The Paranormal Side

Rated T ... for Ties...

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Chapter 8- It's Payday

Liz stands up and gasps. She walks up to him and touches his face. I laugh when Igra gives her an odd look.

"What exactly are you doing, human?"

"Feelin' you up," Liz says with a huge grin. Igra just looks at Liz and starts to shake her off. I look at Liz and sigh. She's so goofy at times. I stand up and help pry Liz off of Igra.

"Honestly Liz, he's probably freaked out at how you're acting," I say as I look over at Igra. Igra's mouth is open in shock as he looks at Liz. Liz shrugs and laughs at him.

"What's wrong Igra?"

"What were you doing to my face?" Igra asks as he slowly touches his face. He gives Liz an odd look and closes his mouth shut after a few seconds. Liz chuckles as she walks up to me and leans on me. I look up at her then to Igra. He looks really freaked out.

"Igra, she was just being weird. She was just touching your face for uh… I don't know actually; Liz why were you touching his face?" I ask Liz. She shrugs her shoulders then sits back on the couch nearby.

" Cause I felt like it. His face looks and feels soft," Liz says with a huge grin. She stretches out on the couch and yawns loudly. Igra just shakes his head and looks at Liz in disgust.

"Human, I'd rather not be 'felt up'. For all I know is that you could be infected with some disgusting disease that I'd rather not have," Igra says as he shoot an evil look at Liz. Liz sticks her tongue out at Igra and I laugh at his facial expression.

Igra walks away from us and heads over to his space craft. He hits a panel that opens up his space craft, walks in then walks back out with some clothing. He looks at me and holds up the clothing.

"I have found why you humans consider 'normal clothing'. I'll be changing into them and then you can show me around this place," Igra say as he starts taking off his outfit from yesterday. Liz laughs and I hide my face. He obviously has no problem changing infront of people he just met. After he is done, he transforms back into his human form and Liz whistles.

"That's quite an odd trick if I do say so myself," Liz says with her monotone voice coming back. I look at Igra and smile.

"You look nice."

"Why thank you Dibra-human," Igra says as he walks over to them. He stretches out his arms then looks around his base. I look at him as his facial expression gives off a confusion.

"What's wrong Igra?"

"I'm looking around my base seeing if I have everything Essential for my mission. Wouldn't want to be missing a few things," Igra says as he picks up a folder. He walks over to a desk and places it inside one of the drawers. I raise my eyebrow as he turns around and heads over to the door. Liz sits up and points at him while looking at me.

"Where exactly is he going?"

"Beats me," I say as I walk over to him and tap his shoulder. He looks at me and smiles.

"Can we go outside? I'd very much like to see the local environment. Also, see how I can be more 'normal'," Igra says as Liz joins us. I shrug and look at Liz.

"Feel like taking Igra out with me? If not, you can stay here and wait for us if you want," I say as Liz just stands there. She shrugs her shoulders.

"I'll go. It beats sitting here with nothing to do," Liz says as we all start out the door. Igra walked ahead of us touching everything that crossed his path. Liz giggled when he walked over to a dog, picked it up, and sniffed it. When the dog bit him, he dropped it and started shouting in his native language. Liz laughed her ass off while I went up trying to stop Igra from shouting.

We finally make it to the place I wanted to go to. Burger King. I look over at the counter as Liz and I sit. Igra, on the other hand, touches the booth and withdraws his hands. I raise an eyebrow.

"What are you doing? Just sit."

"What type of material is this?" Igra asks while hissing. I pinched the bridge of my nose in frustration. He doesn't have a problem barging into my school but has an issue with sitting in a booth made out of plastic?

"It's made out of plastic, Igra. Plastic can't hurt you in anyway. I promise," I say as Liz pats the seat next to her. Igra looks over at Liz and sees her grin. I swear in my life, I have never seen Liz smile this much and goof around. It's so odd of her. Igra raises an eyebrow and looks at her.

"What is it human?"

"Sit next to me."

"No way," Igra says as he plops down right next to me. Liz dramatically sighs and rests her head on the table.

"The alien doesn't want to be my friend," Liz says as she keeps sighing. I laugh a bit and grab my wallet out. I pull out a few dollars and Igra picks one up and starts messing with it.

"What is this, Dibra-human?"

"Money," I say as I watch him stare intently at the dollar bill. He wraps it around into a cylinder and looks through it. Liz goes back to her monotone voice and asks him:

"You've never seen money before?" I look at Liz and grimace.

"Of course he hasn't seen our own money. His race probably uses a different currency, geeze Liz, use your brai-"

"What's 'curancy'?" Igra asks as he pocks the dollar bill and picks up another one. Liz and I look at Igra and raise eyebrows. What an odd question of him to ask.

"Currency is what people use to buy stuff but we just call it money. For example, the clothing we are wearing, we had to pay for. Some people have more money than others. They either have betters jobs or win the money in some type of contest. Sadly, not everyone is equal. Some people can barely afford a meal," I say as Igra looks at me

"That's an odd custom of you humans. My race, on the other hand, is far superior then using 'mooney'. We just ration out what everyone needs. Why would you want your own members of your race to suffer? Your race is indeed odd Dibra-human," Igra says as he pockets another dollar bill and picks up a quarter. I slap his hand and he drops it.

"Will you please stop taking my money? I need it to buy food," I say as Igra forces himself to pull out the two dollars he had stashed beforehand. He picks up the quarter and starts playing with it. I look at him and sigh. He acts like a little kid. I look over at Liz and see her holding her stomach dramatically. I hear my own stomach rumble and blush a bit. We're both hungry.

"Alright Igra, I need my money to buy us food," I say as I start picking my money up from the table. Liz stops me half way and looks at me.

"We should have Igra buy our food!"


"Well, he just said his 'superior race' doesn't use money so we should get him accustomed to using money!" Liz shouts out excited. I look over at Igra, who's playing with the quarter still, then over at the cashier. I grimace and look over at Liz.

"What if he messes up badly?"

"We'll just vouch for him saying he uh… just woke up from a coma… and can't remember… how to uh… oh yeah! Doesn't remember how using money and we were testing him!" I look at Liz and laugh.

"Fine Liz, we'll give it a try," I say as Igra finally becomes interested in our conversation. He pockets the quarter and looks at us.

"What am I do doing?"

"Since you want to learn how to be normal, we're going to have you buy our food because every normal human uses money," I say as I take a few more dollars out of my wallet. I hand the money to Igra and tell him our orders.

"Liz and I want the number two. One without tomatos, and no mustard. Also, if they ask you to 'supersize' say no. I don't have enough money. Understand?"

"Wait, do I have enough money?"

"Yes, you do just-"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes I'm sure now just go up to the cashier-"

"Okay, so I just ask the human for the meal and she'll bring it?"

"Yes, just wait in line and when it's your turn, tell the lady your order and when she is done, hand her the money," I say as I urge him out the booth. He walks over to the back of the line and waits. When the line starts to move he takes baby steps forward. It finally comes his turn.

"Hello and welcome to Burger King, how may I help you?" asks a young, redheaded lady. Igra looks at her, places the money down and says nothing.

"Uh, excuse me Sir, is there anything I can ge-"

"I would appreciate two number twos."

"Oh, you want two whopers? What would you like on them?"

"No, I'd like two number twos," Igra says as he scoots his money across the counter closer to her. The lady gives him a weird look then looks up at the board.

"Sir, the number two on our menu is a whooper. Sorry if that confused you, Sir," The lady says cheerfully. Igra looks up at the menu, squints, and then looks back at the lady.

"I guess those will suffice. I'd also like no 'tomates' and no 'musard' on one," Igra says as he once again scoots the money closer to her. The lady gives him another weird look and puts in the order.

"Alright, anything else, Sir?"

"Actually, yes. I'd like to know what you humans find normal," Igra asks as he scoots the money even closer to her. The lady backs up and calls over her manager. I get up and walk up noticing the lady left meaning that Igra did something to freak her out. When I get over, I see him scooting the money towards the other side of the counter and a huge, buff manager looking at him.

"Is he with you?" He asks sternly. I shake my head yes and feel my voice crack as I go to talk to him.

"Y-you see he just got out of the h-hospital a f-few days ago. W-we are trying to help him understand h-how money works again. T-That's all sir," I say as the man looks back and forth between me and Igra. He huffs and looks over at me.

"Look, I understand you're trying to help your friend, but I'm trying to run a business. Please, just tell me your orders so I can get your guys fed," The man asks a bit friendlier. I quickly spit out our orders and to Igra's amusement, he was able to push the money into the man's hand. At least someone was having fun.

Igra and I get our drinks at the local fountain drink dispenser then head back to our booth. Liz laughs as Igra tells us about him ordering food and how difficult it is. I take a bite of my whoper, swallow, and sigh thinking about how Igra made the simple task of ordering a burger so hard.

He practically preaches about how his race is superior yet he couldn't even order a simple meal without messing it up. I'm going to guess he's at the lower level of his race's food chain. He acts like a little kid all the time I mean geeze how old is he anyways… Actually that's a good question. I look over at Igra.

"Igra, how old are you?" I ask as he just sits there. He looks over at me and laughs.

"I'm one-hundred and nine years old," Igra says as he puffs up his chest a little to make himself appear manlier. I choke on my food while Liz spits out her drink. Igra looks at us while we practically die from his answer. After Liz and I calm down, I look at him.

"One-hundred and nine years old? How old does your race usually live till?"

"I'd have to say, three-hundred and twenty is the highest I've heard of anyone living in our race," Igra says as he pulls out the quarter from earlier. I look at him in awe then back at Liz. He grins and looks back over at us.

"How long does a human usually live?"

"About ninety to one-hundred years," I say as he starts laughing. He bangs his hand off the table as he keeps laughing while Liz and I glare at him. Sorry our race isn't as 'superior' as yours.

"Your race is so weak and feeble! Only living to one-hundred years! How hilarious!" Igra cries out with more laughter. I feel my eye twitch, and I punch Igra in the arm hard.

"Dibra-human, what was that for?"

"For being rude, now knock it off Igra," I say as I take another bite of my food. Igra just sighs and starts playing with the quarter again. Liz laughs and takes a sip of her drink remarking about how this outing has been a blast.

After we finish eating, Igra starts rambling about how our 'human food' looks unappetizing and how he'll stick to his 'superior race's' food. Liz laughs and talks about how his would probably taste worse and they start to argue. I ignore the whole thing and keep walking until I see someone ahead of us wave. I stop in my tracks and squint. When they get closer, I recognize it to be Keith.

He walks past Liz and Igra, which they don't notice, and stops right in front of me.

"Hey Dibra, what are you guys doing?"

"Oh, nothing really. We just got done eating at Burger King and are probably just gonna go hang out at my house," I say as I notice something odd about Keith. He starts talking about how his day went when I notice he's alone.

I could clearly remember him being very popular and heck; he was even best friends with Shane, captain of the football team. I focus back on him talking trying to ignore my curiosity.

"- Yeah, I did sure did miss this town. It's nice and beautiful," Keith says as he motions to the area around us. He then points ahead of me towards Igra and Liz and laughs.

"You're getting left behind, Dibra."

"Oh, I am. Hey actually, why don't you hang out with us? You seem a bit lonely," I say as I start walking towards them motioning for him to come. He shakes his head and laughs.

"I'd love to but I have to go to work. I work at the local library," Keith says with a huge smile. I frown a bit at him.

"Oh. Okay, well whenever you have free time, we should hang out!" I say happily. Keith shakes his head 'yes' and walks off saying bye. I wave bye back then run to catch up with Igra and Liz. When I catch up with them, I notice they're done arguing and just casually talking. We make it to Igra's base and relax from the event at Burger King.

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