For my sister, who's always encouraging me to go outside of my comfort zone and write something all my own.


She was gorgeous in a very unassuming way. He wondered if she even knew how beautiful that she was.

Her hair short and curly was a color of chocolate cherry that you could only find in a box of hair dye from Wal-Mart. Her legs long and skinny, did not match her height at all. She wore a very minimal amount of makeup, opting to only wear a bright shade of red lipstick that made her lips look all the more kissable. And she was so very fashionable, he was a straight man, but he couldn't help but notice the way that she dressed.

He didn't know her name or a thing about her (except the way she took her coffee, and that she attended the local arts institute), but he knew that her personality was larger than life. Her very presence would light up Starbucks the second that she entered it.

She was the reason that he looked forward to going into work most mornings. She would come into the coffee shop, look him straight in the eye and say, I'll have the usual Prentiss.

He had taken to having her usual (a medium, iced caramel Macchiato with extra ice) before she even got into line, just to see her flash her dazzling smile in his direction.

With all of his heart, he wanted to get to know her better, but he didn't have enough courage to get up the nerve to even put his number on her cup. He'd be crazy to think that a girl like her could ever go for a guy like him.

Author's Note:

My continuing of this story depends on if I get reviews or not. . . and since this is kind of my first time writing a multi-chapter ]outside of fan fiction, I would love to know if people would be interested in reading more of this story.

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