorted to pleading, but the vampire shook his head, holding up a finger against her lips. She quieted immediately like an obedient pet, but then again, she was, wasn't she?

"Here's what's going to happen," Isaac began amicably, putting us both on edge. "I'm going to cut you open, maybe bleed you a bit. I am still a bit peckish." I watched her eyes go very wide and glassy with fresh tears, because we all knew this was no idle threat. "Somewhere between now and the time I'm finished, you're going to tell me everything about yourself and the vampire who feeds you."

She whimpered as he leaned in to take a slow breath of her scent, eyes closing and reappearing completely black. "But honestly, I'm hoping you keep lying to me, because I'd love to hear you scream a little more."

About that time, I hurried out of the room, not wanting to witness any of the horrible things he was planning on doing to her. Unfortunately, that didn't stop me from hearing every sickening moment of it.

By the time Isaac had finished with her, a 21 year old girl from Arkansas by the name of Margret Temperance Warden, we had also learned that she was a shadow to a relatively young vampire named Felix. Isaac told me that he didn't know this vampire, which meant he was either from out of town, or no one of any importance. With more than a little irritation, he'd growled that it was most likely the latter.

"The young cocky types are always trying to make a name for themselves."

"How would killing me accomplish that?" I asked.

"I'm more than a little distinguished within the vampire community, Mira." I recalled Margret's "prestigious" comment. "Attacking me directly would mean an attack on all in my line. Killing my shadow, however, would look ballsy, if not a little stupid."

"Wouldn't you kill him for attacking your property?" I couldn't keep my distaste for the last words from my voice, but it only seemed to amuse him.

"It is not common practice for vampires to mourn the loss of their playthings. Some would feel slighted yes, but most settle with a return of little force. Killing a shadow of the young ones, since they often have very few in the beginning, for instance," he smirked and threw his arm around my shoulders, knowing it would bother me after what he'd just been doing. "Unfortunately for you, I am not known for keeping pets long, or at all, in the last decade."

"Thus they target you thinking you won't care about me, and you'll let them off with a light wrist-slapping." I summarized acidicly. "Gee, thanks a lot."

He laughed softly and we continued our walk back to the bar. He was still hungry, he said. Torturing the girl had only whetted his appetite. After a rather long stretch of silence, I cleared my throat.

"Isaac?" I asked tentatively. He didn't look down at me, but replied with a distracted 'hmm?' I fiddled with the sleeve of my jacket, watching the street. "Earlier you said that the girl was stronger than she should have been because of vampire blood. That really happens?"

Now I had his attention and our pace slowed. "Over time, yes." his answer was slightly hesitant.

"How much time?" I asked. I shouldn't have pushed it, because very suddenly, Isaac pulled me to a stop and forced me to look up at him, expression severe.

"Don't get any ideas, Mira. I will be the judge of when and if you are given any semblance of our power." his eyes hardened in threat, "Furthermore, if I hear even the rumor that you've been feeding from any vampire but me, I will kill them, and I'll bloody well torture you."

Seeing as I'd just had to sit through nearly 2 hours of him doing just that to another girl, the threat was very alarming. Margret had been brave, refusing to admit anything until well after Isaac had gotten started. I knew for a fact I was not that sort of person. Not that it mattered. If he were torturing me as punishment, he wouldn't stop when I confessed anything. My thoughts found Cernnunos and I drew up my spine.

"You wouldn't." I said, but Isaac openly laughed at me.

"Think what you want, but nothing short of your death would bring your god to my doorstep. And what he doesn't know won't hurt him." he smiled darkly, sending a chill up my spine. "If you're aching for blood so badly, I'll remind you that mine heals, which means I could play with you for days."

"I understand." I snapped, trying to push away from him. The vampire smiled, but kept me close, arm back around my shoulders.

"Good then." he said cheerfully, and we resumed our walk to the bar in silence.

(later, Cern explains to her the setbacks of being a ghoul. and that the blood becomes an addiction, a physical NEED. Occational consumption won't hurt her, but making a habit of doing so would.

Perhaps brings up those who are given massive amounts of vamp blood at one time and then deprived of it. They go mad, he says, like wild beasts, slightly stronger than the average human.

"I'm still brassed that I had to kill her," he said, laying out across the couch and pulling me down with him. "She was quite the wily little temptress."

Ignoring my discomfort at our proximity, I frowned. "What?"

"She tempted..." he clarified as if I were slow, "In a wily fashion. How else should I explain this?"

"No, you jackass," I snapped, wriggling to get away, but he held firm. "I got that much. I meant that I can't believe you really wanted her."

He scoffed, "Just because you never see me get laid, doesn't mean it never happens. Besides," he brushed the hair from my face and smiled. "I told her I was 'growing the urge', I'm surprised you didn't check to see it was true."

For a moment I was speechless, then my chest tightened. Unable to hold his gaze, I looked down. "Oh, god, Isaac, did you...did you rape her?" It came out soft but insistent.

"Not with any part of my body."

The knife came to mind and I felt a bit ill. The vampire however shook me lightly and sighed. "I'm playing with you, Mira. The only thing penetrated was her flesh and a few key organs."

Yeah, that really didn't help.

I thank Hater for a line in this chapter. Oh, that funny man.