Dark clothing

Depressed expression

Extreme loathing

Therapy session


Face always hidden

Under a hood

Happiness forbidden

All true?

I'm afraid not

Forget all that you

Have been taught

It's a stereotype

That's it

Not a personality type

Learn a little bit

Never judge

We're not all the same

Let your opinions budge

It's just a name

Means nothing

Or at least, it shouldn't

People should be understanding

But they couldn't

Understand that "emo"

Is only short for emotional

Doesn't mean to go

And become suicidal

You need to think

Before you speak

You're not a shrink

Don't assume we're all weak

We don't all cut

Or cause self-inflicted pain

Yes some do, but

Not the main

Next time you're about

To pick on some one

You think will pout

Or maybe use a gun

Think again

We're not all the same

So all you men and women

Stop with the game

There's no need

To pick on somebody

You think will bleed

Don't be a bully

We are different

That's for sure

And to be blunt

Most of us prefer

To be this way

So get over it

Or stay away

If you can't

Then your opinion

Will not be considered

There will be no action

Taken against the bothered

All we ask

Is to not be labeled

But is this to big a task

For those who are baffled?