Falling Dreams

I lied in bed and began to toss and turn. A nightmare was, of course, sprouting from the inside. Or was it just a normal dream, but my mind identified it as a subconscious threat?

Clouds wrapped around my waist. I was still lying down, but I was falling past stars and the dark night sky. I continued the slow vertical path along a building, then continued drifting down and down. I found it almost calming, but my mind thought otherwise.

My hand gripped the sides of my pillows, my head quickly thrashing itself to the right. Why was I acting this way? There is no threat, I am just merely falling down and down...

I spread out my arms, feeling like a soaring eagle, flying through the night sky. I began to wonder, do eagles even come out and fly at night? Or maybe I'm thinking of the wrong bird. Yes, I feel like...an owl instead. Mysterious as if I am the arcane bird, that is endlessly filled with endless thoughts and questions.

One of my many confused questions danced across my mind. How did this all happen. When did I began falling, and why? Was I pushed out off a flying machine, such as a plane or a helicopter, or did something completely different happen?

My mouth opened and I was afraid I was going to scream. My eyes tightened, time to brace myself for one of my creepy earsplitting screams. What would my mom think. I never screamed myself awake before. At least I don't remember myself ever doing so.

I slowly closed my eyes, trying to convince my mind that I was fine. This was relaxing. There's nothing to fear, because I'm certainly not scared...at all.

My mouth opened a bit wider and I was correct. A silent yelp that was barely audible vibrated out of my vocal chords and into the thin, clear air. My eyes closed tighter, as the scream grew louder and louder with more intensity.

I blinked my eyes open and I felt a tingling feeling against my eyes, as my pupil shrank. I took a quick glance at my arms as I had a trembling feeling that something was about to happen to them. A new sound that compared to a door squeaking open and the cracking of sediment, echoed off my eardrums.

I no longer felt a bone, they'd cracked off my shoulder blades. I've lost my strong, fluttering owl wings that helped guide my way through the sky. They've shattered off, until nothing was left. All except, a head in panic and shock. A torso with a stomach that was scrawled with a sinking, fiery feeling, as if fingers were pushing and rubbing tremendously at it. A heart that beat with sorrow and pain, crying that it cannot use it's hands or fingers. A tear sprinkled out from my eyes, for only my legs and toes could be of use to replace them.