The last note



She made her way through the hall, knowing her future, her past and her present. Her hands were shaking and her whole body was screaming from pain, what was about to happen, was only one of those things, you might be afraid of.

But what was her purpose? Why was she so afraid of herself?

It was her mistake

How can I be so stupid, so… coward she thought for a long time, questioning herself like if she was some kind of thief or criminal, maybe a sexual predator. But sometimes she thought that what she did was only for good and not for an absurd excuse, she, had to do this.

She was now in a big room, a dark room that had a big piano in the center, the only light came naturally from the moon, lighting one corner of the room where an old man was leaning, crying and praying. She thought it was stupid how people would always pray for a person such as God, a person who she thought was good until the day she made her mistake, it made her mind twist ninety degrees, making her believe that God wasn't real and that people praying was as useless as a tear.

"Save me please, save me from her" she heard the old man said while she made her way to sit in the piano, her white dress going all the way down, showing a bit of her barefoot. She was shivering, wishing she wasn't there, wishing, she could be free. But that wasn't possible, freedom, was a word that didn't exist in her vocabulary anymore.

She put her hands on the piano keys and ran her hands through them feeling how cold they felt, and with the man still praying she started playing a beautiful piano song.

Every note, every movement she made when playing this song, filled her with power and irony, she couldn't even understand how this song could make her feel so good, so alive.

"What happened to you Selene? With your charming innocence? With your pure beauty?" Said the man that was now looking carefully at her.

"Do you really want to know?" She said in a tired voice. And she was tired, mostly of him and his 'questions' that only made her more confused about her life and her purpose, she questioned herself many times because of him, and got to the conclusion that she couldn't make good decisions of her own without someone telling her she was wrong. Maybe that is another reason of her mistake.

"Do you…" She repeated slowly, but couldn't finish, she was now crying, staring at the piano keys that reminded her only one word… death.

She began playing, a song that only she knew, a unique song she made of her own. A song that could kill everyone that was selected as a 'special' person.

"No! Please stop it!" He cried, even though he knew she wouldn't stop it, "Selene please! Have mercy!" he said louder, his words buzzing in Selene's ears. But the thing is, that she did wanted to stop, her heart begged for it to stop, but her hands cried for blood, dirty blood that she carried in her veins. Her hands stopped for a second, and she looked up to the man that was now tied in the air.

Do it Selene, you know you want to…

She heard in her head, the voice of a woman that had tortured Selene for the past years, the woman that made her lose her freedom, and the woman that she belonged to.

Kill him!

"No!" Selene said loud, her hands in her ears trying to stop that voice, trying to not hear it anymore. "Leave me alone!"

Do it!

Then, suddenly, her hands moved alone, and Selene began to play the piano killing the man in the instant, the man's extremities flew everywhere, his blood spread in the floor, in Selene's face, and in the dress that now was red. Selene screamed looking around, she was getting crazy already, so much blood, so much deaths. She ran through one part of the body, you could see the head and his chest, his eyes were opened tears coming out, and his mouth filled with death blood. And she looked up to see a shadow that now was dancing happily forming the moon shape. She stared at it for a second and then said.

"Do you know what happened?" She said to the body, but still she couldn't even look at it.

"They died" She continued, looking at the body. "They died just as you, father"

She stood right there hugging her father's body for a moment, and then, she realized something. She realized, she was the next one.

"It wasn't me who changed father… It was you"