((This is a poem I wrote about something in my life. Read, review, enjoy. It may not be my best work, but at least I tried. –Kitty))

Heart in Shackles

Put my soul into shackles you did.

Tossed my heart into acid you did.

Said you loved me you did.

You were nice to me once.

You gazed into my eyes with tender hearted love once.

You uplifted my heart and soul from all the past turmoil once.

My heart is now forever gone away and lost.

My heart and soul you had so carelessly tossed.

Our love once shone like crystals,

Then one day you shot it with a metaphoric pistol.

"I love you," you said.

"I need you, "you said.

"Now, I don't love you anymore b*tch,"you said.

Now my hearts still caught up in a net of confusion.

Your love was always just a cold-hearted illusion.