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Mahou Academy Heroes: The Deity Guardians

Arc 1 - Preparation

Chapter 2:

The Gathering of Heroes and Heralds pt.1

-Somewhere in the World of Magus-

A boy was in his bedroom relaxing for bit as he was remembering how his life was for the past soon to be fourteen years of his entire life and as he remembered his life, it was just...

"It's the same as usual. At least, until yesterday." He said in an emotionless tone of voice.

The boy had dark tan skin, messy dark reddish brown hair, and dark grayish-green eyes. He was wore a beige and white overcoat with dark grey ends and stripe in the middle of the sleeves, black goggles hanging around the neck, a black short sleeve shirt, beige and dark grey belts around the waist, matching two-colored pants, and black shoes with silver linings and white soles. This boy's name was Rennes.

"Mahou Academy of Harmony," he said with interest, "I'm not sure why, but for some reason, I want to go there."

-Flashback: Yesterday-

-Cue Kingdom Hearts II OST - Lazy Afternoons-

It was the middle of the afternoon; Rennes was just walking around town as he usually does to visit his friends at the town clock in the center of town. The town was very much peaceful and the buildings were a Contemporary type of architecture that represented the peaceful aura the town gave off to its very citizens. The town was so serene you can relax to no bitter end. But, it was also of a town that was ignorant of the existence of Magic and the supernatural. Basically, it was a town that wanted normality. Today the peacefulness of the town disturbed him. The town was just too peaceful this time and there was no one in sight when he looked around the street he was walking on. The street was too quiet to even relax in. The streets were mostly busting with life

"You're quite an Observant, kid."He instantly turned around to the voice to see a man. He was about in his late thirties and twice his height, had platinum blond hair, pale colored skin, had a jagged scar across his face that reached his left cheek to his right ear, he wore a black trench coat with a matching black sleeveless jumpsuit, jet black boots that reach up to his knees, gray fingerless gloves that reached his elbows.

"Who the hell are you?" He asked, rudely questioning the strange adult.

"If you must know, my name is Haru Akimoto. I'm a teacher that came here from a paradise called Kingdom Academy." He answered.

"Mahou Academy of Harmony? What is that?" Asked Rennes, who obviously didn't know what this Mahou Academy of Harmony is.

"Well basically, Mahou Academy of Harmony is a private school with academics reaching from Pre-k level to College level which is meant only for students with 'Special' abilities." He continued.

Rennes was still a bit baffled about Mahou Academy of Harmony, and he started to wonder more about it And, Special abilities? He started to wonder more about it when he mentioned that. He then noticed that Haru was staring hard at him with concentration so great, not even the sound of a nuclear explosion with a combo of a space shuttle launching would break it.

"Well anyway, if you wanna know more, just look for me." He said while handing him a bronze colored brochure with silver lettering reading "Mahou Academy of Harmony: A paradise for the gifted ones!" on the top.

"Wait, what exactly is this –?"was all he managed to say when he noticed Haru was gone with no trace of him found anywhere. Before he left to continue his afternoon stroll, he looked at the brochure, once again wondering what was Mahou Academy and that mysterious man.

-End of Flashback-

"I guess after that, I'm interested in getting some answers there." Rennes said. He still wondered what the Mahou Academy of Harmony, and why it had 'Mahou' in the beginning of the name anyway.

"The time is now. Please, lend me your strength..." A mysterious voice called out in his head. Rennes quickly jumped off of his bed as soon as he heard the voice.

"Who are you?" he asked, confusion carved in his voice as he looked around his room." Where are you? Show yourself!"

"That doesn't concern you yet, child." said the voice, ignoring his question in a calm matter.

"CHILD! How bout telling this CHILD who the hell are you! He demanded, commenting on the voice's last words.

"You will know in short time." replied the voice." For now, you must calm yourself if you desperately want to grasp those answers."

'You could of just told me anyway.' he thought. He started to calm himself down, just to achieve answers, and finally asked "Alright. Just who are you?"

"I see you've learned that neither insolence nor wrath will get you nowhere." answered the voice again, but now the voice changed to a woman's soft and gentle tone of voice.

"Wait a second! You're a woman?!" He exclaimed in total confusion with a mix of embarrassment."I'm so sorry that snapped at you!" As you couldn't tell, Rennes has a habit of directing his rage at something expect something that is as delicate and pure as a girl. Well, in Rennes' view, girls were delicate and pure. In short, he was somewhat of a feminist.

"All is forgiven. I can tell you must be a feminist of some type. But more importantly, I'm here to see if you're worthy to be my new Knight." The gentle voice said.

"Me as your knight?" he said a magical portal suddenly appeared before him.

"THE HELL!" he shouted in absolute surprise. Never in his life has he seen anything like a portal appearing out of nowhere and in his own room at that.

"If you want answers, then walk through this portal. To become my knight, you must become her Apprentice." said the voice as he looked at the portal with slight hesitation.

"You are allow to bring your belongings. Becoming one of my Knights will be time consuming at the very least." The voice said before it fade away from Rennes' quickly grabbed his bag, pack some of his clothes and precious belongings before walking into the portal, which closed behind him seconds later.

But Rennes was unaware to the fact that there was a man in a black cloak like coat, his face concealed in the darkness the coat gave off and right next to him, stood a girl of sixteen with shaggy shoulder length orange hair, lime green-yellow eyes with a star tattooed under her left eye. She wore a black and red zip-up long sleeve shirt that reached her waist with a navy blue shirt underneath, baggy navy blue and gray two-color tight jeans with a red belt crossing her left side with a red skirt-like cloth underneath it and black military-styled combat boots, were outside his room, peeking through his barely opened door witnessing the whole event.

"So, it has begun." he said in interest, "We must report this to the masters, immediately." he said as he opened a dark portal. "I agree. I have a good feeling about this little war." Replied the girl before she disappeared into the inky blackness of the dark portal alongside the mysterious figure.

-Meanwhile at the rundown apartment-

"All seems to be going well." The leader said as he examined the events happening through a crystal ball. "Another hero is given rise. It won't be long before our plan is perfectly in place."

"Are you sure? Cause, really, I don't see the point in all this." Sloth said as he laid against a matterss.

"Hahaha, aw naive little Sloth. Your mind is just to lazy to figure the layers of my elaborate plan."

"As true as that may be, can your mind tell us where Envy is at?" Another figure asked.

"Envy? Well, let's just say I've sent him on a...errand." He smiled malicious at the word errand.

"I don't think I want to know. I need my appetite after all." The figure replied, patting his stomach.

"I know. You won't be Glunttony with it. And that... would disappoint me." The man replied. "Now, both of you, leave me. I have much to plan."

-Meanwhile at a certain Academy-

There was currently an argument between its staff members, and I can say it's a pretty ugly one. Well, it was started to reach the scale of pure ugliness.

"What the hell do you mean she's gone!" Cried a teen of seventeen. He had brown hair, purple eyes, and fair skin. He wore a black zip-up long sleeve shirt and a black and white vest over it, baggy white denim jeans held up by four black belts covered with several square spike studs, and a simple pair of black and gray sneakers. He was scolding a teen his own age, who seem unfazed by the volume of his voice. He had gray spiky hair, gold eyes, and pale skin. He wore a black, high-collared jacket over another jacket, this one unzipped and white, with a grey hem on the end of each sleeve. But this jacket's collar was dark brown and pleated and folded back along with dark brown pants, and shoes colored in shades of grey and white.

"Where the hell did she go?" Shouted the silver haired boy again "Not to mention at a worst possible time like this?"

"Chill out Norio, I tried to stop her, but she was persistent about going to find her new apprentice, so I let her go." said the boy as he grabbed a plastic bottle of soda from the fridge.


"Really, you absolutely need to chill out, Norio." replied a man with purple spiky hair, fair skin, and dark cobalt blue-green eyes. He wore a loose gray long sleeve shirt, black pants with twin belts around the waist, a dark clothe around his waist, and dark grey steel toe shoes. He finished reading a magazine and put it away to face the enraged Norio." I mean come on. You're so uptight, a little five year old can easily get the drop on you at any second now, like last time with Zed, and man, did he really get ya! AHAHAHAHA!"

"SHUT THE HELL UP JACK, YOU PERVERTED SON OF A BITCH!" yelled Norio now in nova hot pissed off mode, pointing his Soul Rapier at him threateningly. The blade was dark grey and the sword's guard strongly resembles a demonic mouth with jade pieces for fangs.

"Whoa! Dude, take a chill pill!" said Jack, trying to calm down Norio, and did a somewhat of a decent job of it as a young girl of thirteen with shoulder length purple hair, crystal red eyes, and pale skin. She wore a black T-shirt with red ends, dark pants with with stripes running down the side, and black and white sneakers. She had a peculiar black and red mist-like creature accompanying her as her guardian walked in. "It could be worse you know."

"So, where's my backup at?" she demanded, "Those bastards won't stop until they capture people with tremendous strength and use them as tools so you'll be out of their hair, like me for example!"

"Don't worry, Mae, your backup will be coming' soon" said Koku with a reassuring smile, "We're just working out some complications."

"Well, those complications better be worked out, Koku!" said Mae in a prissy voice.

"Don't worry, they will be." said Koku in a goofy yet positive voice. Mae immediately sweat-dropped at that same moment Koku just used that tone of voice, Norio and Jack joined in on the sweat-drop fest unnoticed.

"I actually thought Jack was stupid enough to use the goofy voice routine, but Koku? That just ain't right on so many levels." Mae suddenly replied in her thoughts.

"Guys, we have a little problem. " Said a teen of age fourteen. He had light spiky brown hair, fair skin, and lime green eyes. He wore a black overcoat with blue sleeves and a dark grey shirt underneath, dark slacks with blue flames, and, black shoes with blue linings. He carried a sword in a weapon holster strapped to his back. The guard of the sword is shark-shaped, the blade is curved like a Katana and had a tint of navy.

"What is it, Ben?" Norio asked in annoyance.

"There's a small rumble happening outside the Academy. They're practically tearing apart the entire academy." Ben calmly replied.

"Oh. Wait, what! Who's responsible for that?" Koku asked.

"There was mention of Zed being there..."

"Arrgh! Dammit Zed!" said Norio as he went back into 'Pissed Off' mode as he drew out his Soul Rapier and stomped out the door.

"Here we go again, just when we've calm him down." said Koku.

"Dammit,when I find Zed, I'll tear him to pieces!" complained Norio outside the door.

"No use complaining about it." Murmured Ben. "Might as well solve them."

"This Academy is just weird." Mae commented.

"Well, that's just how the Headmaster prefers it to roll. Said it would be more interesting like that." Jack said.

"Truer words had never been said." Koku said.

-Elsewhere in the Academy-

A young youth in his early twenties sat near an Ice Cream Parlor. He had short cropped red hair, neo gray eyes, and pale skin. He wore a white button up shirt, dark blue slacks, a loose fitting black belt, a black cloth around his lower arms with three dark belt straps, a bright navy flowing scarf on his waist that reached his calfs, and dark blue combat boots with three belt straps on each boot. He lounged against the chair underneath the umbrella table, irritated out of his mind. Why? Well, he recently failed a mission and got little to no pay from it, then he got lectured by the teachers when he got back, which was seriously annoying, and now he has to make up the failed mission by completing another one.

"Can't believe the bullshit I gotta go through." He irritably murmured as he took a sip of his chocolate Ice cream smoothy.

"Hey Ken!" A voice called out to him. He turned to see a young boy no older than ten walking over. The boy had short violet hair, pale skin, and aquamarine eyes. He wore a snug white long sleeve shirt, dark shorts with grey ends, white socks, black and grey sneakers. The child seem to be normal, if you exclude the black tail wagging behind him. The little guy walked over to the teen, now known as Ken, with a look of delight on his face.

"What is it that you're happy about, Scott?" Ken asked, his voice laced with boredom. But Scott seem to be oblivious to it.

"Just the fact that I'm teaming up with you on the penalty mission!" He said. Ken then choked on the smoothie in surprise at the news.

"SAY WHAT NOW?! What the hell was the Headmaster thinking about this?! ME, a C-rank student, working together with YOU, a low E-Rank student?! What's next; You got company to help me out?!" Ken ranted.

Scott looked at him in surprise as he said, "How did you know that?"

Ken's eyes then bulged at that.

"Oh Purity, no." He lament. Ken was never good with groups and he didn't want to start now, but sadly, he had no choice. "Well, at least this can't get any worse." Unfortunately, he had just jinxed himself at that.

"Hey Ken!" A familar voice shout out to Ken. His face paled at the sound of the voice.

"Oh no." He dread. He dramatically turned his head to face a person he didn't want to see. The dreaded person was a woman of nineteen. She wore a dark bandana, white tubetop, a small pink strapless mini dress over the top, black short shorts, a white hood vest over the dress, dark pink bracers on her wrists, black and pink striped leggings, fanny pack strapped to the back of her waist, and pink and white sneakers. She merrily skipped over to Ken, who was still pale in the face at the sight of her.

"No, no. No, NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!" He muttered to himself in horror. Why was he afraid of her, you ask? Well... She seems like a nice person to be around, right? Well, think about happens AROUND her. Suddenly, a banna peel came flying to ground and the unfortunate girl didn't noticed it. Until it was far too late, of course.

"WHOOPS!" She exclaimed as she slipped on it. She then sent flying towards the duo, who were too surprised to even move. Even some people passing by didn't move.


The trio was currently in a heap of bodies. Ken's face was meeting the cold chocolate smoothy, Scott was out cold, and the girl was on top the pile, her eyes nothing but black swirls. Welp, I'll leave them be. On to more important stuff!

-With Mellow-

Mellow dodged three magic-enhanced punches, courtesy of Zed. Mellow jumped back when Zed threw a Fire spell his way and retaliated by jumping upwards towards Zed and bounced off the solidified air at his feet and charged at Zed while rapidly spinning his sword. Zed dodged it and fired three air bullets at Mellow, who didn't have the time to dodge it and got the full blunt of the spell, tearing a bit of his clothes in the process. Mellow retaliated by jumping up in the air, swooping down and circling Zed before striking him multiple times, and knocked him down to ground face first, causing a small crater in the process.

Hiroki managed against Zatch and Yuki, using his staff to guard against Yuki's Martial Arts techniques and using his battle tactics against Zatch's multi-weapon attacks. He dodged a Martial arts maneuver from Yuki and used his staff to reflect a Magic-gunshot made by Zatch's Magi-rifle. Hiroki then swiftly rushed forward toward Yuki and slammed her away a fair distance from her. He dodged a sword attack from Zatch and spun around, drawing in Zatch and knocked him away at the same fair distance.

Masashi and Asoka had a gun fight. Masashi fired a quick barrage of gunfire at Asoka, who retaliated with fire rifle bullets which deflected the bullets Masashi had fired. Masashi then took out a M249 light machine gun and fire multiple rapid rounds at Asoka, who quickly hid behind a nearby statue and pulled out an XM-8 high tech assault rifle and started shooting Masashi, who stopped when his machine gun ran out of rounds. Masashi quickly took out a Gold Beretta 002 and started shooting the bullets head towards him. The bullets hit and canceled each other as they fell clattering to the ground.

Mellow and Zed were staring down at each other, both boys battered good from their earlier attacks. They readied themselves to attack once more. Mellow poured his magic energy in his blade while Zed poured his into his fists. They both charged at each other seconds later, but before they could attack, a figure plummeted to ground, landing between Mellow and Zed. Said figure grabbed Zed's arm and Mellow's sword and threw the two boys to a nearby wall. The others saw this and stopped fighting to get a better look at the figure. Yuki, Zatch, and Asoka recognized the figure within a second, Masashi glared at the figure while Hiroki looked at the figure with a questioning look on his face. The figure then spoke, "ZED! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH IN DEEP SHIT YOU ARE IN?"

Zed froze and fearfully looked at the figure and muttered, "Oh shit, its Norio!"

Norio looked at Zed and said, "Oh yeah, its me! And you know what that means!" Norio pulled out his Soul Rapier and pointed at Zed, who was cowering in fear and looked like he crapped his pants.

'Hell is going to happen, obviously...' Zed thought.

"Where am I?" He asked, astounded by his current surroundings. Everything was nothing but darkness except for the blank platform he was standing on.

"You are in the Station of Purpose." replied the voice.

"The Station of Purpose?" he said confused and still filled with questions.

"It is a place where those with great power are brought to awaken those powers and use them to their most true and fullest potential. After that, their purpose to said to delivered to them." Replied the voice.

"Whoa…." Was he can manage to reply before a figure appeared right in front of him. The figure was woman in her early twenties. She had dark skin, brown eyes, long waist length black hair, and E-cup breasts. She wore a rose colored t-shirt with a black sleeveless long vest over it, midnight blue chameleon palazzo pants and a pair of black heels. He noticed her eyes seem to be glowing.

"I'll tell you the answers after you defeat your enemy." The woman said, snapping Rennes out of his thoughts.

"My...enemy?" replied the boy confused.

"He's behind you, boy." she said.

"What?" the boy slowly turned around just to see his shadow.

"Either nobody is there or my shadow is my own opponent." he replied with great relief and at the same time joking.

"Turn around and look again, you fool!" She cried out in pure wrath.

"Eh?" he replied as he turned around and his jaw instantly dropped in instant and absolute disbelief, "My shadow is alive! What the hell?" he cried as his shadow emerged away from his feet.

His shadow looked at him with giant yellow bulging eyes and smiled a creepy grin, showing its all fang set of teeth as it summon a black and gray sword. the sword's handle guard was formed like a pair of bat wings, the hilt was cylinder-shaped, and the blade was long with a rectangular gap in middle of the blade that reach three/fifths of the sword.

"What the...! Is that what I think it is? What the hell is happening? It's just so awesome! "He cried out in absolute amazement.

"THIS IS NO TIME TO BE FOOLING AROUND!" shouted the woman, in great annoyance." Now, you have to fight!"

"Fight! Exactly with what, Oba-san? I've got nothing on me!" He cried out in sheer panic

Then suddenly as a flash of light appears, an exact replica of the shadow's sword appeared in his hand, except the sword had a gray handle with a pure silver blade with strange symbols carved on each side of the blade with the same gap in the middle.

"A sword?" he cried out in pure confusion. "Just where in the freaking hell did it come from?"

"Look out!"

He looked up just in time to block his shadow's blade, aiming straight at his head, he pushed away his shadow's blade, and went straight for a slash at his shadow, but it was easily blocked, then he decided to do a sweep kick which knocked it off its feet, now was the chance, so without hesitation, he slashed in half, down at the waist, then the shadow disappeared in a black mist.

"Where did it go?" He cried out in a panic. He quickly looked around the platform for the shadow, unaware it was forming behind it.

"It's right behind you, you Idiot!"


He quickly turns around just in time to see his shadow punch him so hard in the face, he slid all the way to the other side of the platform with his face planted against the ground.

The shadow once again pops up out of nowhere and starts swing its blade over and over trying to cut Rennes, who was busy blocking and dodging all of its swings. It gave an opening the moment it stopped to rest, and just the right moment when it began to slow down a little in its movements, he then decided to counterattack with a straight punch to its face with huge success as he watched the shadow slide on its back against the platform.

"Ouch! That's gonna hurt in the morning." he muttered under his breath." Now, how am I supposed to beat something that pops out of the ground anywhere?"

He then came up with a perfect idea that was so simple, it can't fail.

"Yo! Shadow! I bet with your floor crawling is just another way for a wimp like you run away from a tough guy like me!" Rennes declared, which made Fantasy face-palm herself in embarrassment and disbelief.

Fortunately, his comment worked and enraged the shadow so much, it instantly rose from the ground and charged blindly toward him, which was a mistake right there. Rennes easily dodged the attack and performed a flurry of slashes, which destroyed the shadow as it sank to the ground and crawl back to Rennes.

"Not bad. Mediocre, but not bad." announced the woman as she walked towards him," well, I suppose it's official. You are, hereby now until the end of your life, my new apprentice. "

"All right, I'm your Apprentice, so what now?" he asked, obviously demanding those answers she 'promised' him.

"Well, I suppose I'll give you one of the answers." She said as she cleared her throat." My name is Mistress Fantasia Hatsuyo Miharu Raiba the VII, but call me, Fantasy for short." She answered "And yours would be?" she replied, waiting for an answer.

Rennes shrugged and answered, "Rennes Ishimaru Naoki."

Fantasy was silent for a moment, before answering "So, you're HIS son. Well, well, well, it seems I hit the jackpot. " she commented with a wide satisfying grin on her face.

Rennes, on the other hand, was disgusted at that comment," Never compare me to HIM! I am nothing like that bastard!" He shouted in pure rage, which left Fantasy appalled beyond belief.

"It seems I had gone too far on that little comment." She replied, showing that she was apologizing. Rennes cooled off a bit after hearing her 'apology'.

"It doesn't matter. Anyway, you still owe me some answers." Said Rennes, who quickly shrugged it off after cooling off.

"And I'll answer them soon enough, but first we must help our friends. Come with me." Ordered Fantasy as she held out her hand and opened a magic portal leading to god-knows-where.

"So it was her making those portals." Thought Rennes as he remembered a magic portal appearing right in the middle of his room.

"Follow me, Rennes." She told him in an orderly tone of voice that snapped him out of his thoughts. Rennes then obeyed, but not to be obedient, but to get some answers.

"I have a sudden feeling I'll be getting more than just answers." Rennes thought to himself as he jumped in the portal after Fantasy.

-Elsewhere in the world-

- Cue Slender Man OST - Page 3 and 4 -

A man peered through the window of the Estate he was in down into the misty town, safe from the fury of what was chasing him and his team. For the the time being. The man was in his mid twenties and was of a height of 5.7 and had a muscular body frame. He had short slick back blonde hair, velvet-blue eyes, and tan skin. He wore a black skin tight muscle shirt, black trousers with suspenders on the back, a brown belt with belt pouches holding gun ammo and other supplies, a large sheath for his machete on his left leg, two holsters on each side of his leg, and black shoes. He was armed with a silver .500 Magnum Elephant Killer which belonged to the holster on the left. The one on the right had a .50 action express Lightning Hawk. He didn't look like much, but the man was a high class mercenary. He wielded the Elephant Killer with caution as he looked out the window, expecting any movement within the mist. He was hired to guard the noble's daughter, who was currently asleep with three of his squad members keeping watch over her, from whatever was creeping around the town. He heard rumors of a killer that moved swiftly through the night, taking the lives of its victims before they saw it coming. He honestly didn't believe it at first, thinking it was the town's superstitious fear taking the better of them. That was until...It happened.

-Flashback: four hours ago-

It was somewhere between four and six in the afternoon. Evening was starting to arrive and the children started returning home. He leaned against a tree, watching the Nobleman's daughter gather her things. She was no older than ten. She had red wavy hair, grey-green eyes, and fair skin. She wore a simple pink dress with white frills, white knee high socks, and black tap shoes.

"Come on, Katie. Your father's waiting. Don't want to worry him." One of him team mates called out. His team mate was a man in his early twenties. He had short cropped red hair, violet-red eyes, and tan skin. He had a scrawny yet muscular body frame and was of a height of 5.6. He was sporting a black turtle-neck sweatshirt, a green bulletproof vest, black trousers, a brown leather belt, black gloves, and black boots. He had an assault shotgun strapped to his back and held a Riot gun in his arms as he polished it.

"Dean, she's only a kid. Give her some credit." Another team mate interjected. He was by far the tallest of the team, at a height of 5.9. He had short black hair, brown-red eyes, and dark skin. He wore a green button down dress shirt with sleeves rolled up into small cuffs with a black vest, a, a large sheath for his combat knife on the back of his waist, dark green pants, black leather gloves, and black boots.

"Whaddya mean, Derek? We got Chris on the team and he's only like, what, fifteen?" Dean replied as he motioned to another team member. This one was the youngest. He was a young teen of fifteen to sixteen years. He has messy auburn hair, gray eyes, and light skin. He wore a sleeveless black tank top with fingerless gloves, a chain is wrapped around his left arm, a black short sleeve hoodie with a bulletproof vest underneath, a black and silver belt, a dark grey sash, black leather pants, and black boots with white soles. The teen paid little mind as he polished his Bear Commander assault rifle. he looked at the vague mention of him before he went to polishing his rifle.

"Hey, lay off Denzel, Dean. The kid's minding his own business." A team member scold. This member was the one of the two females on the team. She had long brown hair tied in a braid, grey-gold eyes, and pale skin. She wore a sleeveless white shirt underneath a black leather bulletproof vest, a a black leather zip up shirt, black short shorts accompanied with two belts and a black sash, black knee length socks, and dark shoes. She had a Hydra shotgun strapped to her back and two Triple Shot handguns, one each strapped on one leg.

"I agree with Mu. You should just leave him alone. He's not bothering anyone." The other woman said. She had dark indigo hair, emerald eyes, and dark skin. She wore a gray long-sleeved shirt, matching pants, black combat boots, radio with headset, black gloves, a flashlight on her belt, PDA, and a green bulletproof vest. She held a AK-47 Assault Rifle strapped to her back and held a SIG 556 rifle.

"Whoa, sorry bout that. I didn't mean it like that, Mary." Dean held his hands in defense. Mary just scoffed at that and walked off ahead of the group. Dean just sighed in defeat while Derek gave a pat on the back out of pity. He just sighed at the sight of his team and rolled out with Katie on his shoulders.


Night had fallen and the team was resting up in the estate. Everyone was busying doing their own thing. Derek was making conversation with the servants, Dean was trying to convince Mary to go out with him. On patrol that is. He can try to ask her on date, but he would just fail. Mu was pacing around the house, Katie was in bed asleep, and the leader, he was busy polishing his Elephant Killer with Denzel right beside him, looking out the window to gaze at the stars. Everything was peaceful for the time being, until a bloodcurdling scream tore through the quiet night, alerting everyone in the house.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!" Dean exclaimed as he ran out to door. The moment he stepped, he saw nothing but fog. Dean was outside about ten minutes and he didn't remember a fog being around.

"And where the hell did this fog come from?!" The other squad members rushed out, weapons in tow, and prepared themselves for any attack willing to come their way. Dean grabbed a sniper rifle from Mu and aimed it carefully. A few servants stepped out with a few rifles and shotguns, aiming it at anything suspicious. The leader was out in front, aiming his Elephant Killer at any possible target his eyes laid on. The squadron and three servants that came along carefully walked around the area, not once breaking apart.

"This is seriously creeping me out. A bloodcurdling, a strange fog, and now I think I'm hearing things!" Dean sharply whispered.

"Hearing what? Dean, are you drunk?" Mary asked out of skepticism.

"Perhaps that is the case." The first servant replied. He was a man approaching his forties. He had black hair that was graying at the sides, forest green eyes, and fair skin with little wrinkles. He wore the traditional black and white butler uniform. He carried a Lahti L-39 20mm anti-materiel rifle.

"Shush! Listen..." The leader said as he heard something faint. The group started hearing something. It was faint, but it was there. They heard faint sounds of movement, footsteps to be precise. Swift footsteps. Too swift for any Human to execute.

"Those footsteps... they're coming from over there." The second servant whispered as she pointed to a nearby house. She was a young woman in her mid twenties with gold hair, Mocha tone skin, and brown eyes. She wore the traditional maid outfit and carried a Colt 2nd Model Dragoon Revolver. Caution written within their minds and firearms ready, they slowly approached the house. Denzel was the one to the house as they neared it so he approached the house, fear absent in his mind. But that didn't mean he approached the house without caution. As he slowly walked on the front porch of the house, he noticed a rocking chair soaked in blood. And with a corpse of an elderly man in his mid fifties sitting on it to boot. The corpse was in a shape that told anyone who stepped near that the poor victim was mauled without getting a chance to cry out in fear as you tell from the look of heart-stopping fear on his face. The servants were shocked, to say the least. But that was an understatement at the moment.

"W-what c-c-could of done t-th-this?!" The third servant half shouted in disgust. The servant was a young man a couple years older than Denzel. He wore a white dress shirt with a slick sleeveless vest over it, black dress pants, white gloves, and black dress shoes. He carried a Double-barrel shotgun.

"Poor bastard. Griffin, what are your thoughts?" Derek asked as he turned to leader, now known as Griffin. Griffin looked at the corpse with disgust. In all of years of being a Mercenary, something like this easily disgusted him despite of the corpses he's seen in his lifetime.

"Move with caution. Don't let your guard down for a second! Understood?" He ordered.

"Sir yes sir!" They saluted. Denzel gently pushed opened the door, letting it creak as it slowly opened. On the carpet was a trail of blood along with furniture that was knocked over. Whatever was here, did it's job without a second thought. Griffin grunted in disgust at that. They slowly stepped inside, seeing nothing but flipped over furniture, broken picture frames, blood on the carpet, and bloody hand prints. Oh, the few claw marks on the walls.

"Okay... whatever did this obviously wasn't human..." Mu thought out loud as she shivered at the sight.

"No shit, Sherlock. Bet someone released a kill hound or something in this house. But the question is... why?" Mary questioned.

"I don't know and I don't think I WANT to know." Derek replied. He had then walked into the kitchen to see what else had happened. Following the trail of blood, he found a puddle of blood. And with a fresh new corpse in the middle of it. The corpse was an elderly woman, mostly the man's wife. The state her corpse was in showed that it was also mulled apart, but the head was missing, sending slight shivers down Derek's back.

"Dear Purity, who or what the the hell did this?" Derek muttered in disgust. Denzel walked in the kitchen seconds later, his Bear Commander aimed for anything. Seeing Derek, he lowered his gun and walked over to him. As he got close enough, he could see the disgusted look on Derek's face. Seeing Derek's disgusted expression, he looked down to see the headless corpse of the elderly woman. Understanding what Derek was disgusted about, he gave a simple pat on the back for comfort.

Griffin and Mary walked upstairs to see if the situation was different. Barely, it was different. The upstairs also had the knocked over furniture, tilted portraits, claw marks on the walls, and broken windows. Oh, and the occasional trail of blood and bloody hand-prints.

"Nothing too different from downstairs. A hell hole as well." Griffin murmured as he examined it.

"Yep, definitely a hell hole just like downstairs." She said before she noticed something near the wall. As they stepped closer, they saw that it was a head of elderly woman. Most likely the one of the corpse Derek found.

The group moved through out the house in silence, found five corpses in total. Two being an elderly couple, another two of another couple, and one of a ten year old child. The group was disgusted at the sight, none the less. They then walked out the house, the rest of the townspeople gathering around to see what had happened. When they explained the situation, local authorities were called into an investigation. The servants were sent back home while the group of Mercenaries stayed to find out what exactly happened.

-After a solid hour after investigation-

"Dear Almighty, what or who the hell did all this?" A detective with pale skin, black slick back hair, and blue eyes wearing a tan trench-coat and a black suit murmured in horror. The Mercenary group wanted to know the same thing. And one thing was for sure, it wasn't normal.

"Excuse me." A police officer excused. The police officer was a woman in her mid twenties. She had blonde hair in a bobcut, caramel brown eyes, and light skin. She wore a blue button-up shirt, a dark blue beret with a police badge on it, dark blue dress pants, a dark belt with gun holsters, and black shoes. She carried a stun rod, wielding it carefully as she approached the mercenaries.

"Yeah? Is there something you want?" Dean asked, apprehensive of why a Police officer was were paying attention to them. Unless...

"Yes, there is. I want to know what is that you were doing in that house at the time the victims were dead?" She asked. Yep, she was interrogating them. They were prime suspect until proven innocent.

"We were investigating who screamed. We were also trying to figure out who or what did that." Griffin said as he pointed to covered carcasses.

"I see. If that was the case, then why did you carry guns?" She interrogated, suspicion laced on her tone. Griffin mentally scoffed at the accusation. But if you see guys dressed in dark clothes with guns, wouldn't you be suspicious?

"We didn't want to take a chance of finding out in case the thing that did this to them was still around. At least the hard way, of course." Griffin replied.

"I see. Do you have a license for those guns? Guns of that model are to be inspected for any form of legal proof to wield them." She asked. Griffin's eye began to twitch by the amount of suspicion she was giving them.

"Your license, please." Another officer asked. The police officer was a man in his mid forties. He had black hair, grey eyes, and fair skin. He also wore a blue button-up shirt, instead of a beret, he wore a dark cap with a police badge on it, dark dress pants, a dark belt with gun holsters, and black shoes. He gave Griffin a look of absolute authority. Griffin scoffed at the look, disgusted by the suspicion they were getting. It was started to irk him deeply.

"Might I ask why? We answered your questions, so what point would there be in it?" He growled.

"Just to be sure you're telling the truth. Now license, please." The Police officer said. Griffin's cool began to deteriorate every second his eyes fell on the Police officers. He wanted to yell at them. He wanted them to leave. He wanted them to shut up and stop asking pointless questions. He grit his teeth in annoyance as his anger started to rise. He balled his hands in fist until his knuckles were white. Just before Griffin started to lose his cool, a comforting hand was placed on his shoulders. His eyes turned to see Denzel by his side, his face emotionless but his eyes showed plead.

"Calm..." He uttered. Griffin's cool started coming back to him at the sight of Denzel's pleading eyes. He took a deep breath and exhaled, letting the frustration in his systems go. He faced the Police with a more calm persona and said, "Very well. Troops! Licenses out! On the double!" He ordered the group. In less than a minute, they took out the papers they had stored in their vests and presented them to the Police. Taking the papers, they thoroughly examined the papers for any sign of it being a forgery.

Five minutes went by as the papers were being examined. The mercenaries didn't seem too worry, especially Denzel. The emotionless fifteen year old just gazed in the distance, barely giving the Police any sort of attention. The sixth minute came and the papers were handed back.

"You're clean. Sorry for the trouble." The female officer said.

"No problem. Seeing people in black with guns does bring up suspicion." Griffin replied.

"You might as well try wearing white to avoid suspicion a bit." The male officer joked.

"Nah, don't want blood to ruin the color. Plus, it makes me look fat." Griffin joked back.

"Be glad pink doesn't make you look like a homo like it does on Dean!" Derek joked as well.

"Hey! It's not THAT bad of a color!" Dean retorted. The Mercenary and the two Police officers laughed a little at that for a bit. Until something had spoiled the mood.

"Hold it right there!" A police officer screamed as his flashlight was on a figure. Suddenly, both eyes and guns from everyone in the area were pointed at at a hooded figure stained in blood, and within the millisecond, he, Denzel, Mu, Mary, Derek, and Dean were all pointing theirs right back. A lot of angry shouting broke out.

"Freeze!" One of the police officers ordered.

"Put your hands up in your hands up in the air!" The hooded figure just stared at them and proceeded to step back.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?" Another demanded. He kept inching towards the forest behind him.

"What did you do with the family in that house?!" Mu demanded.


"DON'T YOU DARE MOVE!" The police woman said.

"MOVE AND I'LL SHOOT!" Derek threaten. The hooded figure tilted his head to the left, obviously playing dumb.

"Don't play dumb with us!" Mary said.

"GET DOWN! NOW!" Griffin ordered.

"SHUT UP!" The hooded figure screamed, catching everyone off guard.

"Honestly, and I thought those people in the house were loud!" He said, pointing to the corpses.

"So you admit that you are the one who did this?" The detective interrogated.

"Something of the sort. Though I admit I can't take FULL responsibility." He said with a beaming smile that was visible under his hood. Everyone glared at him with disgust.

"Well, you sick little fuck! You're under arrest!" A police officer said as he walked towards the figure. The figure just shook his head in disappointment.

"You sure you want to do that?" He started when the officer was two feet away, "Because, have you ever noticed that I said I can't take full responsibility? That's a hint that I..." He paused. Just then a howl tore through the silence of the night. Everyone turned their heads to find the source of the sound, but the fog was preventing them from seeing it. One was for sure, whatever howled was not normal. Period. The cop near the figure was confused and afraid. He never heard a howl like that in his lifetime. The howl sounded like the mixture of a wolf and a inhuman entity. The figure laughed at his fear and said, "...That I had an accomplice?"

Just as he said that, a shadow tore through the fog, charging towards the officer near the figure. The officer turned around and, out of fear, began shooting at the shadow, but to no avail. His fear affected his aim and the bullets missed the shadow more than once. Before the officer had a chance to blink, fangs tore his body.


Everyone watched in horror as a large... thing was eating the poor deceased officer. The thing resembled a hound though it was larger than a normal hound. It's fur was a dark grey tone and spiked out in several directions, giving it a wild and feral appearance. It's underbelly fur was a bright red, bright enough to seem like it was blood. Ankle cuffs were attached to it ankles, lacking chains that seem to cut short to avoid making a sound. It's eyes being a color of rust. It's claws and fangs were the more abnormal. They both were large and threatening, having a red tone to it as the claws glowed a bright red along with the fangs. Everyone backed away from the beast, unaware of what it can do and not having the will to find out. Even Denzel was caught off guard by it's appearance and didn't dare come near it.

"W-what is that thing?!" An officer screeched.

"I don't know and I don't think I want to find out." Griffin said as he aimed his Elephant Killer at it. Everyone else followed suit and aimed directly at the beast as it continued to feast on the carcass.

"FIRE!" An officer ordered and everyone complied to it. Gunshots rang through out the the night sky as bullets hit the fur of the beast, only for it to be bounced, hitting the ground instead. Everyone looked at the scene in shock, speechless to comprehend what had happened.

"WHAT THE HELL?! JUST WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT THING?!" Dean exclaimed. The beast stopped feasting as its ears wiggled a bit, hearing the sound of Dean's voice. Or in it's mindset, the sound of more food. The hooded figured smirked at the fact it was done feasting on one corpse was prepared for another. The beast turned it's head to face the Mercenaries and the authorities, who looked back in shock and fear. Growling, it slowly walked away from the corpse and turned to them, it's eye analyzing which one would taste the best. Griffin, knowing how animals think thanks to being raised near a forest, knew what it was thinking and on instinct, he shouted.

"RUUUUUUUN!" And all hell broke loose as the Mercenaries started running back to the manor while the authorities where rushing to their cars whiled the beast took at least three of them down before they could make it to their vehicles. It even shot FIREBALLS of all things which blew up few Police cars with officers inside. Griffin can smell the scent of burning flesh. The smell was beyond disgusting to the point he couldn't think of any word to describe it. The hooded figure disappeared in the midst of the chaos, though no one noticed. The Mercenaries didn't bother looking back, knowing the cry of agony was their last breath. They kept running and running through the thick fog, not daring to look back even as they heard the pitter patter of claws and barks hit the concrete floor. All Griffin can remember was rushing towards the mansion, the sound of yells, screams, and gunshots, the door closing, and the immediate orders her gave out to keep watch over Katie in case that thing gets inside.

-End of Flashback-

He saw it with his own eyes and yet, he still couldn't believe what happened. A thing came out of nowhere and devoured a man. It can shot a fireball, its howl was inhuman and he knew it can do things he didn't know about. He even didn't want to know what it can do. The beast enough was startling, he didn't want more worries over his head. All he can do is wait for it to come. He couldn't see it, but that didn't mean it wasn't there. He could feel eyes from the outside watching him. The servants had boarded up the windows and doors with either shelves or anything sturdy enough to fend off the beast outside. Denzel was downstairs in case anything went wrong. Mu, Mary, and Derek were watching over Katie's sleeping body while Dean was patrolling the house. Inside, of course. Griffin just sighed. He hoped that this was enough to fend off the... MONSTER outside. He wondered this; 'Who the hell was that guy in the hood and how did he get something like that under control?'

-Back at the Academy-

Mellow, Hiroki, and Masashi sat on the bench near the Headmaster's office, awaiting to see him after Zed was done with his punishment. Hiroki sat at the left side of the bench, nervous on meeting the Headmaster so soon, Mellow sat in the middle of the bench, carefree as usual, and Masashi sat on the right side of the bench, reading one of the books he got for the year at the Academy. They heard the Headmaster chewing off a silent yet frantic Zed. They waited at the bench, waiting for their chance to see the Headmaster, hoping Zed would done. As if on cue, they heard no yelling and the door opened to reveal Zed, a passive look on his face as he muttered, "Great, now I have to do an extra five missions as punishment. That's just cruel and merciless punishment."

He then took notice of Mellow and the others and sheepishly scratched the back of his head before saying, "Alright. I'm sorry 'bout earlier. I just had a bad day and that's why I didn't listen."

'Or think properly...' Masashi thought to himself.

"Anyways, I want to make it up to you guys, which I can't do thanks to the Headmaster's punishment, so tomorrow after school! I take ya guys out to somewhere to eat! Welp, see ya!" And with that, Zed was off to his first mission of punishment. Mellow and the others sat there watching until the Headmaster called out.

"You can come in!" Mellow, Hiroki, and Masashi complied and walked into the office. They did noticed the Headmaster's voice sounded very young. Closing the maple door behind them, they inspected the office and admitted it was impressive. Three leather couches with two coffee tables in front, small drawers near the window with several plants on top, a large mahogany desk with near the windows with a modern leather desk chair. They noticed their was a child at Mellow's age sitting on the chair, playing with a pen that was balancing on his lips. He seemed a little steamed as they noticed the unpleasant look on his face. He let the pen drop on the desk as he faced the brothers.

"Alright, sorry about Zed, he's a little too quick tempered for his own good. I'll make sure the missions I gave him will teach him to cool his jets." The child said, catching Hiroki and Masashi off guard.

"Wait a minute! YOU'RE THE HEADMASTER?" Hiroki exclaimed. The child nodded and continued, "Well, the youngest Headmaster in history. I'm Skuth Treys, but call me Headmaster during Academy hours. I'll say a few things about this Academy. It will definitely get crazy while you're here. Possibly meeting friends that will help you while you're here or enemies that will want to beat the crap out of you, but we'll make sure the said enemies will be punished. SEVERELY." He said the last part in a menacing voice that reminded any sane people of a bloodthirsty madman, which made Mellow and Hiroki gulp. Masashi merely raised an eyebrow.

A few seconds later after the gulp a portal appear right beside the the group and out walked Fantasy and Rennes. Skuth smirked and said, "I see you've found an Apprentice, eh Fantasy?"

"Yes, and one that's much more promising than I thought." Fantasy replied. Rennes looked around the room and noticed Mellow, Hiroki, and Masashi. Mellow waved childishly at Rennes, who awkwardly waved back.


Skuth merely smirked and said, "Welcome to the Mahou Academy of Harmony."

'Harmony is the last thing I can think about this academy...' Hiroki and Masashi thought.

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