A wall

A wall of glass

It is a wall of glass that keeps us apart

much like a mirror really.

Look into it and see the other so similar and yet so different.

We've tried, many times have we tried to get through to the others side but all that happens is we end up getting cut and it matters not how many times we have tried and failed we inevitably try again and again.

the mirror fixes itself and I smile at you. It will always be there and I can always see you.

I put my hand upon the mirror and you do the same. I can feel your warmth through the glass, but will I ever be able to touch you again? To call you my own?

I know not, nor do I know where this will all end up. But I made a promise to always be there and I do not make any promises lightly, particularly not one of such nature or one to you,

my exception.