The Dream Book

My mom rushed into my room, slamming the door against the wall, shouting a nickname she created for me. "Lil, What's the matter?" I sat up and she came over, feeling my forehead, then rubbing her hand over my hair, in a petting motion. There was no sign of heat or high temperatures. I wasn't sick, I'm fine. "What happened, honey? What'd you dream about? Was it a nightmare?"

I stared at the slender woman with sparkling reddish blond hair. "No...I don't know. It was strange. But it wasn't nightmare...At least, it didn't seem like one."

My mom sat there, confused. "Hm..would you like to look it up in our dream book? Or would you rather just go back to sleep?"

I thought for a while, my final answer including our dream book, that's been in the family for years. "The dream book, please."

She left the room, receding to the old bookshelf, in the hallway, skimming the many titles for our families hand-written dream book, that spoke of all sorts of dreams and meanings.

When she finally found it, she returned to my room and dropped the book on my lap. I flipped open the cover and thanked her as she left. I supposed she was too tired to return my words in, your welcome.

I kept turning pages, until I found the table of contents. "Hm...Aha!"

My finger ran across the letters,falling/drifting dreams, page number 47.

As I constantly flipped through the pages, a golden 4 appeared at the bottom left hand corner of the page. I opened the old book the rest of the way, and found what I was looking for.

Falling/Drifting Dreams

Written by, Pietr Shalenza

"Hm..." My hand ran across the printed, engraved silver name. "Must have been one of our old family surnames."

I yawned and continued looking at the old linen paper that looked as if it'd been shoved into a printer.

"If you had recently been falling in your dreams, it simply means that you have lost all control of something in your life. It could be your feeling, your actions, or perhaps something that doesn't even pertain to you. You may even be lacking confidence or recently began to feel helpless. Unless, it's your subconsciouses special way of unconsciously punishing you for feeling guilty of something.

Another reason could be, if you have a fear of falling or heights when your awake, that dream may be an expression of fear. However, if you land unharmed, your subconscious may be trying to tell you that whatever your dealing with in waking life, might not be as bad as it seems."

I thought about what I'd read. "Huh. Well, I know I'm not losing control of anything and why would I be lacking confidence or feel helpless, since I'm not going through anything that has to do with that... I don't feel guilty about anything that has to deal with that... I don't feel guilty about anything!Ugh,and I don't have fear of heights..."

I sighed and decided to continue reading Pietr's words.

"But, Freud believed that if you dream of falling you are thinking of giving into a sexual urge."

I stopped and stared into the air in front of me, "" I scrunched my eyebrows together, making a sad look. But, it was meant to be confused. "Doesn't 'pertain' to me."

"Religious dream Interpretations, suggest that you have fallen from your path and haven't been following God's way of life, while conscious."

"Hm...interesting, but I really haven't taken any major paths, yet. What else does Pietr have to say?"

"Or maybe you could think about what caused you to fall. It could give you a better understanding of what your dream means."

I grunted, unsatisfied. "I don't know how I fell..."

I decided to just give up and read the strange solutions.


If you can dream lucidly,and are able to able to control the events in your dreams, you may be able to stop yourself from falling. You can also change the falling dream to a flying dream. Or see what'd happen if you stop worrying how your going to land and just let yourself float freely. Perhaps, you can stop it by not having worrying about your terrible conscious situation."

"But, I don't have a situation that makes me worry." I looked at the strange words that came up after the many solutions. "What are Hypnic Jerks? Oh, well..."

I Shut the book and returned it to the bookshelf in the hallway. It was getting late anyway and I didn't think I had enough time to read about whatever those Hypnic things are. So I laid down, turned off my bedside lamp, and fell back asleep. Luckily my dream was different this time.