Such lonely things

Do they go by, ignorant of their classification?

Or do they live, forever pained by the trouble their existence causes?

Everyone has Burdyns.

No one ever thinks that every Burdyn has a person.

They can't live without their person.

And yet they are despised for their existence.

How lonely Burdyns must be.


Don't make me a Burdyn.

Don't seal me to that lonely fate

Longing for you but silent

Words die on the wind

Can't speak past the Burdyn

Those sharp-toothed sad-eyed beings

Hanging on the back of their person

Clinging for dear life

Weeping in your stead

Mouthing apologies you can't hear

Think of your Burdyns

They don't want to weigh you down.

Embrace your Burdyns

And you'll never be alone.