Sorry I haven't been making stories As Mario says IMA BACKK! but with a really sad story RANDOM ROJAS PRESENTS: THE MYSTERTIOUS DEATH OF A LOVING TWIN!

"You're UNBELIEVABLE!" "I'm sorry Layla! I didn't mean it!" My twin brother Luke yelled back. "It was an accident!" "YOU'RE AN ACCIDENT LUKE! IF YOU THINK WHAT YOU DID IS A JOKE OR A MISTAKE, YOU ARE TOO!" I yelled. "I WISH YOU WERE STILL-BORN!" I screamed. He stood quiet. "I'M NOT STILL-BORN AND I NEVER WILL BE LAYLA! NONE OF US DIED AT BIRTH SO GET USED TO IT!" He finally said. "Mom made a horrible invention named Luke!" I yelled back. He ran past me to his room and when he came back down, he had a packed bag. I'm guessing full of clothes. He put his sweater and hoodie on. "I'm staying with Kevin." He said as he walked out the door. Suddenly, I heard a car skid and a large *BOOM!*

I ran out to see what happened. In the middle of the street laid a bloody 15 year old boy, bloody clothes and street, and a bloody car- which sped away quickly and all I could see what a quick glimpse of the license plate. I ran to the poor boy and dragged him inside. I called the ambulance. They came really fast. They took him inside the car and I rode with them, holding the poor boy's hand. We then arrived at the hospital.

They put the poor boy on the gurney and ran him to a room. I ran in with them. They started putting a whole bunch of things on him, I guess to make him breathe or show a sign of life. They hooked up a cord to him. *BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!* The cord noise rang in my ear. I didn't want to watch; it looked so painful, Imagining me in that situation was all I could do. I felt terribly bad. *BEEP BEEP BEEPBEEPBEEP* The noise rang faster and faster *BEEBEEBEEBEEBEEBEE !* The noise finally rang to a long E. "I'm sorry." The worker said. "He is… gone." I grabbed his hand and started crying hysterically. All I thought was "The freaking killer didn't try to help. What if he was in that situation? What if I was in that situation? What will I tell everyone?" I couldn't stop crying and it quickly turned into screaming.

On this rainy, depressed, sad, -and all other adjectives- day on July 13th, my only brother, Luke Rodriguez, was gone forever, and there was nothing I can do to change that.