Me: Welp! Here we go!

Mellow: YAY! =D

Me: Mellow? How did in the hell you get in here?!

Mellow: Oh! The door was open! Well, it was broken down, but I think that counts.

Me: Wha… *Sees at the broken remains of the door*..Oh, I see now *monotone voice*.


Hiroki: Well, I was thinking since we can't get in, I might as well…OOF! *knocked out*

Masashi: I'm very sorry about my brothers, Apprentice To Fantasy.

Me: It's OK, Masashi, at least no one got seriously hurt.

?: I got run over by Hiroki when he broke down your door.

Me: Mellow, Masashi. Can you please take Hiroki and Takeshi to the emergency room?

Mellow: HAI!

Masashi: Kay

Me: I feel like doing a disclaimer for some reason...

Masashi: Don't. It's Fictionpress, not Fanfiction anymore. So no disclaimer.

Me:Oh. Okay. Anyway on with the story!

Mahou Academy Heroes: The Deity Guardians

Arc 1 - Preparation

Chapter 1:

New Arrivals! Heroes or Zeroes?

Three figures stood at the front gates of an Academy. The smallest of the good decided to step up, "We're here…We're finally here!" exclaimed the smallest, he was a ten year old boy with snow white hair, dark skin, red eyes, wearing a black, white, and light blue overcoat with a black t-shirt with underneath along with matching pants and shoes with a medium size sword strapped on his back. He is Mellow Aural. The reason he's jumping around like a lunatic is because he and his companions have arrived at their destination. The medium sized one of the decided to speak up, "Maa~Maa~ Mellow, no need to get excited yet. That's for when we're told we're good enough to enroll." He replied in a carefree tone.

He was a fourteen year old with light tan skin and wears a dark grey and white headband around his neck length red hair that covers his left eye with matching ruby red eyes; he wears a black, white and blue jumpsuit with jet black shorts and grey sandals. He is Hiroki Aural. "He's right, Mellow-bozu," The tallest of the group said.

He is seventeen years old, has tan skin, golden amber eyes, a large black hat with a wave symbol on it (imagine kite's hat but with a Japanese wind symbol on it) over his jet black hair and a scarf around his tan neck, along with a leather jacket with a white tee underneath, leather pants with multiple belts strapped around it and dark grey army boots, " No need to get excited if we're not enrolled yet. They have to see if we are good enough to enroll."

Mellow; however, waved it off, "Oh c' Mon! We're definitely good enough for this! I just know it! No, I can feel it in my blood that we're good enough for it!" answered Mellow as he said every bit of that sentence with deep and comedic passion. The other two, however, sweat dropped at his "passion".

"I'm not so sure about that..." Hiroki said.

"Why not?" Mellow asked.

"Well, Mahou Academy is pretty much the most ... difficult school to enroll in. I mean, we're all the way from Rainbow Fields, a town way in the country. The students that enroll here are either filthy rich or special, like us, just more special than you think." Hiroki explained.

"Well, we can definitely enroll into this academy! It'll be a piece of cake!"

"I can see it, but I doubt it'll be a walk in the park. Mahou Academy entrance exams are the most challenging in the continent."

"Not to mention that the school itself is HUGE and houses over 30 thousand students." Hiroki added, pointing to the academy. The Academy was large in size, towering any building in existence. The academy itself was a gigantic mansion crossed together with a Japanese styled high school with seven water towers on the flat roof.

"I mean, if a school is this large, then its gotta have a reputation and the students to live up to it."

"Wow. Didn't think about that." Mellow said.

"Well, you're just a ten year old. You kids always in and act before thinking." Masashi said.

"Yeah, all kids tend to do that, so no big deal." Hiroki assured. 'Unless it brings Armageddon our way, then it's a big deal.'

"Now then, Hiroki, Masashi, let's go in there!" exclaimed Mellow as he dashed through the gates, onto his biggest adventure he'll never forget.


The bell rang, indicating it was time for classes to begin for the day, all of the students rushed into the classrooms, going to their respective seats and near their friends.

Mahou Academy of Harmony, an academy created for children whose magical abilities have awakened. Here at this University, they are taught how to control those powers and the basics of the World of Magus.

"So tell me again, why the hell am I hunting down a fucking dragon again?!" A violet haired Japanese teen with dark blue eyes that currently screamed "THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING!", and tan skin who was no more than fourteen and was wearing a black short sleeved hoodie with a white X on it with a white long sleeve shirt, navy blue jeans, and white and grey tennis shoes yelled as he complains to the school principal. This teen's name is Zed Takeo. He laid a poster on the desk which had the words printed on it say, "Please assist us in slaying the dragon! It is causing disaster whenever it approaches our village! The reward is 5,000 Muunies*!"

"I told you already, Zed," said a Scottish/Australian boy no more than ten with indigo color hair, brown eyes wearing a blue and red shirt, black and purple shorts, and gold sneakers with white soles, three gold bracelets on each arm a silver hairclip on his hair which made three antennas stand on top of his head. This boy's name is Skuth Treys, the youngest headmaster in academy history. "I had received a request from the villages. They're begging for us to hunt it down and stop it in any way possible. Besides, you're not the only one who will be hunting down the dragon, remember?"

Zed quickly replied, "I'm aware of that, ya know!" Zed then threw a nasty glare at the young headmaster, who at the time ignored it as he was drinking his cup of vanilla milk tea. As he was drinking his Vanilla milk tea and ignoring Zed's glaring, the door opened with three people stepping inside the room. Skuth noticed them before Zed did, who was still glaring at him.

"You arrived just in time for your mission…" Skuth said as he looked at the ones who volunteered. The first one was a boy no older then twelve or thirteen. He had semi-spike light blue hair under his black bandana, light skin, and grayish-purple eyes. He wore a white shirt with black sleeves, dark-blue jeans with several belts around it, a pouch attached to one of the belts, and a pair of dark grey and white sneakers. He had an innocent and tired look on his face. He didn't have a weapon on him, but it was not a problem for him. "Zatch Satanoka..." He nodded as his name was called.

The next was a girl no older than fifteen. She had long light-violet hair, pale green eyes, and light skin. She wore a large half zipped-up white, pink, and lavender coat, with a dark grey shirt that hugged her curves underneath, a pair of dark grey baggy shorts that stopped by an inch of her ankles, and a pair pink and white shoes. She had a shoulder pack around her, and a holster where she kept her kunais. She had a shy look on her face as she entered the room. "Yuki Hatsune..." she meekly bowed as her name was called.

The last one was another girl who was about fifteen or sixteen. She had short black hair, dark grey eyes, and dark skin. She wore a black t-shirt with a grey sleeveless hooded vest with fur along the collar over it, a black miniskirt with several belts and buckles around it, dark grey and white shoes with black soles. She held an emotionless look on her face as she walked in the room with her twin Desert Eagle pistols that were being held by her belt, "And Asoka Satsuma!" She calmly waved at the Headmaster as her called.

Zed, then decided to turn around to get a good look at his teammates. After a few good moments, Zed can only reply with three simple words... Which he'll regret for saying

"What. The. Fuck." Zed uttered which resulted in Yuki walking over to him with a displeased expression and before he saw it coming...


"Musta hurt a lot." Skuth muttered as he watched the scene.

-With Mellow and them-

Mellow, Hiroki, and Masashi all arrived at the front office of Mahou Academy of Harmony, which was a large beige room with several chairs against the walls, a few portraits of the academy, a very large table with several magazines about the World of Magus news and fashion on it, and a large counter with what seems to be a child no older than Mellow. He had silver hair, dull gold eyes, and light skin. He wore a black t-shirt with white ends, dark grey shorts, and grey and white sandals. The child held a bored look on his face as he watched Mellow and his brothers, excluding Masashi, look around their surroundings, taking in the majestic view. On the desk was a desk name plate that had the name 'Wesker Damion' engraved on it.

"Wow! This room is so big!" Mellow said, with his simple-mindedness focused on the room's size.

Hiroki sweatdropped at Mellow's simple-mindedness and replied, "I guess it's big, but aren't we supposed to register for academy entrance or something like that?"

Hiroki was always wondering how simple minded Mellow was ever since they were kids. Over the past of years of growing up, Mellow nearly believed every story, fib, and legend he heard. Masashi just waved it off and saying it was 'a child's innocent simple mind'. Hiroki, on the other hand, thought there was something wrong with Mellow mentally.

Mellow's head than whipped towards Hiroki, replying, "Oh! Sorry, I forgot about for a sec…" Mellow then head straight to the silver haired boy at the registration counter.

The silver haired boy Wesker looked at Mellow making his way towards the desk with looks of uninterest in his eyes. As Mellow stood front and center towards the desk, he asked in a monotone voice "Can I help you?"

Mellow answered "Yeah, umm…can you enlist us for the academy?"

The boy then went through a large pile of papers that he just took out seconds after Mellow had finished his sentence. he had begun to rummage through them before he took out one piece of paper and read it thoroughly for a few seconds until he spoke" You're already enlisted in the academy. You've been enlisted for two months ago exactly."

Mellow and Hiroki sweatdropped when they remembered that they had already signed up for the academy at their hometown. All of the excitement and adventure they went through to get to the Academy had left it a blank. All they can say in response to that was simply "Oh… We forgot!"

Masashi glared angrily at his brothers for their absentmindedness and had begun giving them a very brutal verbal beating for it for a good minute or so, much to the brother's dismay. Wesker interrupting saying, "You're right on time," The brother trio looked at him for a few moments, waiting for him to continue, "You three start for your first day in exactly one hour from now."

Mellow and Hiroki gaped at Wesker with hilarious looks on their faces at him for a few seconds before asking, "Seriously, we start today…in one hour?"

He simply and bluntly replied, "Yes, do you have a problem with that?"

He was now looking at the two with a raised eyebrow, questioning himself if they were either surprised or incredibly retarded. He then noticed the two were gone the moment he stepped out of his thoughts with nothing left behind but a trail of smoke and dust. He looked at Masashi, who would probably have the answer. Masashi calmly pointed his thumb towards the twin doors which were wide open for a few seconds before closing. If he could be surprised, this would the right moment to be surprised.


A boy with shoulder length silver hair, gold eyes, and tan skin stood in the middle of a field of tall grass and flowers. He was at the age of fifteen and he wore a white shirt with black ends and black detached sleeves, , dark grey cargo pants with gear shaped plates on the back, silver holsters with a silver guns in them, and white shoes with black soles. He looked out in the distance, having a feeling that something was amidst. He stood there, staring at the twilight sky of dawn, the reddish orange and violet colors staining the sky and its clouds, wondering what was it he was feeling.

'I feel a great deal of discord approaching this world. But, where is the source? I've never felt such evil in my life...' He thought. He stared at the clouds with deep concentration until someone interrupted.

"Shinko, what's wrong?" A gentle feminine voice asked. Shinko turned his head to see a young girl around his age. She had black hair tied in short twin tails that rested on her shoulders, light gray eyes, and pale skin. She wore a white long sleeve shirt with a black sweater vest over it, a large black and white bow tied on her neck, a black and white plaid, white knee high socks, and a pair of dark brown loafers. She stepped out of a traditional Japanese styled house. The house was large in size, (AN: In both height and width, mind you) three stories high, and seem to be no more than five hundred years old despite of the fact it was modified to look as new as a newborn baby.

"Nothing. It's nothing, Miwa." Shinko said reassuringly as he smiled. She looked at him blankly and said, "Are you trying to hide something from me?"

Shinko twitched a bit at that and reassured, "No. Really, it's nothing."

"You're really think I'm falling for that? You can at least tell me. No need to be a worry wart." Miwa lament.

Shinko blinked a few times, looking in Miwa's eyes. Seeing the stubborn look in them, Shinko sighed, knowing she wasn't going to let it go.

"Well, I've been sensing something, something evil..." Shinko reluctantly said.

Miwa raised an eyebrow and questionably said, "Evil? What makes you say that?"

"I don't know, but that doesn't mean I won't let it have its way with the world. Pack your bags Miwa. We're going on a trip. " Shinko said as he walked past Miwa and into the house.

"But, what about the house?" Miwa protested in concern.

"I have a trusty someone that will watch over it for us. I promise we won't be long." Shinko said reassuringly. Miwa, on the other hand, was far from reassured at that.

"Don't worry. it won't be long. We find the threat, we kill it, and we go back to find everything as peaceful as usual." Shinko said.

"But, I feel that it isn't going to be that easy."

"Well, I guess it won't but we still have to stop it. You know, our promise."

"The promise we made to our parents is that we protect the Household from the -!"

"Demons. I know. But It's been a good two weeks and not a single one has come. I'm paranoid at the moment and wondering where the Demons are at. I plan on finding out, no matter what." Shinko said.

"I wouldn't be reckless if I were you." A voice warned Shinko. Shinko jumped up and grabbed a pair of Guns. Both of them white futuristic Ruger MKIII handguns with red glowing blades floating underneath the barrels. Shinko pointed them at the source of the voice.

The owner of the voice was a man with grey hair, dark silver-red eyes, and chalk white skin. He wore a dark red Victorian trench coat, a skin tight shirt underneath, dark brown jeans, and black boots. He had a large sword on his back. The sword was a long and saw-edged blade that was a pale blue-silver in color, the guard resembling the a skull with horns, one small while the other was larger and curved outward into a forward facing edge. Shinko recognized the man at first glance and lowered his weapons.

"Drake, what the hell?! Don't pop out of nowhere like that!" Shinko complained.

"Sorry, I just wanted to give you a message." Drake said. Shinko placed his guns in his holsters and muttered, "Well, what is it? Me and Miwa are fixing to go."

"Well, if it is about the presence you sense earlier, this message relates to it." Drake said. Shinko and Miwa's attention were grabbed. Shinko glanced at Drake and said, "Well, what are you waiting for? Spit it out."

-An hour later-

Hiroki started panting at the moment he stopped to take a breather from all the running he was doing a while ago. He turned to Mellow the moment he starting breathing easily, showing that he catched his breath, and started to ask his little brother with all of the excitement in his voice, "Mellow, are you ready?"

Mellow then turned to Hiroki after he asked him, replying with a simple nod that showed complete confidence. Masashi came a few seconds after Mellow answered Hiroki's replying with "Whatever, I got nothing better to you."

Hiroki jumped and exclaimed, "WHOA! When the hell did YOU appear!"

Masashi gave the most sinister glare in history towards Hiroki that read 'Say that again unless you want headshot that bad, baka', which made Hiroki shut up completely.

Mellow then noticed Masashi was carrying a large, and I do mean large, bag full of books and asked, "Masashi, what's with all the books you got there?".

Masashi stopped glaring at Hiroki, much to his relief, and turned his attention to Mellow's question, which he calmly replied "Oh these? These are for our years in the academy."

Mellow and Hiroki stared at Masashi for a good three good seconds before exclaiming, "EH? ARE YOU SERIOUS! THOSE BOOKS ARE FOR OUR CLASSES? THERE'S A FRICKING MOUNTAIN OF THEM!"

Masashi sighed before replying, "There's over about 100 subject taught in this academy all the way up from Alchemy to all the way down to Necromancy. The Advance classes count."

Mellow and Hiroki gaped at Masashi for the impressive information he has on the academy so far. That reminded them that Masashi is also sharp at gain Intel as he is with marksmanship. Well, it serves them right for being absentminded.

"That's a lot of classes." Mellow commented.

"A mountain load of them! We'll never survive!" Hiroki complained as he slumped over in a fetal position.

Masashi rolled his eyes. "Oh shut it, you crybaby. You'll manage."

"Anyways, aren't we going inside?" Masashi asked in an attempt to break the silence. Mellow and Hiroki snapped out of their daze to remember they were about to enter the academy. "Oh yeah! That's right!" Mellow swiftly turned to the wrought iron gates leading to the academy and walked towards them to open it, but before he could open it, the gates had opened on their own.

Mellow stared at the black wrought iron gates as they opened up slowly, showing the brothers the way ahead to the Academy before they saw a small group of four step out.

One of them was a purple haired teen who was rubbing a hand imprint on his left cheek who was being followed by a boy around Mellow's age with light skin and light blue hair, a teenage girl with pale skin and light-violet hair who was glaring at the purple haired teen with pure anger in her eyes, and another teenage girl with dark skin and short black hair. The violet haired teen was murmuring swears as he rubbed the hand imprint on his left cheek. The three brothers just stared at him, wondering what happened to him.

They stopped for a second to look at the brothers for a few seconds. Before they could introduce themselves, the violet haired teen tensed and got into battle poses, glaring at the brothers, much to their confusion, before he demanded, "Who the fuck are you?!"

Masashi narrowed his eyes at the boy for his colorful greeting. Masashi despised people like the violet hair teen. Their quick temper would always make them easy targets to take out and their mannerisms wouldn't exactly make them popular. Answering him, he said "WE are the new students enrolling in the academy."

The teen scowled at Masashi's attitude and answered, "I didn't hear shit about new students! You guys must be lackeys of the 7-SINS!"

Masashi was starting to get irritated beyond belief at the violette' quick temper. It was obvious he wasn't going to listen to reason. Knowing that a fight was unavoidable, he said, "How about we prove it the old fashion way?"

The teen smirked before answering "Fuck yeah! A good old fashion brawl! Oh, and before we begin, I'm Zed and the people behind me are Zatch, Yuki, and Asoka. And we are the ones who are about to KILL YOU!"

Mellow, Hiroki, and Masashi took out their weapons before Hiroki replied, "We like to see you try!" The people behind either just sighed or gave Zed a look of annoyance before they prepared for battle themselves. They stared down at each other for what seemed like eternity before they jumped in to combat and letting the meaningless clash begin.

Elsewhere again,

In a large contemporary town, it was rush hour in the big, cars, trucks and vans were going in different direction towards their way to their destinations. There were also some idiotic speeders who were quickly arrested. Even during the height of said frenzy, order must still be maintained and the law must be upheld by the Police. But sadly, the Police were oblivious to the fact that there was evil being planned at a nearby abandoned apartment. Inside the apartment, was nothing but a dimly lit room. If you look closely, you can see seven figures within the darkness.

"So it has begun." A smooth male voice said.

"Indeed it has. And just in time. I was beginning to get bored." A rough male voice said.

"Really? I was honestly enjoying it. Not having to do much now and then." A lazy sounding male voice said.

"Shut up, you lazy cunt. I'm bored as hell over here!" A mocking yet sadistic voice said.

"SO, when shall we begin?" A sultry feminine voice asked.

"Soon. It has begun after all. We shall wait for the chance to strike." The smooth voice said.

"Seriously! Aw man! And I was fixing to kill someone!" The mocking voice complained.

"Oh well. I really wanted something good to eat, but I guess I have to wait." A low voice said.

"Just how long is it until we strike?" A young yet mature voice asked.

"As I said, my brethren, soon. Very soon. It will not be long until the World of Magus has learned we have returned."

"well, I hope it's soon. It's boring just doing nothing."

"Hush, Envy. You'll have your fun...soon."

And that is chapter one for ya, guys! I updated the chapter with adjustments I was thinking up for a while, so I hope you like it! If you got any questions or any of your opinions to tell me, don't hesitate to PM me! It doesn't matter. Anyway, Sayonara!


* Muunies = The currency/Money of Mahou Academy Heroes.