(may 25 2012)

maybe i'm reading more into this than i should
(always the introspective one i am)
but i think that you and i—
we could be glorious.

you don't realize what you do to me.
you're an invader
a trespasser who was never meant to push himself
this far into this messed up little world.
(what you're getting yourself into is far more
topsy-turvey than you think.)


i don't know who i am with you—
(you bring out the happiness in me that gets
buried oh-so easily,
you bring out the laughing, awkwardly glancing part of me
that i [try] to keep hidden.)
—no one has ever made me feel (happy) like this.

do you see?
your spectacularly bright eyes,
the bracelets that line up on your arms.
do you see it yet?


and all i'm doing is w a i t i n g
for you to realize—
(how apart, we are just above ordinary;
but together, we could cross the line of marvelous)