Hello! An Temporary Author's Note!

I'M REWRITING ALL THE CHAPTERS! I'm doing this because rereading it I've come to hate everything about it – everything. I can't stand how short and dull the chapters are. I've decided to clean them up, make them better and update them to my current style. When I'm done, this note will be replaced with Chapter 10! I promise. For now though, I'll be using this note as a check list and I'll update it so you guys can see how I'm progressing. If you think I'm slacking PM me!

6/11/13 - I FINALLY have the internet back. My mom cancled it, making it impossible for me to redownload The chapters to redo them! :0 I'm sorry! But It'll be a while till I can finally reupload them all :(. Sorry Dx

Status of Updating: Incomplete (2 of 9 chapters done).

New Chapter Post – A few days after I'm done updating! Check in to keep a tab on how far I am!