It sucks that I'm sick on New Year's Eve…and home alone while my Mom and brother are out having fun. Well here's to a shitty start to the New Year. Sure it was just a cold, but I'd rather be out having fun with my friends and family that be stuck here in bed hacking my brains out. Marki was with her family out someplace, Connor was downtown with his entire family, and I have no idea where in the name of God Travis is right now.

Downstairs the doorbell rang. I groaned and sat up. I put my slippers on while wrapping a blanket around my shoulders I walked downstairs. I opened the front door to reveal Travis standing there with a bag.

"You look horrible," he said pushing past me to get into the house.

"No shit I'm sick that's why," I replied coughing into my arm.

"Have you ever gotten out of bed once today?" he asked walking into the kitchen.

"Three times. This morning to eat lunch, in the afternoon to go to the bathroom, and now," I said lying on the counter.

"Are you hungry?"

"Not really, listen you have fun doing whatever the hell you're doing right now while I go upstairs to lay down before I pass out from dizziness," I said moving towards the stairs. I crawled my way up to my bedroom and collapsed onto my bed.

A few minutes later I heard him walk into the room. "Why aren't you out having fun with everyone else?" I asked.

"Senior year is almost over and you're not spending New Year's Eve with anyone," he replied.

"Who wants to spend New Year's with a sick person?"

"I do especially because that sick person is my best friend."

"Trav, you don't have to do that for me," I said tears filling my eyes as I went into another coughing fit.

"I think of it as an apology," Travis said.

"An apology for what?" I asked completely confused.

"You saw me in a Speedo at the swim meet the other day," Travis replied. I could not help but laugh at his reasoning.

"Okay apology accepted now what did you bring up here?" I questioned.

He turned around with an orange in his mouth and he smiled at me. I laughed and reached for one off the plate. I put it in my mouth and cocked my head to one side. He pulled out his orange and laughed at me. I ate the orange and put the piece of peel back on the plate.

"Katie, at least eat some of it…you'll feel better afterwards," he said.

"I'll eat some only because it's sweet and tastes good," I replied. Travis smiled and handed me another piece.

Together we sat in my room eating oranges and watching random TV shows until it came time for the countdown. Soon we both had glasses of sparkling grape juice and we waited for the ball to drop. Minutes later the ball dropped and fireworks went off everywhere.

Travis tilted my face towards his. "You'll get sick," I protested, referring to the midnight kiss.

"I don't care," he replied. He gently crushed his lips to mine in a simple kiss. We pulled apart a few minutes later and he took my glass and set it on the table next to my bed. He stood up and grabbed his coat.

"Happy New Year Katie," Travis said and leaned down to kiss my cheek.

"Don't you want that?" I asked pointing to the last orange slice. He turned from his place by my door.

"No you can have the last orange smile," he said and walked out of my room. I heard him walk out the front door and pull it closed behind him.

I smiled and ate the last orange smile as he put it. Oranges and his company was all it took to make my day. Orange smiles…I never thought of them like that before.

"Ah, well happy New Year," I said still in a bit of shock from what happened.