The Paranormal Side

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Chapter 2- School and a Map

The street is filled with busy business people hustling their ways to work. Other high school students like me amble their way to school. I yawn loudly. It's not fair. Why does school have to start so early in the morning? I shuffle along the sidewalk and slump my shoulders. I really wish I could do Online schooling – but those tend not to have art classes and I do like having people to talk to. I look around the street. It's starting clear up. I notice something in my peripheral vision and quickly turn to my left. It's a black cat.

I stop walking and bend down. I place my hand out in front of me and beckon the cat over to me. It just stands there. I feel my eye twitch. This cat is a smug little bastard! I beckon the cat over some more but he continues to sit there. I sigh heavily and stand up. I don't have time for this. I wave bye to the bastard cat and he only just continues to sit there. I glance at my watch. Fifteen minutes till the bell rings. I quicken my pace – I want to be at least to say hello to my best friend, Liz.

Ah, Liz. How I love her. She's basically like the sister I never had. We've been friends since we were in diapers! I remember in Kindergarten when it was recess time we would always sit and color together. It was always great fun. Also, Liz has always been a bit taller than our age so she was always a body guard of some sorts. She mostly intimidated other kids to stay away from me, saying she'd beat them up if they hurt me in any way. When I was younger, I didn't have much of a backbone – to be honest, I still don't. I sigh.

Why couldn't I be brave like Liz? I was always hiding behind her whenever something bad was happening. But maybe, it's just the normal flow of how things are supposed to happen. I sigh again. This is too frustrating. I shake my head of my thoughts and continue onto school. Once the dull red colored school comes into sight my heart skips a beat. I glance at my watch. Twelve minutes till classes start. Sweet. I run briskly into the building. Inside a plethora of students pack the school building. I weave myself through the large ambling wave of students. I swear, it's like they all line up at the front of the doors as if they're trying to stop people from entering.

I push through the wave and let out a sigh of relief as I exit the large mass of students. Looking around, I try to locate Liz over the loud chattering over high school students. The nearest bunch of girls near me are currently obsessing over some pop star to the point where they're basically screeching their affections to the heavens, as if it were trying to tell him personally how they feel. I sigh. I really wish I could just shout over them and look for Liz. I know they wouldn't care one bit – I'd just blur out from their vision and they'd ignore me. Also, it'd be pointless and I'd probably never find Liz.

That's because she's deaf – she has been ever since she was born. I recall meeting her for the first time. It was weird. Not trying to be rude but that's what my little kindergarten mind thought. I couldn't fathom how one could be deaf. Not being able to hear anything – it seemed like a disease to me.

So I didn't really get close to her. I remember she tried sitting with me at lunch on the first day of school and I panicked. I ended up running out of the lunchroom. I cringe at my thoughts. I was really stupid when I was younger. Geeze. I'm just happy I told my dad she was deaf and he corrected me. I told him I was afraid of getting 'deaf' too and he just laughed. My mom smiled and patted me on the head. They both thought I was being silly and ridiculous. The next Saturday they called her parents and we had a play date.

My parents explained to hers that I didn't understand what deafness was and wanted them to explain to me what it was. They forced me to sit on the couch that overlooked the floor. It was covered in toys and my tiny little kid brain wanted to play with them. But no. I had to learn what being 'deaf' was all about. They ended up telling me that being deaf just meant you couldn't hear and that it definitely wasn't a disease. It usually occurred at birth or during one's life.

After that, I started talking to Liz more. I even ended up learning sign language so I could talk to Liz even more – but she was already fluent in reading lips. It was kind of pointless of learning sign language but hey – it was another way we could talk and no one would have a clue to what we were saying. I can remember sitting in the middle of class being bored out of my mind and then, all of a sudden, someone would tap on my desk. I'd glance over and notice Liz slouching in the desk next to me and she'd sign 'hello'. I'd smile and sign it back.

It was much better than writing notes and passing them back and forth or even whispering. What we did was absolutely silent and there was no evidence of what we did too so we could deny everything. It was our perfect way of communicating. I press my hand to my face and rub my cheek. Come to think of it, we rarely do that anymore. I sigh.

Well, we're not kids anymore so it does make sense. Also, high school is much more linnet then they like to lead on to be. As long as you do your work and don't bother the teacher they don't care if you talk. Just no yelling and profanities – and your good to go. I glance around the entrance way, trying to spot Liz. Eventually my gaze lands on her and I smile. Her chocolate brown hair cascades down over her shoulders a bit. Her healthy glowing skin beams brightly, showing off her toned muscles her earned from dedication to basketball. Her emerald colored eyes shimmer in the sunlight like precious gems. She smiles brightly, waving at the people who cross her path.

She's advertising for our club again. I hustle on over to help her advertise – sine I am the president of the club. As I approach her, she turns to me and smiles.

"Good mornin', Dibra. Late as ever," she states in her normal monotone voice. I laugh off my embarrassment. I'm always late getting to school – or late to her standards. Liz lives on a strict routine. Up by Six-Thirty, out the door by Seven and to school by Seven-ten. I sigh as she turns around picking up a sign for me to hold as she calls over people, hoping they inquire about joining our club. Her infectious attitude reaches me and I start calling over people, telling them how amazing our club is. We get a few freshmen over and they all take applications saying they'll think about it. I glance down at my watch.

Five minutes till classes start. I put down my sign and tap Liz on the shoulder. She glances over at me and I point to her backpack. She thinks for a second and then understands what I mean. She rummages through her backpack and pulls out her art notebook. I pluck it from her hands and start flipping through the pages as she returns to advertising for our club. Going through her notebook I notice her drawings have seemed to have lost their glow of passion. I tap Liz again on the shoulder and point to the drawing in front of me.

"This… This isn't as good as you usually do. Somethin' on your mind, Liz?" I ask as she snatches the book from my hands. She sighs, placing the book back into her backpack. I glower at her as she ignores me. It isn't like I could just start ranting at her – she wouldn't hear me one bit. I stand next to her, glowering at her until she finally breaks and sighs heavily. She pinches the bridge of her nose.

"It's just that I've lost all my motivation recently. I don't know why though. I start drawing the baselines and when I get ready to finalizes the lines … I just get bored. I don't know why…" Liz spills out. I pat her on the back.

"Hey, don't fret. You could always talk to Ms. Peacock about it! She's a very vibrant lady, Liz. She'd be more than happy to help you over this stump! Just trust me on this. Once you're done talking to her you'll be wanting to draw for, uh, five hours straight!" I blurt out. I don't like seeing Liz in the dumps – especially when it comes to basketball or drawing. They're ways she gets out her emotions and seeing her upset about one of the two means she's going through a rough patch. I pat her again on the back. She looks up at me and nods in agreement.

"Yeah, I think I'll do that. Ms. Peacock should be able to help me…" She trails off, rubbing the back of her neck subconsciously. I smile at Liz. I stand up and stretch out, offering my hand to Liz. She takes it and I help her up. We gather out supplies and start trekking down to room two hundred. It's the room were our club meets up at so it's only natural we put stuff in there. Once we arrive there, we're greeted by three other members of our club. They're always down here hanging out – it's a room where no teachers come into ever so we're basically free of any rules in here. Two of them hang and lounge around the desk in front of the classroom while the third one is in the back rummaging through the supplies closet.

I raise an eyebrow. I narrow my eyes, trying to make out who exactly is going through the closet. Upon closer observations I notice it's the football player who joined a while ago. I send Liz off to the side to hang the signs back up in the hallways while I saunter on back to the closet. I'm nervous. He's super popular and him even wanting to join surprised me to the point of total shock. I reach the closet and clear my throat. I just wanna ask him what he's doing then flee. His deep brown eyes meet my deep blue ones and I freeze up. Direct eye contact – my one weakness. I shift my gaze to the floor and in my peripheral vision; I notice a smile envelope on his face.

"Need somethin', Ms. President?" He asks. I clear my throat again, making an effort to look back at his face. I laugh nervously.

"J-Just putting all this stuff back into the closet," I reach into the closet, placing back the fliers and applications in their correct places. He continues to rummage through the closet. I shoot him a curious look.

"A-Are you looking for something? I might be able to find it," I say, bending down to his level. He looks over at me and smiles a bit more.

"Actually, I was wondering if we have any blank flags. Ya know, the kind people use at the football games to cheer me and my team on?" I smile to hide my obvious lack of knowledge. I've only been to three football games my entire high school career – and that's because Liz dragged me. I never paid attention to the area around me so I have no clue as to what kind of flags he's looking for.

"Why do you need them?" I ask, not entirely sure why he'd need flags anyways. He grabs both my hands and shoots me a stern look.

"You know those posters you and Liz drew? Well, you've kind of inspired me to create my own way of advertising our club! I'm thinking we should make a few flags that are school colors and basically deck them out, telling others how cool and awesome this club is and why they should join," He says, tightening his grip around my hands. I squirm under the surprised contact and take a few seconds to register what he said. I show him a coy smile.

"To be honest, I don't think we have any flags at the moment… but I'll be more than happy to get you some!" I say enthusiastically. He smiles back and stands up, patting me on my head.

"Alright! Thanks Ms. President! See ya today after school!" He chimes out as he leaves. I wave bye to him and close the closet door. As I leave the room, I wave bye to the two other members and make my way out to the hallways. I see Liz and talk to her for another minute until the bell rings, signaling for classes to start. I wave bye to Liz and make my way to first period – Math class. I shuffle into class, dreading learning about math – it's so boring and definitely not amazing like art class. I hang my head and slouch in my desk as more of my classmates file into the room. I wonder if I could drift off and sleep through first period. I'd love to do that but I don't think Mr. Stone would let me. I glance over at the door and cringe as Mr. Stone walks into the classroom. By his posture I could tell he wasn't excited to be here – just like all of his students.

I leaned forward and held my head up with my one hand and let my other one fall to my side. Mr. Stone is a rather oddly shaped man. He's very tall – he looks well over six feet. He has scraggly blonde hair that's slowly receding and is starting to change into a dull gray color. His brown eyes lack any life in them, looking really dull as if he's had no sleep for decades. He's kind of cubby but not fat – average size you could say. I don't know but he, to me, just looks… odd. He catches me staring at me and sneers at me. I sigh loudly and lay me head of my desk.

He always manages to ruin my day – what a bastard. I keep my head on my desk until announcements are over. All the announcements declare is what we're having for lunch which just so happens to be spaghetti. Eck. I sigh to myself as the announcements keep going. I ignore them until I hear myself being mentioned.

"The president of the Sci-Fi club would like to remind all her members that there will be a meeting today after school. If you cannot attend the meeting, see Dibra Conners or Liz Heartwell to learn what will being going on at the meeting," The announcers blurts out, as if he just received the announcement. Everyone in my class eyes me up. Getting your name on the announcements is something huge apparently. I keep my head down and try my best to shake off their stares.

After the announcements, Mr. Stone clears his throat, making a show of it. A few students along with me just sigh and try out best to ignore his obvious melodramatic tactics. But sadly, his star student, Angie, raises her hand.

"Mr. Stone! Are you alright?" She spits out, oblivious to his tactics. I sigh. Poor Angie. She's always being duped by Mr. Stone – what a douchebag. He places his one hand over his chest, signaling to all the 'pain' he's in.

"Just a small cough, that's all, Angie. Thank you for your concern though, I'll be fine." She smiles and relaxes. Mr. Stone clears his throat and tells us all that we're not having math class today because he's not feeling good. He also says he'd have stayed home but because there's an important meeting today after school, he couldn't take off. I sigh in relief. Thank the lord. I was getting tired of learning math and needed a break. I would like to ask him if it would be alright if I left and went to the club room but no one else would be there. I zip open my backpack and take out my drawing book.

I'll just doodle for a bit. I start to doodle small adorable aliens until I grow bored and draw a cow with the face of Mr. Stone getting abducted by aliens. I giggle. It's a silly drawing but it just brings a smile to my face. I keep on doodling until the bell signals that I can finally leave math class. I haul it outta there and make it to my second period class – Science. Now, I hate math class but I despise Science. It's not because of the subject – that's only a small reason why. It's because of the teacher.

Mr. Decker – the King Bastard of all Bastards. I sigh heavily as I enter his room. Just like every other day he's standing at his podium, eyeing us all with his bug like eyes. I plop down in my chair and lean forward. Today, if I recall, we're learning about the Theory of Evolution – a topic I don't care for. The bell rings, telling us all that class is to start and that's exactly what Mr. Decker does. He bellows out for us to grab the books under our desks and flip to page two hundred and thirty two. I lazily do this and start to daydream as he rants on about the Theory of Evolution. I let my mind race to art class. It's next period and I can't wait. My eyes wander over to the clock. Thirty eight minutes left till art. I sigh.

"Ms. Dibra, you seem a bit bored," he says sternly, putting fear into a few other students who let their minds drift as well. I shift my posture up and pretend to start paying attention. I let my mind drift again and finally class ends with him handing us homework. I amble out to the hallway and head straight to art class. I enter the room and take a deep breath and sigh in relief.

Sanctuary at last. I smile at everyone in the room and plop down in my chair. A minute later Liz walks in and plops down into the chair next to my. We smile at each other and look around the room for Ms. Peacock. Her pink hair is thrown into a messy bun with small loose strands cascading over her face. They bounce ever so slightly with each step she takes. Her gray eyes pop with life with the help of a deep blue eyeliner and a light blue eye shadow. He lips shine with a pink lip gloss, complimenting her vibrant personality. She also is adorned with frameless glasses.

People have always spread rumors, declaring Ms. Peacock as a wild child or a devil worshipper – she's actually just a free spirit and does whatever she wants to do. They say the tattoo she has on her left shoulder is something she drew up for her father's famous metal band – an angel with a spiked bloodied guitar, sitting on top of a pile of corpses. I personally think it's cool but a lot of people think it's weird and not normal.

From the way she shows it off though, she wears it proudly.

She smiles at all of us. We smile back at her and wait for her to update us on anything or just say something like 'good morning' or whatever. She stretches out and smiles some more at us.

"Good morning, my little doves," She coos out, walking around the classroom, patting some of us on the heads as if we were her own children. She walks over to her desk and sits down, working on her own creation while we all continue with ours. I look over my drawing. So far I only have the baselines of an alien and the background done – a blacken sky littered with stars and a deep purple milky way. Ms. Peacock makes her way over to my table and cries out in shock. I stop drawing as she snatches my drawing from me.

"Ah! This is simply amazing, my little Dove! So mysterious and gorgeous! Keep up the work, little dove," She coos out, patting me on the head and walking away. I look over at her then back at my drawing. I think it's good but not as she described it. I shrug. Oh well. I go back to drawing until Liz pokes me.

"What is it, Liz?"

"I found this really cool place that we could go to and look at the sky with your telescope. It's awesome apparently. My dad's friend told me about it. We should go check it out together whenever we can," Liz says, getting my excited. I love observing the sky – especially at night. All the stars shine and resonate with their own beauty. I can't wait.

"How about tonight?" I ask, clasping my hands together showing my excitement. Liz frowns.

"I'm sorry but I can't, Dibra. I have basketball practice and to be honest, I won't be able to make the meeting today after school either. We have to prepare for states since we made it and I don't want to give up! I need to get in all the practice I can!" She blurts out. I smile. I can tell she's really excited. I pat her on the back.

"Don't worry, I'll check the place out tonight on my own and if it's any good we can together – maybe even take the club one weekend! It'd be a small get together!" I chime out. Liz smiles.

"That's a good idea. Make sure to bring it up today at the club meeting so everyone knows about it. Today's Tuesday so we could go this weekend if they have a heads up today. Anyways, here's a map he drew. It's pretty straight forward so if you get lost that's your own fault. I smile at her and laugh.

"I understand. I'll text you if it's any good." I say. Art class ends and I head out of the room onto my next class which is History. I enter the classroom and notice we have a substitute. I cringe. Oh boy. I hardly pay any attention during the whole class. I stare into space listening to the poor sub try his best to teach us but isn't getting anywhere due to all the rowdy kids talking. I don't understand why he doesn't just give up. Eventually he does it claims it a study hall. I take out my drawing note book and doodle for the remaining of the period.

The bell dings, telling me it's time for lunch. I jump up from my eat and dart out of the classroom. It's lunch time – time for some icky spaghetti. I run into Liz in the lunch line and talk to her about the meeting. She gives me a few ideas to bring up and I let them rattle in my brain. We get our trays and sit down at our usual table. I sit there and twirl the sticky noodles with my fork. Liz chuckles at me.

"Really? You still hate noodles?" She asks in her normal monotone voice. I shrug. I have never liked noodles of any kind before – I don't know why either. I just don't like them and everyone always makes a big deal about it too. I twirl them around some more and eventually stop and focus on eating the side dish of rice and a small salad. Liz rambles on about basketball practice as I munch on my lunch. She's really excited and pumped about having making it to states. I smile at her after I swallow down a large bite.

"Well, if any games are home I'll come and watch. I pinky promise," I say sticking my pinky out. She hooks hers around mine and shakes it. We smile at each other and continue with our lunches. It might seem silly but a pinky promise is still a promise so I don't intend on breaking it.

"You can also come to the away games too, Dibra. My parent's will surely give you a lift there and back! It's not like they'd leave you there," she chimes out in her monotone voice. I don't know why she talks so monotone but I think it's because she can't hear herself talk. She's always lacking emotion in her voice but that doesn't mean she's heartless or emotionless. Sometimes her voice will have emotion in it but that's rare. She's always talking in a monotone voice so much that when college comes I think I'll be more than ready to listen for hours of a teacher droning on a boring subject.

I shake my head 'okay' and finish my lunch.

The rest of the day seems to fly by, inviting me to let my brain wander about the meeting. Eventually the end of the day comes and I head to room two hundred. I enter the room and am greeted by two other members – the rest will be here in a few minutes. I start setting up the agenda on the board, making a few columns to write notes and what not. A few minutes pass and more people pour into the room. I smile brightly at them. I pull out a clipboard an attach a sign in sheet and pass it around after I sign myself in. It then dawns on me.

I could just read the attendance sheet to myself to learn who everyone is. The last person to sign in is the football player. I read his name out loud to myself.

"Dylan McCalle…" I look over his name then back at him. Apparently he heard me and he smiles at me. I smile back and laugh nervously.

"Ya need anything, Ms. President?" he asks, running his hand through his charcoal colored hair. I shake my head 'no' and focus back on the list. I read over a few names and feel good about myself. I'm finally starting to learn all their names. I place the list down and start the meeting. Everyone sits down in the desks, waiting for me to speak. I clear my throat. I start talking about a recent new show that's coming out and what sci-fi themes it contains. Marcus, a member of the club, points out there's a new movie coming out and that we should all go and see it.

We all agree and start talking about when to see it, what time to see it and how much it will cost all of us to go. I sit there and write out a small planner on the board, making note that Marcus is in charge of the movie since he was the one who came up with the idea. We finally reach the end of the meeting when Liz's map pops into my head. Oh yeah. I need to tell them about that too. I clear my throat to get everyone's attention.

"Liz Heartwell, our V.P., has brought it to my attention that there's this nice empty field that would be awesome to go star gazing in. I'm gonna check it out tonight by myself and if it's any good I'll tell you guys more about it. Oh and I was also thinking we could go there one night, maybe this Friday, and have a small party there or something. I don't know. What are your thoughts on this, guys?" Everyone looks at me. Then they all agree with me and cheer.

"That'd be a lot of fun! We totally need to do this," calls out Amanda, another member of the club. I smile and close out the meeting. Everyone starts to leave and when I go to, I'm stopped by Dylan. He taps me on the shoulder.

"Hm? Ah, yes, is there anything you need Dylan?" He smiles at me. His eyes meet my deep blue ones and I squirm under his gaze. He's really friendly and all but all this eye contact is making me nervous. I understand it's polite to do eye contact when talking but it's unsettling to me. He continues to smile.

"I was curious if you have an update on those flags. Ya know, for my idea," He says, waiting for me to respond. I sigh loudly. I totally forgot about that. Opps.

"Uhm, I haven't had time to ask yet… maybe you could ask the head coach at football practice today? I'm really sorry to disappoint you, Dylan," I say. He laughs wholeheartedly and pats me on the back. Since he's really muscular and strong, his 'gentle' pat almost knocks me off my feet.

"Don't worry about it Ms. President! I'm happy you just considered the whole idea in the first place. I'll see ya later president!" He blurts out, walking out of the class room. I wave bye to him and sigh. I feel kind of bad because I forgot but I don't know where I would have gotten flags like the ones he wanted. I shuffle out of the classroom and out of the school. I pull out the map Liz handed me earlier and look it over.

It's not that far from home. That's good. I head home first, grabbing my telescope and my favorite black hoodie, with small silver and black cherries on it. I head downstairs and see my dad reading the newspaper. I sit down on the nearby couch and watch him for a few minutes. He seems unfazed by my presences and continues reading as if I'm not there. I sigh. I stand up and head to the door.

"Hey, uh, Dad, I'm heading out… I'll see you later," I spit out nervously, waiting for him to reply. He grunts in response and I leave the house. He's probably too tired from today and doesn't have any more energy to yell at me. Oh darn, how sad. I start heading to the place marked on the map and think back to Liz.

"This better be a good place or I'm gonna be ticked," I think sourly.

End of Chapter 2

Author's Note- I've read over this a few times so if you see any errors, just tell me. Thanks!