Living with my dad for the summer was going to be great, it would be just me and him…like old days, playing, laughing and just having fun. Me and my dad are very close; you could even say im closer to him than my mum. I love my mum, it's just ever since my mum and dad divorced I wasn't put in the position to choose, my mum needed me…she was heartbroken but she said it was for the best as my mum said they were constantly fighting and well me…I should be upset but im not, and the reason for that is because even though my family have been through a divorce it was happier, my mum and dad are close but friends close. Im really grateful for that, because I hate choosing sides.

My father is half Italian he has beautiful golden skin and hazel eyes, they look more gold, but that's beside the point. My dad has rich black hair, and comes from a very wealthy family, as my father is always wearing suits; He works for a very big company but I'd never been told what. He has a younger sister who is just a few years older than me, and a very cool uncle, who is hot, but I do not have a crush on him. On the other hand my mother is plain boring English, but she still is a beautiful lady, she has quite pale skin, and blue eyes, which were the total opposite to my fathers, she has dark brown straight long hair, that reaches up to her waist and she always keeps it neatly in a bun. My mother actually doesn't come from a wealthy family; she has lots of sisters and brothers, sometimes a bit too much. My grandma died last year on Christmas Eve due to cancer, and it's really hard for my mother to look after some of her little brothers and sisters, as well as the divorce. My mother is always so happy and you always see a smile on her face, that you would think she had the perfect life. My mother is very independent and despite the fact that her life isn't as great she can handle everything and will be willing to handle everything on her own.

I have dark brown hair inherited from my mother, it is naturally straight and it comes up to my elbows. I have a nice tan and it's not from going out in the sun too long, it's inherited also from my father, my eyes are a deep blue just like my mothers, anyway that's enough about me.

Currently I was in the passenger seat with my father, It was the start of summer and my father had arranged for me to go over and stay with him for the full summer. I was overly pleased, because I heard that my father lived in a mansion…not like Cinderella's palace mansion, but it was close. My mother lives in New York and my father had driven us to his small hometown Colombia. My father turned into a roundabout and drove past trees and trees until we arrived at a white house that was standing on pillars. My mouth was practically hanging open. ''Woah…dad this is your place?'' I asked slowly, motioning towards the house. My father nodded and ruffled my hair.

''C'mon let's get unpacking, it's been a long day.'' I nodded my head and opened the door, I walked over to the ground were all my suitcases had been placed; I followed my dad who was also carrying some. I followed him all the way inside the house and I couldn't have been more stunned. The inside was beautiful, the doors were classy and the staircase was massive and windy, going on for what seemed like forever. There were pearls draped off from the ceiling and I felt like I was in heaven. All white. I heard my father chuckle beside me. ''and I've not even shown you the rest of it yet'' My eyes widened at his comment and he just shook his head. ''Now I'll let you take your things up to your room, which you can pick by the way, and get settled in; I have a important meeting in my office so I'll speak to you late okay Hun?'' My dad gave me a hug and I hugged him back, inhaling his strong scent. He left not long after, opening another door and disappearing behind it. I ran up the stairs carrying my entire luggage up with me and soon enough reached a medium sized bedroom which was plain white, this would do, I'd decorate after.

I chucked my entire luggage on my white bed linen sheets and began to unpack, I opened a walkthrough closet and began placing everything in their, before I knew it everything was in their but It seemed kind of bare…remind me to go shopping tomorrow. I shoved my suitcases in the store cupboard and decided to email my mother seeing as my father had his meetings to tend to.


Hey mum, arrived in Colombia a few minutes ago and have just unpacked everything…missing you loads but I hope to have so much fun this summer. How are you and what are you up to? My room is beautiful as is the house, I think I might go shopping tomorrow and decorate a little bit, and you know how I am…got to spice things up. Anyway mum ill go and explore the house…yes it's that big. Take care and look after yourself.
Tory. Xxx

I logged off and shut my laptop screen; this summer was going to be fun.

Authors Note:
hey guys, so ive just uploaded this story and its new, im really excited because this is my first time writing one of theese types, please enjoy and r+r :)