Chapter 1

"Don't care its cold outside, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…"

Emily opened her eyes at the sound of her alarm. She snatched her phone from underneath her pillow, disconnecting it from its charger and groaning. Though it was Thursday and the students got to come in to school early, 1.) She never took that advantage 2.) It wasn't yet Friday. Afternoon. Realizing the Christmas song (that she never thought about changing) was still playing; she shut it off and headed for the shower, hoping not to wake up her parents or siblings.

It was the winter, and no matter what season, Emily decided to sleep underneath her blanket. This definitely did not benefit her during the summers. After the needed hot shower, she changed into jeans and a simple fitted t-shirt. She wore what everyone else wore, being a junior. Sometimes you just needed to fit in. Finishing her makeup, she grabbed her guitar case, seeing a car already outside her window. She swore underneath her breath, almost tripping down the stairs. The guitar in one hand, backpack slung over her shoulder, and juice pouch in the other, she fumbled opening the door. She waved at the figure inside the car.

Max was one of Emily's best friends since 7th grade when they met in Social Studies. He was pale, a little shorter than the others, and had flowy chestnut hair. It was better than the shaggy hair he had, he looked more mature with his layers. "You ready?" he asked, in his higher pitched voice. She always knew he'd be somewhat in touch with his feminine side; he never grew out of his voice like the others. Still, he was like her little brother. She stepped into his car after putting everything in his trunk.

"Ready to see Mr. Dooooouglas?" he teased, pulling out of the driveway. She swore at him, smiling out the window. "Maybe."